Ched announces ‘RESPO’ engine.

Today Ched announced the release of a new ‘RESPO’ game engine update features such as casino games and says the new attack system is complete…

It was announced to the Torn public today that several new updates have new features are now 100% complete on the dev server ready for release. The RESPO engine is in design for the new Torn layout which makes it more accessible for users using Mobile devices without having to download an app; a feature which has been in desperate need off for a long time.

Ched Described the layout update as: “It’s also far more than just a ‘new design’… FAR more.” He went on to say: “with multiple new features being released at the same time, I think people will be blown away with ‘interest’. Although … It’s going to be a hard week for the people who ‘hate change’. Unfortunately we can’t just leave Torn all stale just for them. The attacking system is more or less complete, but because it’s such a huge update – we’ll probably delay it for a couple of weeks after the initial launch of RESPO. There’s still no time frames, and it’s not coming for at least a few months yet I’m afraid. Just wanted to update the community with how we’re getting on – as we’ve been a bit quiet recently.

Torn also announced the update of City Watch, with many new updates and a lot of bug fixes.

So updates we can all look forward to very soon which have now been announced:

1) RESPO layout update

2) New City
3) New casino Layouts
4) City Watch Update

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