Shareholder Benefits

Stockmarket benefits are received by buying a certain amount of shares of a stock. They are instantly active, but may take some time to pay out.
Below you will find a list of stock benefits and aproximate times.

  • You can only gain one benefit in each stock.
  • Splitting and Stacking:
    You can split a stock at any time, but if you split it lower than the required amount, it will lose the benefit.
  • Stacking any stock will reset the buy price and date. You do not lose benefits by stacking, once the benefit is active.
  • Random Dividends:
    These pay out, on average, 20% of the stock’s value each year. This is completely random though, you have a 1 in 2,160 (number of hours in three months) chance of getting the dividend every hour. This means you could get 24 in a day, or none, ever.
  • Constant/ Non-Constant Effects:
    If it’s a ‘Constant’ effect, it is always, and automatically, active as long as you have the required amount of shares. Anything not marked with ‘Constant Effect’ on the list below happens randomly, as described above.


Company Required Shares Benefit/ Special
BAG Big Al’s Gun shop 3,000,000 50% discount on all ammo.
(constant effect)
CNC Crude & co 5,000,000
25% discount on Oil Refinery startup cost,
plus 25% increase on profits.
(constant effect)
ELBT Empty lunchbox building traders 5,000,000 10% discount to all home upgrades.
(constant effect)
EVL Evil Ducks Candy Corp 1,750,000 Random happiness boosts of 1000.
(approx every 7 days, at random times)
EWM Eaglewood Mercenary 2,000,000 Box of 25x Grenades.
(approx every 7 days) (item)
FHC Feathery Hotel Corp 2,000,000
Coupon to stay at a hotel,
refilling energy and adding 500 happy.
(approx every 7 days) (item)
GRN Grain 500,000 Random Dividends.
Random amount of Cash received.
(approx every 90 days)
HRG Home Retail Group 1,500,000 1 free property (random).
Properties range from Trailers to Castles
(approx every 7 days)
IIL I Industries Ltd. 100,000 Virus coding time reduced by half.
(constant effect)
IOU Insured On Us 3,000,000 Random Dividends.
Random amount of Cash received.
(approx every 90 days)
ISTC International School TC 100,000 All educational courses are free.
(constant effect)
LSC Lucky Shot Casino 100,000 Voucher which can be exchanged for 100x lottery tickets.
(approx every 7 days) (item)
MCS Mc Smoogle Corp 1,750,000 Energy boosts of 300 energy
Completely random (Online or offline), no Event received.
(approx every 7 days)
PRN Performance Ribaldry Network 1,500,000 Erotic DVD which boosts 1000 happiness.
Extra happy lasts until next :15, :30, :45 etc time mark.
Can stack with Drugs etc.
(approx every 7 days) (item)
SLAG Society and Legal Authorities Group 1,500,000 Lawyers Business Card, which can be used to
get user out of jail, for the same price as bail.
(approx every 30 days) (item, reusable)
SYM Symbiotic Ltd. 500,000 Weekly Drug Packs.
10x Xanax
or 10x Vicodin
(approx every 7 days) (item)
SYS Syscore MFG 3,000,000
Provides firewall protection from software companies,
so users company bank and virus coding cannot be hacked.
(constant effect)
TCB Torn City Investment Banking 1,500,000 Improved city bank interest rates.
Increases current interest rate by 10%
TCC TC Clothing 350,000 Random Dividends.
Random amount of Cash received.
(approx every 90 days)
TCHS TC Health Service 150,000 Weekly Boxes (random) of medical supplies. Either:
50 x Small First Aid Kit
30 x First Aid Kit
or 20 x Morphine
(approx every 7 days) (item)
TCM TC motors 1,000,000 25% discount to racing parts.
(constant effect)
TCP TC Media Productions 1,000,000 10% bonus to company profits
Only works if director of a company.
(constant effect)
TCSB Torn City and Shanghi Banking Corporation 4,000,000 Random Dividends.
Random amount of Cash received.
(approx every 90 days)
TCT Torn City Times 125,000 Free personals ads in newspaper.
(constant effect)
TGP Tell Group Plc 2,500,000 Free advertising for company.
(constant effect)
TMI TC Music Industries 6,000,000 Random Dividends.
Random amount of Cash received.
(approx every 90 days)
MSG Messaging inc 300,000 Free classified ads in newspaper.
(constant effect)
WLT Wind lines travel 9,000,000 50% decrease in flight times and free travel.
From the Travel Agency in the City, does not stack with Airstrip (Property Upgrade).
(constant effect)
WSSB West Side South Bank 100,000 No energy costs required with any educational course.
(constant effect)
YAZ Yazoo 1,000,000 Free image ads in the newspaper.
(constant effect)

Thanks to cappucino [461831] for this section:

Payout Analysis (for random dividend and item payouts)

We know two things for sure (confirmed by Chedburn in this thread ).

1: The benefits are completely random.
2: The probability 1:4320 is significant.

Now for some guessing:

Chedburn told us 1:4320 was the probability each hour to recieve a dividend with monthly payout. Now JimmyJames pointed out that that gives on average 1 payout in 180 days, so I assume Chedburn did a mistake and forgot the multiplier for dividends that I assume is 6 because 6 months is ~180 days (6 months of 30 days). For dividends that give out items on a (claimed) weekly basis I have assumed 4 weeks for each month giving the multiplier 24 (4*6).

This gives a 1:720 probability to receive a dividend for a certain stock each hour, or a 1:180 probability of receiving an item from other specials.

The binomial distribution then gives you the odds of getting any specified number of benefits over a set period.

For dividends it will look like this after 180 days:

0 dividend received:_____________0.2%
1 dividend received:_____________1.5%
2 dividends received:____________4.5%
3 dividends received:____________8.9%
4 dividends received:____________13.4%
5 dividends received:____________16.1%
6 dividends received:____________16.1%
7 dividends received:____________13.8%
8 dividends received:____________10.3%
9 dividends received:____________6.9%
10 dividends received:___________4.1%
More than 10 dividends received:___4.3%

And for items it will look like this:

Less than 10 items received :____0.1%
11-15 items received:__________3.3%
16-20 items received:__________20.8%
21-25 items received:__________39.0%
26-30 items received:__________27.3%
31-35 items received:__________8.2%
36-40 items received:__________1.2%
More than 40 items received:_____Less than 1%

I used the period 180 days because that is apparently what Chedburn use for those 6 months periods he is talking about. (Also worth noting that 180*24=4320 again) You do not lose your benefits after this time, they last for ever as long as you do not sell you shares.

Also it does not matter at all whether your benefit have given you 0 or 50 payments the last week. It is totally random each hour.

I have no reason to think that any of this is changed after the stock marked update.

Empty lunchbox building traders
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