We’re back…. (again)

Sorry for any inconvenience caused. The site before was almost impossible to navigate with horrible menus and a none existent CSS file. I’ve switched to a very simple layout. You have to understand TCBasic is run by a sponsor, and it is their choice what platform we use. Although I think the site looks 10000x better. We need to stop over complicating things, we are a help site. We need to keep it simple for the user! Few changes:

1) You can now sign in and comment just by using your email or a selection of Social Media sites.

2) There are now 2 search bars, one top right and one bottom left.

3) We have CSS back. So tables are back and they make reading every single page so much easier now.

We are still missing a few pages: (Casino etc) But we will add them after the RESPO release. Any Huge bugs please mail me bcfcespley[181564] or CarlFredricksen [1414939]. (There shouldn’t be many if any at all)

Thanks again.