Slots Tutorial

Originally, before the flash update to the casino, you had to get three numbers in a row to double your cash.

Now, with the new update there are a lot more ways to win.

In true slot machine fashion, you have to line up three images…They don’t have to be the same and you can win different amounts of money.

The amounts you can bet are $10/ $100/ $1,000/ $10,000/ $100,000/ $1,000,000/ $10,000,000

Slots Pay Table

Pinata – Baseball Bat, Duck, Chocolate – x2

Duck Hunting – Duck, Duck, Pistol – x3

Flock o’ Ducks – Duck, Duck, Duck – x3

Serious Duck Hunting – Duck, Duck, Assault Rifle – x4

Sweet Tooth – Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate – x4

Road Kill – Duck, Duck, Car – x6

Melt Down x2 – Chocolate, Chocolate, Radioactive Barrel / Radioactive Barrel, Radioactive Barrel, Chocolate – x7

Vandalism x2 – Baseball Bat, Car, Car / Baseball Bat, Baseball Bat, Car – x8

Home Run – Baseball Bat, Baseball Bat, Baseball Bat – x8

Gunfight x2 – Assault Rifle, Assault Rifle, Pistol / Pistol, Pistol, Assault Rifle – x10

Drive By x2 – Assault Rifle, Assault Rifle, Car / Pistol, Pistol, Car – x20

Firing Range – Pistol, Pistol, Pistol – x40

Overkill – Assault Rifle, Assault Rifle, Assault Rifle – x200

Pile Up – Car, Car, Car – x1000

Radioactive – Radioactive Barrel, Radioactive Barrel, Radioactive Barrel – x2000

Jackpot – Torn, Torn, Torn – JACKPOT (Shown on the slots)

Table may be updated with images

Tutorial created by Alphanumerical – [1414939]

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