Staff Items

Staff items are given out to staff as a reward for their services.

Note: None of these items have any abilities/ effects.
Most (or all, as far as we know) were handed out in twenty’s.
All Staff Items have the following ‘image’: They now all have images.

The following list shows what Collectibles were issued to what Staff:

Item ID
Staff Member Description
Pet Rock 113 Matt One of the very rarest items first discovered by Matt. Be warned this pet is extremely dangerous! This pet should only be owned by the very brave or extremely stupid. Disclaimer Matt takes no responsibility for loss of life caused by this pet
Non-Anon Doll 114 Someone The perfect gift for when you want to add insult to injury. Patented by Someone…
Poker Doll 115 Peachy Feisty redhaired doll made in the image of Peachy complete with bellybutton poking action!
Yoda Figurine 116 Yoda Have a doll like Yoda You must.
Trojan Horse 117 Tebbs Just like Tebbs this item is apparently useful and innocent gift from Tebbs himself.. secretly highly infectious!!
Evil Doll 118 Wynn Replica doll of the Evil Female Admin known as Wynn. Believed to be responsible for lost stats site lag mass kicks on IRC and random deletions.
Rubber Ducky of Doom 119 Quacks Most powerful weapon in the game can only be used by those with the knowledge to unleash its fearsome Duck Powers. Most often used after being asked the same n00b question for the 5th time in a row. Has also been seen divebombing random people in IRC.
Teppic Bear 120 Teppic Only known of by a very select few this Teddy Bear stands as proof that even the toughest of players such as Teppic do indeed have a softer side.
RockerHead Doll 121 Rocker It has no uses and does nothing just like the staff member it resembles
Voodoo Doll 122 Mouser Similar to the one used by Mouser to relieve the stress of dealing with uncooperative staff annoying n00bs and day to day business of being an Coder in Torn City.
Elite Action Man 123 CertaCito Mimics the actions of the real man. Has been known to abuse Caps Lock Abusers.
Toy Reactor 124 Les_Claypool Miniture model of a Nuclear Reactor similar to the one that Sec. Les_Claypool will be working on when he leaves for the Navy.
Royal Doll 125 KingAce This doll will give its user the feeling of being royalty just like KingAce while in possession. Player will recieve special treatment from friends and rivals while carrying this special item!
Blue Dragon 126 Blue A blue dragon spawned from the evil TC admin named blue comes packed with evil intentions and wild powers.. Some say rubbing the dragons head makes one 100 times stronger than any normal man!
China Tea Set 127 Chedburn Be just like Chedburn sit in the garden and sip tea with this China Tea Set.
Mufasa Plushie 128 Randi Replica of a plush toy owned by Randi it looks just like the magestic lion Mufasa… before he was trampled of course.
Skanky Doll 130 Infrit Just like the one owned by Infrit this doll comes with black hair blood red lipstick mini skirt and boob tube.
Lego Hurin 131 Hurin This life like model is comprised completely of legos. Comes with upgrades such as the multi hunting goggles and evilarium connects to the brain Read instructions for more details. Not intended for use by children age 6 and under.
Mystical Sphere 132 Phyrax A rare object created by Phyrax when he was a helper… Only possessed by a select few in all of Torn City. Every now and then lights and mist shoot out of the sphere and at this time the holder may obtain all knowledge and wisdom.
10 Ton Pacifier 133 Rock Used for that special baby out there.. the one you would like to crush because you just cant get them to stop crying. Drive this pacifier in there mouth and you will get dead silence. Created by Rock for all the babies out there.
Horses Head 134 Godfather First seen by those that have crossed Godfather.. this strange object greatly increases your desire to annoy people in the IRC chatrooms while simultaneously causing all your religious beliefs to fade away.
Uriels Speakers 135 Uriel These tripped out speakers will blow you away with thundering bass and a beat that wont quit. Putting out 5000W with a crushing 600 decibels.
Strife Clown 136 Strife This Ominous Clown is Full of Discord. This rare item resembles all the pain and torture this world has to offer.
Locked Teddy 137 Locked This bear is covered in chains connected with padlocks. He has been seen locking forum topics around Torn City but has yet to have any of his locks picked
Riddles Bat 138 Riddle This Baseball Bat Belongs To Riddle All Know it and Most Fear it. It Causes Panic In the IRC Realm. Random Kicks Occur when He is in a bad mood or When Mass Slapping Occurs. Dont Mess with The Bat!
Soup Nazi Doll 139 Lestat Often seen running loose on IRC usually before kicking rulebreakers with the message No Soup For You!!” Believed to have been released by Lestat.
Pouncer Doll 140 SexySassy Be careful of Pouncer She might pounce on you unexpectly or hit you with a pillow or ducks just like her creator SexySassy
Spammer Doll 141 Templar A very friendly doll with good interaction untill you make it mad can hit back pretty hard and starts spamming you even when you think it should be sleeping just like Templar
Cookie Jar 142 is0lation Cookie Jar – Just like the one Is0lati0n has at home this jar is stock full of chocolate cookies for late nights working in the irc channel.
Hand Vanity Mirror 143 YoursTruly The Hand Vanity Mirror is a/an Collectible Item
Complete with 24 carrot gold rim and handle with YTs initials ingraved on it
Banana Phone 144 Titan Bright yellow and shaped like a banana and plays Titans favorite song when it rings. Known to annoy other staff members… may be part of the reason he loves it.
Dance Toy 148 Syrup Althought its name refers to Syrup its nothing near slow. Just press the button on the back and watch this crazy toy dance himself to death!!
Lucky Dime 149 Dime Found deep within a lost cavern in Torn City was a rare bag of dimes that were stolen from the first bank robbery in Torn City. Thought to be lost forever a few have survived and are said to bring luck to those that play roulette in the Casino…
Crystal Carousel 150 w1ld_h0rs3s Created by w1ld_h0rs3s this replica Carousel shows her favorite horses running wild and free.
Ice Sculpture 152 Icy Some believe that the reclusive artist who carved these sculptures meant for them to depict friendliness and good will. Others while looking at the scarcely seen artistic pieces feel an icy coldness, and detachment to them, only the artist truly knows….
Case of Whiskey 153 mdshare Recovered during a raid at his Mansion these are the last cases of Whiskey that mdshare produced before being captured by Torn City Police for violation of the alcohol ordinance.
Purple Frog Doll 155 Krakfreak A very rare species of frog that lives in torncity.Sometimes seen on IRC hopping into peoples pocket. Usually friendly but can become extremly violent if provoked.
Skeleton Key 156 Hoorang Hooorangs skeleton key lets you bypass any lock Doors lockers safes. Nothing can stop its holder. Holding this item makes you feel invincible.
Patriot Whip 157 UTbracket UTBracket’s own design, comes in either Union Jack or St.George style. Don’t mess with the owner of this collectable or expect to have your day ruined by some painful marks on your butt and the ability to sit down removed!!
Statue Of Aeolus 158 Aeolus Aeolus Keeper of The Wind possess the power to control the strength and direction of the wind. A Greek Mystical Artifact with powers believed to be related to the wind.
Black Unicorn 161 Dahlen ? A majestic and mythical creature with a blood red mane and tail with an 18 inch horn. A friend for life and a ferocious and feared fighter by all creatures. This figurine is 18 inches long and 12 inches tall.
WarPaint Kit 162 Scarlet The perfect accessory when going off to war fashioned after Scarlets own personal kit containing facial paints made of wolfs blood. Once applied the user is said to gain the prowess of the wolf.
Official Ninja Kit 163 hiro The Official hiro Ninja Kit is a custom fit accessory set for any wannabe ninja. Contains Ninja Suit for those stealthy attacks Grappling hook for those difficult larcenys Ninja Guide Book as penned by hiro himself. Warning- Not for novices. Ninja Claws a
Leukaemia TeddyBear 164 Leukybear Soft and fluffy it likes to be cuddled and can comfort you on those lonely nights. But Beware mistreatment of your Leukamia Teddy Bear will result in a mighty slap from its paws of steel.
Chocobo Flute 165 CloudFFVII Long thought to be lost forever this small item was found in the far reaches of Torn City by CloudFFVII. Many believe peace of mind and swiftness in battle are brought to the holder of this charm.
Annoying Man 166 Manjot This little annoying man can be seen on IRC and on MSN annoying people and getting into trouble just like Manjot.
Barbie Doll 169 Clansdancer Equiped with Kung Fu Grip, and hot pink nail polish, this doll resembles the Admin Clansdancer.
Cracked Crystal Ball 188 ? A small glass globe with several deep cracks running through it. How can this be of any use
Crazy Cow 211 moroniccow This is the most Famous Cow of Torn City protector of innocent pets punisher of the scammer but watch out! Get to close to him and BOOM You have Mad Cow Disease.
Legends Urn 212 Legend Killer This item is a urn holding all of the ashes of fallen legends killed by the Legend Killer himself.
Dreamcatcher 213 DL DLs dream catcher. Hung above a bed Or in a window catches bad dreams while good dreams slip on by.
Pand0ras Box 287 Pand0ra After being hidden for years this ancient relic has resurfaced. Mysterious wonders or tragic events await the owner. Your curiosity will choose your path if u dare open the box.
Mr Brownstone doll 288 Mr Brownstone This rocked out doll will get up around seven Get outta bed around nine And dont worry about nothing Cause worryin is a waste of …time
YouYou Yo Yo 297 meme You can walk the dog rock the cradle but be careful this YouYou YoYo could turn you into meme!
Monkey Cuffs 298 MoNKeY These shiny steel manacles are useda by MoNKeY to capture and restrain the bad guys of Torn City. Some lucky ladies hint they have a more naughty purpose!
Jesters Cap 299 Jester A constant reminder that you should never take things too seriously. Wearing this cap will allow you to act a fool and be praised for it.
Gibals Dragonfly 300 Gibal Gibal rides around Torncity on her dragonfly looking for wrong doings. Once caught they are locked up for good!
Mardi Gras Beads 311 Uneasebody These beads are from the Mardi Gras festival collected by TCs very own Uneasebody. Do you have what it takes to get a set of them
Devil Plushie 312 Tazzy Tasmanian devil that is. This little fella has been known to creat havoc wherever he goes including staff channels faction forums and anywhere newbies lurk. Rumor has it only Tazzy can control this little whirlwind.
Cookie Launcher 313 Mix A non-working replica of Mixs Cookie launcher used to launch cookies at his irc buddies
Cursed Moon Pendant 314 Luna The Cursed Moon Pendant is a/an Collectible Item
Be wary of this sacred item. The bearer of this very pendant will be put under a spell and become a slave for the evilest of all staff members Luna. The maker of this pendant can not be held responsible for any actions you may perform while under its spel
sh0rtys surfboard 338 Sh0rty Feel The Force of sh0rtys surfboard as he rides past you working his way around tc!
Puzzle piece 339 Chris This oddly shaped item was left over from the last time its owner Chris attempted to do a puzzle. Holds some importance….
Hunny Pot 340 Acid This Hunny pot is gold plated and is filled with all the yummy sweetness of bees honey. It is believed to contain the core of Acids sweetness.
Seductive Stethoscope 341 DrMark The enigmatic Drmark uses this cold instrument to pick up the heated flutter of a lovestruck lady as well as the palpitations of a troubled wrongdoer keeping the population of Torn City healthy
Chemis Magic Potion 344 Chemigal This homemade pink brew is powerful one sip will leave you feeling like you can beat anyone
Flea Collar 349 Shadow Keep those pesky critters away whilst your swinging round the city. A rare must before it was discontinued. Reminiscent of golden times. The tag reads “Shadow Still a pup”.
Dunkins donut 350 Dunkin The feeling of invincibility gained by eating one of these chocolate covered cream filled masterpieces has been known to make HOF factions tremble with fear.
Amazon doll 351 Wild_Irish_Btch Modelled after Wild_Irish_Btch this doll goes to show that even women can stomp your face into the ground while towering above the men of Torn City. Doll comes equipped with a bag of Cheetos a Teddy Bear plushie a replica of Brutus and an avid love of midgets.
BBQ smoker 352 st0ne You have to be pretty fast to steal the brisket inside this smoker. Which just happened to be stolen right after this collectible was made. Body and a drifter hobo were both seen eating brisket in the vicinity shortly afterwards. st0ne was last seen crying in his backyard.
Bag of cheetos 353 Raewyn A jumbo bag of these orange cheese twists for late nights on the job. Favored by midgets of all types.
Motorbike 354 Numbat Seen tearing it up around the cities darkest streets you can often find Numbat seeking prey. Beware the spiked tyres!
Citrus squeezer 355 lem0n Commonly used by lem0n to put the squeeze on during lengthy interrogations. Also handy to make a refreshing drink on a warm day.
Superman shades 356 Stiefie Said to bestow superman like powers on the wearer these ordinary looking shades are rumoured to make all of your stats appear the same.
Kevlar helmet 357 KC Standard infantry combat wear in the US Military. The shell is made from kevlar. A ballistic aramid fabric treated with a phenolic resin system.
Dark Doll 371 ttyper Legend has it that this doll was made in the darkest depths of a castle by the ttyping of a keyboard. It is said that whenever someone needs help another thread is woven deep within the doll
Khinkeh P0rnStar Doll 441 Kharma This doll can only be possessed by the most deviant, twisted and gifted of sexually explicit individuals. Its owner will soon find their senses heightened their stamina full and their abilities peaked.
Blow-Up Doll 442 ? This item is a Collectable fake female, after all there are no girlz on the interwebz. Good set of lungs required. Puncture proof guaranteed!
Strawberry Milkshake 443 Hate_Train Made with extra loving care by Hate_Train with some of his favorite special ingredients. This is an amazingly tasty and refreshing treat the entire family can enjoy. Or is it?
Breadfan Doll 444 Breadfan This doll is quite harmless unless provoked. Then it’s Screw it all with no regrets. If you have drawn his shortest straw, sleep with one eye open. Here comes the Harvester of sorrow. Your life will be blackened by the God that failed.
Chaos Man 445 Chaos_Greg The name of this guy strikes fear into everyone. But on the inside he is all soft and tender. Filled with innocence, Chaos Man is best handled with a nice warm hug.
Karate Man 446 wolfeh This karate master bruises on the inside, and be careful not to get too close as he has a kung fu grip. KACHOW!
Burmese Flag 447 Baalsagoth TThis flag represents what the secretary Baalsagoth spends most of his day admiring. Huge IP’s and broken browsers surely will follow.
Bl0ndies Dictionary 448 Bl0ndie When your spelling is as bad as ‘the typo queen’ Bl0ndies you will always need to carry a dictionary. Also gives a mighty whack when used to hit people who bring up her mistakes
Hydroponic Grow Tent 449 Hydr0 This tent can be set up in any small space and every crop will easily generate more than enough Skunk to keep even Hydr0 well stoned into the wee hours! Own one of these and you no longer have to pay the man, You can be the man!
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