State of Emergency

State of Emergency

Torn City has entered a state of national emergency!
Please try not to panic, stay calm, and click ‘Read More’ to see the reports made by TC’s public…


The various scenes witnessed by the public not long ago today:

While walking through the city you come across a crowd outside of Tom’s Super Store. Everyone is watching the T.V. display that is set up in the window. Being curious, you walk over to have a look. The images on the news play through quickly, part of the city is seemingly under lockdown by local law enforcement and they appear to have the F.B.I. there as well. Unfortunately it is impossible to hear the sounds through the window. You spin around and notice two army trucks filled with soldiers storming past you. One of them stops at the bottom of the road, the soldiers jump out. You notice they’re wearing gas masks. “What the hell is going on?” an elderly person questions.

As you make your way home you find your way blocked by road blocks enforced heavily by police wearing gas masks. You walk over to one of them to ask what’s going on, but as you take a step forward the officer raises their SMG. You move slowly back to a safe distance as other people clutter into the area making the same mistake you did. “Go back to your homes! We are in a state of national emergency!” As the sound of gun fire fills the air, you run for cover and hide.

As you drive through the city of Torn, the radio announcer breaks in on the song with an Emergency Broadcast. Did he really just say that? Could it be possible? Turning the radio up to be sure, he says it again, “There have been reports that some kind of Dirty Bomb device has been located somewhere in Torn City.” He continues, “Officials urge citizens to stay in their homes, and let the bombsquads do their job. We will update you as soon as possible with any new information we have!”

You sit down to watch TV, suddenly the image goes blank and a loud beeping noise rings out. As you reach for the remote to turn the volume down, a woman’s voice reads the ominous message aloud. “This is an emergency broadcast alert! There has been a confirmed detonation of a Radioactive Bomb within Torn City. We urge all residents to remain calm and remain inside their homes until further notice. We believe the terrorist faction Devastation was targeted. Hundreds have been injured in the blast that has destroyed much of the area reported to be near the factions headquarters. …And many, many more are now being treated for radiation poisoning. Currently their names and condition are being withheld while local and state law enforcement officers finish the investigation. Again: There has been a confirmed detonation of, some kind of Dirty Bomb within Torn City. We urge all residents to remain calm and inside until further notice.”

You hear a sickening boom outside your house. Immediately you switch on the TV, but there’s only static. You look out of your window and see smoke coming from behind a parking lot a mile away. Minutes later, several sirens fly past your house. You hear screams and see people running for their lives in the other direction. The TV static fades, in its place is a reporter. “…or homes! I say again, stay in your homes! Do NOT make any attempt to go out in to the city.” “That’s right Jane, very good advice! …I’m standing here just meters away from ground zero, you can see literally pools of blood just behind me. We believe this was yet another act of faction warfare. This time obviously made against the well known Devastation faction err… Horrific, just… Horrific! We don’t know much at this time but if you can see over there, some kind of tent with, I’m guessing soldiers, in Hazmat suits washing citizens down. So I imagine this must be some kind of… radiological attack.”


On Monday Monday 03/03/08, JamilB[94287] of Hells Angels used a Dirty Bomb on Devastation, planting it in/near their faction, losing them 10,000 respect.

Members of Devastation were put into Hospital for up to 60 hours, as well as losing 100% happy.
‘Innocent’ bystanders were also injured in the blast. This is a list of all hospital effects suffered:

Fallen ill with radiation poisoning
Fallen ill with mild radiation poisoning
Injured during mass panic
Injured during bomb blast
Hit in the head by flying metal

Information was taken both from Terror’s TC post, Yues newspaper article , and other sources. Images- Priya.

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