A new integrated Chat feature is being rolled out for TC.
Currently only some users have the Chat function, as it is still being tested.

For most users it displays as two or three basic grey tabs in the bottom right corner:

Update (2): Chat is now implemented for all users. You can control your chat rooms through the ‘Chat’ link in your side menu.
To completely remove chat (and to get full URL’s), login into ‘Mobile TC’, which makes no other changes.

– To see more of this update, please click ‘Read More’ –

The feature expands/ minimizes as you click the corresponding tab:

The tabs highlight blue if something new is posted, although this feature is slightly bugged, and often highlights when nothing new has been posted:

More rooms are displayed depending on your account, such as a chat for New Players, and Company Chat. Private Player to Player chat rooms are planned for a future update.

Users can currently only completely disable this feature by manually blocking the javascript ( for the feature, eg by using a Firefox addon such as AdBlock.
Staff have announced that once the feature has been fully integrated, the option to disable it will be available.

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this is s oawesome

keep going torn

BadSoldier , February 03, 2010
It doesn’t work on Opera
Gogeta_SSJ4 , February 03, 2010
I like the chat boxes, i had them going for a few days…but they seem to have dissappeared from me now…
Bv , February 03, 2010
it doesnt work, the same few message kept repeating itself.
west , March 21, 2010
Only benefit, is that your still able to post to all channels from fed (:
Expl0it , April 30, 2010

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