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This is an archive for newspaper articles from the official Torn City Times.

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The Great Egg Hunt 2010 – 05/04/10

Thirty-one days and thousands of muggings later Torn City has found a winner in the March Dog Tag competition. There was no real surprise from this reporter to hear that Torn’s own BodyBagger, currently level 88, destroyed the competition ending the month with an astonishing 11,245 Tags. Torn’s Project_Alice, currently level 62, came in second with 10,415 Tags; an amazing feat in its own right. These two players were the dominant force in the competition with no other player breaking 5,000 Tags. While Mayor Chedburn released the winners just a short time ago, he wasted no time in preparing the citizens of Torn for yet another exciting competition.

With the Dog Tag Competition at an end many players will be relieved to find a reduction in the number of random muggings and attacks. With any luck the price of morphine should return to its normal price, which could be good or bad depending on your occupation. With the bloody month of March behind us Torn’s citizens should crank up their awareness and get ready for the April Easter Egg Extravaganza.

Mere hours after releasing the Tag competition winners, Mayor Chedburn announced the Easter Egg Competition. Six, coloured Easter eggs have been hidden around Torn’s vast city. Members will have an entire month to try and collect these eggs in the hopes of trading in the set. Members lucky enough to find or acquire all six eggs will win a, “golden Easter egg collectible, and a few points,” said Mayor Chedburn.

The Mayor was not crystal clear on how to find these eggs, but one could only assume they would be found much like all other items are found in Torn: through the city. Citizens hoping to find an egg should make an effort to use the city link to direct them around Torn City whenever possible. If you’re going to the gym, go via the city, and don’t just take the direct link. Finding items happens randomly, but there are ways to increase your chances. Players can use merits, and in some cases, job points to amplify their awareness; certain drugs will also give you a brief awareness boost. A player with high awareness will likely find eggs faster than a player with low awareness, but it’s not a definite.

Younger players should be happy to know that this competition should give them a much better chance to compete with the higher levels. While higher level players may have a higher awareness the overall outcome of finding eggs is still random, and lower levels will find it much easier to find items in the city than they will trying to take down a level fifty or higher for some dog tags. The competition has already begun and that means you should have clicked on the city link to get to this newspaper article. Happy hunting everyone, and as Mayor Chedburn said, “Good Luck!”

– Article by Oscar_Acosta [951813]

Let’s Get Personal – 05/04/10

Are you finding yourself depressed and despondent in your daily life? Is the clutter and emptiness of your mansion starting to get to you? If so, chances are, the missing ingredient is a spouse. Torn City remains one of the more progressive cities in the country when it comes to marriage. There are no laws or discriminatory measures put in line to prevent any two people from joining in marriage. This has drawn many Torn players into Same-Sex Marriages that are often based solely on monetary positioning rather than love or interest. Desperate players looking to marry might think the most convenient way is through the Torn City personals, but what kind of spouses will you find?

While it’s no surprise to see that Torn’s male population far outweigh their female counterparts, one would not know it from scouring the Men seeking Women personal section. One should not be surprised to find their own girlfriend, sister, or in some rare cases for female players, pictures of themselves populating random profiles on the personals board. Many male players desperate to find a mate will try to pass themselves off as an “attractive female” in order to garner sympathy and freebies from a generous and unsuspecting player. The profiles usually, if not always, feature girls aged fifteen to twenty-two all of whose interests seem to be money, sex, and chatting. Why are all these provocative women hanging out on torn looking for sex and money you might ask? In short, they aren’t. Don’t be one of the foolish individuals who fall prey to this scam.

With the bad behind us it should be said that the Torn City Personals still serve a purpose in the community, though not the purpose intended. Yes, it offers players looking for marriage an easy and accessible place to browse. It also guarantees that someone at some point will stumble upon your profile and notice you, but whether that notice will have good or bad results remains to be seen.

If a players overall desire is to find a highly active and valuable spouse than the forums would probably be a better place to start. While a handful of new players may occasionally glimpse at the personals out of actual interest more times than not these people are looking for scammers. Because their profiles are easily accessible personals posters may become the target of many attackers looking to make a quick buck; since many of these posters are faction-less and vault-less it makes them an easy target. The point is the personals have become anything but personals. Torn patrons would be better served looking for a spouse in their own way, in accordance with their personal desires.

So what’s the point of getting married anyway? Ultimately, it’s for the merits. Torn couples receive one merit every fifty days as an anniversary gift and this really is a deal too sweet to pass up. The trick is, like in real life, staying married. Since members can’t receive merits more than once a divorce will often set you back hundreds of days. If you’ve already received a fifty day marriage merit you will have to wait one-hundred days to receive your next one in a different marriage. There are several warning signs citizens can look for when preparing to propose. They should look at the player’s friend list. If a person has one friend and two-thousand enemies a light should go off in your head; maybe this person is trouble. If the person has been married multiple times, this could also be a bad sign. It’s a good idea to build up a rapport with someone before jumping into a relationship, that way you know what you are inheriting.

Everyone in Torn City should have a partner, but finding that partner is up to you. If you’re feeling lucky head on over to the personals section and have a look around. You never know who you might find.

– Article by Oscar_Acosta [951813]

Exports Away – 29/03/10

Tired of the long lines and ridiculous export laws, you wouldn’t be the first. Torn’s airport has been blasted with complaints lately over their ban on traveller’s carry-on luggage. Torn allows travel to beautiful locations around the world, and the members of those countries enjoy the stacks of money that Torn’s residents shell out for their goods on a daily basis. The recent opening of the airport in Dubai has given the richest of Torn’s citizens a place to buy the most extravagant gifts, which many residents could only dream of purchasing. However, while all these countries continue to benefit from the buying of their goods, the citizens of Torn continue to be kept out of the loop. They face long-waiting times for flights, the inconvenience of only being able to fly out of Torn City, and the bewildering law which completely bans the export of items from Torn.

With the recent invention of carry-on luggage tourists are now able to haul more loot than ever, which is great news, but only serves to beg the question, why not make it a two way street? Why are citizens forced to sell their items to players in Torn, and not throughout the world? One could make the claim that the ban on exports serves to better supply Torn’s residents. Markets that are currently jammed with supplies of morphine and cheap flowers could find themselves empty if travellers learned that bigger profits could be made in a foreign city. This seems doubtful though, as Torn is a city built on capitalism, and as long as there are members who need supplies, someone will be there to supply them, regardless.

The export problem could possibly be resolved by adapting the new Bazaar system. Perhaps Anonymous or another NPC could operate their own Bazaar out of each location. The Bazaar would be buying certain items arbitrarily, which would occasionally allow travellers to find bargains in areas like Mexico or Canada, that they once had to fly much further to acquire. The bargains would be far more a matter of luck than routine if the staff members are able to design the system effectively. All problems aside, as Torn continues to expand and game designers and players look for new depth and new twists that could draw in more players while still keeping things comfortable enough for the older and original players who helped make Torn the city it is today, the idea of exports and new flight laws become interesting concepts.

The idea of more fluctuating prices and the ability to trade exports from one location to another, as well as the ability to fly from one country to another directly would greatly increase the economic side of Torn. This resonates with many players who have long given up hopes of being the strongest or fastest player in Torn City. It adds depth that goes beyond the ideas of war and criminality. However, it would also be a big change, and that is something that has to be taken into account. The ultimate decision is up to the designers and Mayor Chedburn. While they have done a terrific job of crafting the city into its current mould we cannot forget that we are the citizens of this fine city and that it is up to us to make our voices heard. If you have an idea that you think would make Torn City a better place or just a more interesting place for us all, let your voice out and be heard.

– Article by Oscar_Acosta [951813]

Pawn Shop To Go Out? – 29/03/10

Taking a trip to the East Side of the City you would find a bunch of local shops open but one without any visiting customers. The Pawn Shop, ever since created with last year’s update by Chedburn was rarely, if ever, visited. Its job was to offer a quick sell at points and donator packs and a quick buy for those who want them.

Though it was meant to lower the market price of the points over-circulating in torn and the price always hitting the $50,000 cap, there wasn’t really much impact. The price that Torn’s pawn shop offers to buy for points is $39,999 which is 20% lower than the market price. Well, any citizen with a brain would not step into this shop knowing that a bad deal is the only offer. Points are among the easiest objects to sell as a citizen can expect to receive cash from selling the points at the points market in a matter of seconds and at a lot better deal than the pawn shop ($49,000 minimum per point). Well, if the word to describe our Pawn Shop is not “Screwed” then I don’t know what other word would.

Perhaps the pawn shop might bring up some of the citizens as the dp buyer. It offers to buy a citizen’s donator pack at selling value which is ridiculously lower than the item market price for these prestigious privileges. When the business first started, the dp market price was around $4,000,000. Now the market price is $7,600,000 but the price it offers had always been constant and unattractive. The evidence is that it currently (and probably never) has no points or dp’s in stocks to sell to potential buyers.

What’s even worse is that Pawn Shop has been famous for being a good money maker as the 13 nerve crime. Many higher citizens had recorded at least a few attempts robbing money and points off the pawn shop. The Pawn Shop is constantly losing money being criminally harassed and it’s only a matter of time when it will be closed down. If it were a player, I’d say it’s as good as a “999 days in Federal Jail. Account Marked for Deletion”. For as long as it’s still running, it’s only giving out freebies to those with enough nerve and crime exp. But that might be good for us Torn citizens as well. I feel pity for whoever is in charge of that shop as something needs to change.

– Article by Amberlyee [907584]

All Hands Out? – 23/03/10

Take a good look out your window, and then tell me what you saw. My guess is that you saw tall grey buildings, a bustling Casino district overflowing with greed and profit, a permanently crowded government hospital and penitentiary, and lots and lots of hands out. That’s right, it’s impossible to go anywhere in Torn these days without running into beggars and grifters. Whether you’re stuck in the orange walls of Torn’s prison, visiting its convenient hospital, lurking in the forums, or just trying to have a conversation on the new Chat system, residents are finding it impossible to avoid an onslaught of citizens begging with both hands out. Where did this greed and idea of entitlement come from? I think it’s safe to say it was of our own design.

Much like in our everyday lives Torn citizens have a notebook full of sob stories made to influence and play on generous and naïve citizens’ sympathies. Everyone has heard the story of a scammed citizen, someone who ridiculously believed that giving someone all their money would somehow grant them a “too good to be true” sort of result. The citizen seeks out help anywhere and everywhere it is available. For Torn’s most active citizens this has become a great annoyance, and in some cases a great expense.

The beggars or scammers (though the words have different meanings, on Torn they are often interchangeable) have become a target of several Torn faction who dedicate much of their time to finding scammers and “giving them their just desserts.” Torn also has several popular sigs, including one utilized by this reporter, portraying players as members of an Anti-Begging Society or movement. Putting one of these in your profile may or may not be ample enough warning to keep beggars from randomly emailing and pestering you, but at least when they do they cannot say they weren’t warned.

If we are going to have hope of reducing the problem of begging it helps to start from the beginning. Who are the most prominent beggars in Torn? Sadly to say, it is the younger and inexperienced players. They come into the game with nothing, and are looking for nothing short of a hand out, to make their lives more enjoyable within the game. That initial belief rubs a lot of Torn’s citizens the wrong way because of the simple fact that they started in the same place, with the same resources that everyone else starts with. This isn’t an issue of what you deserve but an issue of what you can earn. The established players in Torn are always looking for new individuals who are going to be a valuable member of Torn’s society. That next member could be you.

When you decide to begin your career in Torn City getting noticed is everything. You don’t have to spam everyone or the message boards in order to get noticed, in fact, doing so will result in the exact kind of attention that you don’t want. Don’t assume the message boards will provide all your answers, the people who frequent the message boards, like myself, are not necessarily just looking to help everyone, or give hand-outs for that matter. Get yourself a trailer, hop on a TC help and information site, and start learning the underlying rules of the game. If you are active frequently you will be noticed. There are several factions out there always looking for new “upcoming” members and they will seek you out when the time is right. Despite the fact that you might seek out a faction right away for protection or benefits purposes this could ultimately hurt your status. You would likely end up in a weaker faction and might miss out on offers from more powerful factions who would be impressed by your persistence and enjoyment of the game. Think about what Torn City means to you, and what you would like to get out of it. Think to yourself, do I want to be the one who runs one of Torn’s elite Oil Companies, or do I want to be the guy begging for five bucks to go to the casino? Start thinking about your future early because in Torn, almost every decision you make from day one, will weigh on you down the road. Good luck, and get those hands out of our face and back in your own pockets, we will all be happier for it.

– Article by Oscar_Acosta [951813]

Doctors Demand Higher Pay – 23/03/10

Doctors in Torn City have come together to deliver a stern message to Mayor Chedburn, ‘We want health reform and we want it now.” The hospital has long been a popular spot for many of Torn’s residents because of the advantages it offers. The medical field offers a vast array of knowledge for residents to soak up. Dedicated doctors, who reach the rank of Brain Surgeon, even gain the ability to revive members who are in the hospital. For many Xanax abusers, these doctors are a blessing they know all too well. However, somewhere in the mix the doctors have gotten lost. Their services are not being looked at valuably, and their pay continues to be overshadowed by many lesser professions.

Take me for example, when I’m not busy patrolling the beat and looking for the next hot button issue I spend my days moving furniture and helping Torn citizens move into their bigger and better properties. Just yesterday I moved in three such residents and made over twenty thousand dollars doing so. That’s about three times what the average brain surgeon made saving lives. Doctors have been pushed aside, in some cases making less than an entry level position at a candle store or fireworks stand. The Doctors and nurses of the hospital have come to one conclusion, they want a raise, and they want it sooner rather than later.

Like all other government jobs in Torn the salaries are determined by Mayor Chedburn. Soon the doctors will begin a petition, gathering the signatures of all Torn’s civilian residents who want what they feel has been a long time coming, some financial reform for health care.

Until real change comes to Torn the employees of Torn Hospital have to look for other ways to earn their income. This has translated into the ever-rising cost of health care items on the market. The underlying issue is, when doctors get the short end of the stick, so do Torn’s residents because ultimately we pay for the services. The doctors of Torn provide a valuable service and they deserve at least reasonable compensation for their time. With the dog tag competition running through March doctors have been working overtime trying to keep up with their patients and trying to keep the market saturated with morphine and first aid kits. As the competition comes to an end, doctors will be able to spend more of their time speaking out about the injustice of Torn’s health care system. The petition starts here Mayor Chedburn, and the ball is now fully in your court.

– Article by Oscar_Acosta [951813]

How Bazaar! – 16/03/10

Welcome to the bustling wasteland that is Torn City. For years citizens have flocked to the city in the hopes of creating a fresh start. As Mayor Chedburn has continued his reign he has been anything but a dormant dictator, bringing evolution and fresh ideas to the city at all times. While citizens have been eagerly awaiting the rumours of ‘big updates’ in the future, this Monday, two of them arrived.

Here begins the age of the American “rummage sale”. Torn’s citizens now have a new home outside of Torn’s long-overcrowded marketplace. For a meagre price of 250 points, roughly 12.5 million dollars, Torn’s citizens can have their own shop right in their backyard. That’s right, the days of forking over ten percent of your hard earned money to the market capitalists are over. Citizens can now check the market value and price their own items accordingly to draw people to their store.

If handled correctly the new bazaars could easily sky-rocket some younger players into popularity. The new market system enables players to become an actual asset in the city. While many residents are used to scouring the market for the lowest price or buying arbitrarily, now players can more easily build up a rapport with a good seller for all their future transactions. Need a steady supply of drugs but don’t feel like wasting your time and money to fly there? Then hire a local shop to take care of all your drug needs for you. Some shop owners will surely take payments in advance and offer their best customers greater bargains for bulk orders.

Along with the updates to the new bazaar Torn also instituted an updated display cabinet for Torn’s collectors. The new display cabinet features a much more conventional cabinet look, with items displayed side by side instead of in a laundry list. It also allows the owner to customize his or her cabinet, displaying their favourite or most valuable items right at the top for all of Torn to see. Display Cabinets, like the bazaar, are purchased with points, and serve as an excellent way for you to show off all those wonderful items that have been collecting dust in your items menu for too many years.

– Article by Oscar_Acosta [951813]

More Negative News! – 17/08/09

Oh no! Unemployment skyrocketed last week! Torn is out of bread? Whatever are we supposed to do!? Yet with all this terrible news, others are complaining about the clothes we wear in Torn City. So what does this all amount to? I know, the “Illuminati” are to blame for our shortage of bread! Ha! On a recent article about this “light bringing” society, this group is responsible for all the crime in this city. Our city of Torn relies on crime to get through the day. We’re all here as criminals. Should we get rid of crime? What would be the point of Torn City?

A reporter suggested that we have a lack of holly (yes, holly.) places in our city. Like hell I’m going to dress up all nice every Sunday just to go to listen to some preacher who’s most likely committed multiple assassinations.

My point is, if reporters are going to single out tiny little flaws in Torn, no one’s going to read the news because no one will care. Why are some citizens so concerned about crime? Who cares if there’s no bread left? Do we even eat!? The only real reason people come to this city is to be the top criminal. If somebody is going to complain about “secret criminal societies” in Torn, why even live here? Even the Mayor himself admits to committing over 500 criminal offences. The newspaper is supposed to report news. There was crime, inflation, and problems yesterday, and there was crime, inflation, and problems today. None of these news reports sound “new” to me.

– Article by TickTack [934337]


Squatters look to Torn – 17/08/09

Have you ever looked around the city closely, especially the residential and business sectors. More and more businesses and private residences are being boarded up and left vacant. The landlords have gone away or just forgot they had these premises.

The poor are looking at these empty properties with a jealous gleam in their eyes. Some now are even talking about taking a crowbar and removing the boards and seeing if the authorities would notice a new movement of people demanding squatter’s rights in these empty properties.

Would this be a warning to the rich property tycoons to manage their portfolios better or would the Torn police Authority clamp down hard on those who only wish to provide a better life for themselves and their families. Many who have to live on the breadline? Just avoiding starvation by selling knock off DVDs from the back of a stolen Reliant or mugging unsuspecting residents.

What will Mayor Chedburn’s response be? Only time will tell if he sees this as a realistic threat or just another moan of the poor and malcontents

– Article by Hordari_Loca [888177]

TC Set For Benefits? – 09/08/09

Recently the number of unemployed people in Torn has sky rocketed. Torn City authorities are becoming increasingly concerned about the number of people out of work. The high level of unemployment (which currently stands at around 30%) is also being blamed for the city’s terrible crime level. With the average citizen being jailed over 44 times and committing over 1000 offences the city justice force is struggling to cope.

The unemployed are calling for Mayor Chedburn to implement a benefits system for people who are unable to find a job. They say they cannot get a reasonable job as the pay is not what they expect or can even live on.

There have been several solutions suggested by residents of the city. Some of them are: pushing forward public sector employment by putting stat gains up, others says that there needs to be a push to get the city’s many employers to lower their sights and accept less skilled people and even put wages up. Employers have hit back by saying that it isn’t their fault, they have many spaces in their company’s but people don’t want to work or expect stupidly high wages.

However most residents are calling for a tax break for mayor Chedburn and lower fuel prices from BPP; Torn’s only refinery. But as the demand for fuel increases and Chedburn continuously has to pay out for various crimes committed in the city citizens don’t look set to get either.

Overall the outlook looks gloomy with the city police in disarray and the economy heading for a recession people are really starting to struggle. Mine as most players advice would be to lower you pay expectation and take whatever comes your way and to not expect something for nothing.

– Article by f3K [539951]

Band makes TC Tune – 09/08/09

A band whose members are residents of the TC community, have clubbed together to make a song dedicated to our beautiful city! The song is still in the producing stages at this current time, but will available in a few weeks for TC residents to listen and comment on!

Band member James had this to say:
“The song is about the daily life of a citizen in torn city, we also touched on what some residents resort to in times of hardship and also addiction”

The band has kept its identity anonymous just in case people take a bad turn or dislike to it! Everything will be checked over by TC officials should the song be released for the enjoyment of the public. The idea of making a dedicated song came about after one of the band members read an article in this very newspaper claiming the citizens of Torn are not expressing their views and opinions. We all go through harsh and bad times when we are poor or at a loss of some form, we don’t all share these feelings! Some of us actually like this city!

“This is a way of showing torn city how we feel through song, we are a rock/pop band and we hope the song will reflect that in our lyrics, using good old fashioned rock and a catchy hook!”

Who knows what people will make of Torn City’s first ever dedicated tune, but whatever the outcome, I and many other citizens hope there will be many more to follow.

– Article by Xcel [84611]

TCHS Awarded – 02/08/09

Torn Hospitals given Award.

The Torn HealthCare system has won a prestigious award for being one of the most efficient healthcare systems in the world. For many years now this free healthcare system has been given to any citizen able to provide legal documentation that they are a legal citizen in Torn.

M.D. Dr. Rot ‘Neal – A leading expert in the medical world, had this to say: “Torn’s health care system is the pride of the modern world. It is a wonder to me that such top notch healthcare is available to all residents for free.”

What you see at first glance is poorly built hospitals that are often overcrowded. But what aren’t seen are the technically advanced treatments that are offered behind closed doors. Citizens that have taken a gunshot to the forehead, mauled by dogs, and even burned alive in arson are all treated for their wounds quickly and efficiently. They leave the hospital shortly after with bones mended, faces re-structured, and second degree burns hardly visible – all in the time lapse of half a day. Torn is very secret about their medical techniques. Many Torn Surgeons have been offered jobs in other countries, but no other then Torn can shell out thousands upon thousands of dollars a day for payment of these surgeon gods.

Even with this amazing medical system, some citizens have their urge to skip their treatment. Usually this involves doping up on mass quantities of pain killer like morphine.

One question we have to ask is – will Torn’s Healthcare always remain so free? We, the Citizens of Torn can only hope. We know we all have taken it for granted that we can blow our own foot off for fun or money, and be walking again the next day.

– Article by BipolarKittens [35853]

Golden Opportunity – 02/08/09

Have you ever been over the top annoyed with investment results ever since our Mayor changed the way our stock market works? Yes, we all have. For a while now, citizens have been buying and selling stocks, some have been making fortunes while others realized all their money simply vanished.

Times such as these are enraging, frustrating moments where you just wish for another way to invest your hard earned money. It’s time to find a new, more creative way for us to just sit back and relax while all our money still accumulates in masses.
Currently there is only one other way to do that. Have you ever heard of the group of words, “Public Limited Corporation?” Why not kick your money out to them? But exactly what does this new unique PLC Company started by multiple people do?
The Public Limited Corporation is Torn City’s first and only corporation to be floated unofficially on the T.C.S.E 31. A PLC is a corporation that has an unlimited number of shareholders and offers its shares to the wider public. CEO: PLC-chinaman5 [379290] is the man that started this whole idea; he is currently running a successful operation.

Kindly he answered my one question that is on the minds of thousands of citizens currently thinking about investing with PLC:

Reporter: How can I tell that you are trustworthy now that scamming is legal?

PLC-chinaman5: Nothing in Torn City is 100% safe and all investments are now at your own risk. I myself have never scammed anyone on this game and I despise those people that have. I will try to make you feel safe when purchasing shares, and I want you to be 100% confident if you decide to invest in the PLC. I will also send you a contract with all the appropriate details and terms/conditions once payment for the shares has been made to give you confidence in your PLC investment. But as I say, if you don’t feel safe then don’t invest.”

Although many people may be wary about this new concept in business, many other people have already decided to take the risk and invest with PLC. Some of the largest investors currently hold millions of shares of PLC. Every week, PLC lets out a new report of their performance, based on how many shares people hold. So far so good, as PLC has recorded strong earnings and results for the past month. In all, this is a great opportunity for citizens to try something new. Whether or not you should trust them is your own choice, but hundreds of satisfied investors now choose the new Public Limited Corporation.

– Article by TickTack [934337]

Red Lights? – 26/07/09

The besieged Red Light District is expected to announce 1000 job cuts tomorrow.
The adult entertainment business is entangled in a cash crisis after the slutting exchange hits commercial homes. Tomorrow it is expected to reveal a choking debt of over $1 Billion TC Dollars.
To strategically keep itself in business, the adult entertainments industry is expected to axe a further 100 jobs from its strong work force and slash pay incentives and bonuses from its surviving employees.

Last week it was revealed that the adult entertainments were brainstorming radical plans to keep this section of the red light district in the spice. However, after many gruesome hours of unsuccessful plans and dead end ideas, the adult entertainments dropped to their knees and are pleading for the end of commercial slutting which has multiplied in the residential district.

Adult entertainments Managing director, Iva Esteedees, exasperatedly fussed that, that not only did she have to buy a licence to allow her girls to slut, but the ‘randoms’ who are doing it themselves, have no skills or style to please the customer, being very erratic to who they please and are providing no quality of service.

She further goes on to plead that this service stops, so her busty figures and hunky machos can keep their jobs and carry on slutting and escorting the way it always has been. On the positive side, the Casino and TC Community have a received a positive interest and carries on to sustain a wealthy income.

The slutting industry in the Red light district is predicted to give its final jiggle and giggle in a few months’ time, however; your frolicsome fun can be received by your next door neighbours.

– Article by Grooveryder [373825]

Protests at Torn Raceway – 19/07/09

Owners, drivers, crew chiefs and fans alike were up-in-arms yesterday at Torn City Raceway, down in the heart of the Red Light District. It seems the whole racing community is fed up with the dominance of a relatively small number of racers who seem to take home the lion’s share of the winnings. Would be racers, new and old; leave the track daily, never to return. Blame was being cast in all directions, but one thing is for sure, there are a lot of disgruntled racers in the city of Torn.

One racing enthusiast, darkroast [1049926], a relatively new resident of the city at just over 3 months, was heard to say that he had spent more than $500,000 attempting to win just one oval track race! “They won’t even let you upgrade your car until after you get two wins! What pencil brain came up with that for a rule? Obviously nobody who has ever raced before!” “And get this,” continuing his rant, “I am racing a completely showroom stock GT against these cherry pickers who have been racing for years, and who have every upgrade known to man installed on their car and have WAY more experience than me. I tell ya, it’s a crock! I’ve got a better chance of finding a Private Island on sale for $10,000 bucks than I ever do of winning a race!” Sadly, darkroast has never won – not even 1 race. One might not expect such a new resident to win so soon in his racing career. However, it seems the problem is not just among new residents.

LovelyLadyLana [185349] has been a resident of Torn for nearly 4 years and had this to say, “Okay, so I have never been into racing much but I thought why not, I’ll give it a whirl. I got this great new mechanic and I knew he could get me into the winners circle and so I thought, why not? And well, do not let this get out, but I thought I would easily be able to go out and teach some of these good ‘ole boys a lesson on the oval track, I mean, I have lived in Torn most of my adult life. I work out at the gym regularly and I have a 5-Star job where I receive heaps of training and job specials. I mean really, who would be better prepared to win their first race than someone like me?” Yet LovelyLadyLana reports that she struggled early on, and to this day admits that she enters races at odd hours of the day so as to not be drawn into a race with those who are the, “known winners.” Imagine that, to have lived in Torn for 4 years and still not be comfortable racing down at Torn Raceway.

Track promoters say that residents, both old and new alike show up at the track daily with their shiny new showroom GTs and Corvettes. “You can see the excitement in their faces. They easily plop down either the required $10,000 oval track entry fee or they come ready to pair up with the fast car of the night on the drag strip.” But after a few races, with nothing but defeat and empty wallets to show for their efforts, they load up their cars, haul them out of the speedway, never to be seen again. “Who ever heard of racing, or any form of competition for that matter, without the benefit of various classes of racers to separate the skill levels? I mean, who wants to line up against Michael Schumacher in his first race, or any race, unless he or she has equal experience, financial backing and experience? How does the city expect us to grow the sport if newcomers have absolutely zero chance of winning?”

Some suggest that new racers gather in groups of 5 among those with the same experience level. Then, when they see an empty slate for an upcoming race, they all jump in immediately to try to get into the same field. Effectively, they are forming their own classes of racers, no thanks to the city for putting the effort in to form classes for new racers. Racers complain that it is impossible to get together this way, and even if they do, there are plenty of “ringers” out there who jump in at the last minute as the 5th racer and spoil it for the other 4. How could one expect racing to build if they send all the new talent packing every night?

With the indigenous population of Torn being nearly 50,000 people on any given day, one would honestly expect to see more racers down at the track. But until someone in the city puts the time and effort forward to develop classes of racing, one can be sure the protesting will continue and the number of racers will decline.

– Article by SwampRat [1197291]

Fuel Awareness – 19/07/09

Yesterday’s report of City Trade Board about fuel quality in our town was a totally shock. Eight of twenty-five checked petrol stations have petrol, which were classified as “very bad”, “bad” or “unacceptable”. The worst was normal gasoline “Unleaded 95” and “Torn Diesel”. A bit better was Torn Liquid Petrochemical Gas (TLPG). The safest were premium petrol “Extra 98” and “Torn Premium Diesel”. Our reporter has visited some petrol stations and talk with costumers, clerks and petrol station owners.

Costumers were totally shocked, when I informed them about results of inspection. A man in suit told me “This is unbelievable, I`ve just bought my new car, I wouldn`t destroy it any way”. Other women were suspicious: “Are you sure, young man? – She asks – I always use cheapest petrol I can find… refineries belong to mafia. I wouldn`t support them, because they supports terrorists.” Next driver I asked replaced “I am refugee from Poland. In `80s, when Poland was a socialistic country, there were always lacks of petrol. Personally, I used petrol mixed with solvent, but now there are other cars with other motors inside. When I have choice, I choose the best fuel I can get.”

Clerks and petrol stations owners think that this report is ruse against them. They also assert me about quality of petrol in Torn City.

Last walk-out in Torn West Refinery has raised petrol prices up to 20%, so drivers looking for cheap petrol. We want to warn you – very often saving is only on paper.

Our expert, car mechanic Tom Raxter told me: “Bad quality fuel can destroy motor in your car at once. We know samples, when dirt petrol damaged pump, injection system or carb. When petrol contains water, pressure in motor can destroy pistons. Full renovation of motor and fuel system costs up to 30.000 $, all depends on type of car”.

Fuel Trade Economical – Ray Sleter told me also: “Costs of production well-quality petrol cannot be changed, because this is an expensive business. There is only one variable: price of raw oil. Another thing, as abstergent and lubricating additives, depends on refinery or marketing head offices, therefore fuel from the same refinery, but from another marketing head office could be different quality. Just be careful, where you refuel”

We`ll follow this subject. Our reporters will inform you about all new things. Always remember this: branded and super market stations are always the safest.

– Article by Acient [1069295]

Mayor Under Investigation – 12/07/09

Recently at a press conference, Governor Shellinick announced that he was dumbfounded by the crime rate in Torn City. He stated that Mayor Chedburn was completely insufficient at his job and must be replaced. He stated that in Torn, there is no such thing as gun control, street racing is comparable to football, muggings, gang wars, and all form of felonies and criminal misdemeanours, are common place in this corrupt town.

The Governor began going through the standard legal process to have Mayor Chedburn impeached. To his surprise he found that anyone with a position that gave them the authority to do such a heinous act as impeach our good mayor has mysteriously, and anonymously “disappeared”. Police report that these disappearances have become more and more common with the increasing power of Mayor Chedburn. The police chief however stated that this was a complete coincidence and that it would be improbable and impossible that the mayor would have anything to do with these unclassified murders. I was able to squeeze in an interview with Chief Haldorf.
Me: There have been more and more murders related to people who could hurt Mayor Chedburn, and you still say that he would never have anything to do with it? How can you be so sure and trusting?
Chief: Firstly: I don’t like how you said “murders”. Not one of these cases has been classified as a murder yet. They could just be taking a very long vacation.

Me: Is it not true that in the case of District Attorney McKathy there was a trail of blood leading to where he normally parked his car?
Chief: … Technically yes.

Me: And you still believe that Mayor Chedburn is innocent of all association with these “disappearances”?
Chief: Of course! I have known Ched’ since I took this position. He is a good man that would never be involved in foul play.

Me: Is it also true that you recently bought a mansion on your own private island?
Chief: Why yes it is.

Me: How, may I ask, on a policeman’s salary can you afford to buy your own island?
Chief: I think that you have asked enough questions for today.

Me: Could it be possible that certain politicians are “persuading you” in some way?
Chief: No. Now I will have to ask you to leave.

Clearly, not all factors are visible in this situation. Though regardless of this reporter’s opinion, it seems that Mayor Chedburn is still invincible in holding his office. For the time being, we shall all obey under Chedburn’s infinite rule.

– Article by Patrick_Budd [477080]

Censorship in Torn – 12/07/09

Have you ever sent some mail only to find it didn’t get to its destination? Have you ever gone to your local newspaper provider to find that your article about Chedburn has yet again been denied publication? Well I’ve got news for you, Chedburn the almighty Mayor of our city has been censoring your views in fear of exposing the truth. Many people have tried to change this and many have not been seen in days.

Chedburn has made many changes to Torn the past few months, but has he ever asked you what you wanted? The answer to that question won’t be answered if Chedburn stops this article. I myself took my research to the streets, I’ve found many citizens who have been missing for over a year. Have you ever seen any news articles about these brave men and women? No, and you never will because Chedburn made them disappear for a reason.

A friend of mine, Candyman123 lives in constant fear of our Mayor and his secret service. Candyman123 was trying to suggest many things to the city’s officials, and received phone calls from anonymous men, threatening him to keep his mouth shut, or he will be take a walk off Torn Pier with cement shoes.
In closing I would like to say, protect your rights, citizens of Torn and stand up for what you believe.

– Article by Fuelgivemefire [1000850]

Peace – Full? – 06/07/09

In the old days, this city used to be infected with danger. Newcomers are always easy prey for the old powerhouses, especially when they’re grouped up in factions. A few hundred professional bullies used to keep the weak newbies firmly under their thumb, by collectively beating them up, leaving them to cry for mercy, and demanding many millions of dollars for surrender. Joining a faction meant joining the hospital crowd, rarely being able to see what else the city had to offer. Newbies were better off alone.

Many Faction leaders were being forced to feed the already rich and powerful, and eventually had their group disbanded: Either by the strong professionals, destroying their faction, or by themselves, keeping whatever honour was left of them. To put an end to the despair, the Mayor introduced the idea of a peaceful faction. Inhabitants were now able to group up, without the danger of being smacked down. That’s where the tables started turning. The old HoF Factions saw their prey diminishing rapidly, and had no choice but destroying whatever few warring factions were left.
The Mayor hatched another scheme: he put a timer on the peaceful status. 31 days was decided to be enough to prepare any faction for war. Extending this protected status by another 31 days was possible, but at the cost of the faction’s respect. But, so would the transfer to the Aggressive Status, within a single day. So the peaceful factions started extending their status to many months, even years.

The aggressive factions were left more furious than they already were, and they could only refrain to verbal abuse, desperately trying to make the peaceful faction give up their status, but to little or no response.

It didn’t stop there. Eventually the first peaceful faction entered the Hall of Fame: The MoNeY PiT. Shock and Awe of historic proportions went all through the city. But after a month this Faction ran out of ‘Peace Days’, and disappeared from the horizon.

But other Factions that stocked up even more Peace Days were soon to follow: La Famiglia Vinerri, SUN New Beginnings, MELITA KNIGHTS, BAMF Training and RAWR all managed to poke their nose into the HoF, thereby outnumbering the Aggressive Factions in members.

Mayor Chedburn then removed the 31 days limit, effectively securing the Peaceful Status. Apparently he has some Respect for Peace after all.

Even the Norwegian Warring Machine known as HT has been rumored to try getting Peaceful. Where will it end? Only one person can tell.

– Article by DCLXVI [460509]

Making a Point – 15/06/09

It’s been a noticeable, although not recent, trend for the price of points to constantly near on, or even sometimes above the price cap of fifty thousand TC dollars in the Points Market.

Perhaps I’m just not up to date with some of the recent happenings, but even so, I found it shockingly hard to believe. I had gone overseas for a while, and it was only until two weeks ago that I decided to return to my hometown of Torn. As I drove through the Northern Side of Torn, I noticed something strange. The building in the back alleys, where the infamous Point black market takes place, was crowded with people. However, back in my days, people came, picked, bought, and went in a very fast paced manner, unlike the sloth-like crowd before me now.

Suddenly, there was uproar as one person, later identified as Goldeneye, placed up a listing of 30 points at $49,700 each, three hundred below the market price. Immediately, a brawl broke out in the center of the room, each participant fighting for the right to buy them. Punches were thrown, shots rang out, and RPGs were randomly fired as people scrambled for cheap points.

When the brawl finally ended, I decided to interview a couple of people, the first being one of the participants of the melee (who prefers to remain anonymous, we’ll call him Joe). Having been knocked in the head a time too many, his speech was slurred, but I managed to translate.

Me: Tough day at the market?
Joe: Hell yeah dawg, I’ve been at this market for the whole day.

Me: Can you explain why there are so many people here?
Joe: Well, there are always many people buying and selling at the market, but the congestion is because people can’t find good deals anymore, and they stand in line waiting for it.

Me: So why aren’t the good deals rolling?
Joe: When there are more people buying than selling, the sellers can charge more, because they know that the rich, high levels are willing, and are able, to pay.

Unfortunately, our interview ended there, as another brawl broke out, Joe decided to get involved.

Points: commodities used for a variety of things, therefore the price has been ever so steadily increasing. Back in the old times, I remember how hard it was to sell them for 24k due to competition, but now, anything below $50k is considered a bargain. The reason is simple: as more people are able to make more money through crime, inflation rises. The aristocrats, as dastardly as they may be, need points for the luxuries and have the money to spend on those valuable points. Will the supply of points ever reach equilibrium with the demand?

– Article by HeIIingame [451453]

Gentlemanly? – 15/06/09

The Scam behind the Gentlemen’s Clubs

We have recently come across some information about a high society gentlemen¡¦s club: Pink Pooches, located on the outskirt of the East Side, which has been working not only to relieve the stress of our male folk, but also to turn their addiction to drugs and weapons. It seems males looking for entertainment and a good fun time, are being subjected to drugged drinks and enticed into buying illegal weapons from the club.
The news spread like running water two nights ago when a certain brain surgeon from the TC hospital was arrested a couple miles away from the club. He was said to have been driving under the influence of alcohol however during a minor search of the vehicle the arresting officer stumbled across a small amount of cocaine and two M4 carbines in the back seat. When asked how the good doctor came into possession of these items, he doctor was not willing to answer any questions until he had his lawyer present.

After many hours of intense questioning by the police, the doctor caved and told the truth about the weapons and drugs being sold at the club. The captain at the station immediately ordered for the arrest of the club owner (Holy_lord587) and whoever else was involved in the illegal acts.

Earlier this morning Holy_lord587, the owner of the club; was held by the police for questioning. The reports were released to us by a source at the station a couple of hours ago, however we are only permitted to relate part of the questioning and statements made during the session.

Captain of TC Police: How long have you been the owner of ¡¥Pink Pooches?¡¦.

Holy_lord587: For the past six months and there has never been any use of illegal drugs at my club. Weapons are strictly not allowed within the doors of my establishment.

Captain of TC Police: We have reason to believe that someone within your club is dealing these items to your customers. Are you sure you are not aware of this?

Holy_lord587: We run a clean club captain, the men come in have fun with your girls and leave.

Captain of TC Police: But do they leave all drugged up and with weapons in their possession?

Holy_lord587: Of Course Not.

Holy_lord587 has been kept in over night for further questioning. A source at the station believes the leads held on the club are very strong, and will testify in court. Meanwhile the good doctor has been released and warned not to go back to the club until the investigation

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