Tools & Calculators

Tools developed by players of TC:

Compound Bank Interest Sheet *
An open source spreadsheet made by MikhaelR [765604]. Just enter how much you are investing, and the number of merits, into the red squares, and this will do the rest, for up to a year of compound interest!

Customize CSS Styles
Courtesy of Mused [591697], this tutorial shows you how to edit backgrounds, fonts, font size, colour and lots more, using the Stylish firefox addon. It also contains the code for a pre-made Style for you to use.

Made by Nikola-Sama [895576], this spreadsheet allows you to work out how effective your employees are in their position at your company.

Finance Calculator *
A spreadsheet by Harri95, This calculates Bank returns, as well and job and point gains.
Also tells you how long it will take to buy Properties, based on income.

mIRC Chaining Bot
Free chain bot code for mIRC that everyone can use! A big thanks to jcgamo88 [102841] for creating and releasing this script just for TCB!
Similar chain bots are often sold for large amounts.

A program that tells you what stat you should train next (after you’ve input what stats you have), in order to get the most effective stat ratio, made by Ariven[384242].

TC Company Summary *
(Spreadsheet) Made by Generjustin[deleted], this amazing spreadsheet covers almost everything about companies using graphs and statistics, including profit depending on product prices/ customers, income/ rating, employee job stat efficiency calculator and more!
Thanks to MrMustard, Primetime, Lumpy, Kidkrazy, Perma, Nikestar, Eagle, Colossus, Dlothar, Drmark, MR2Man, Yuri_Orlov, Aerozol, CHRISMCV, Michael12 and anyone not mentioned who helped out.

TC Greasemonkey Addon
Made by hexkid [421738], and others, this amazing tool allows you to change your front end interface with Torn City, if you use the Firefox browser. Highly Recommended!
Does such things as: Express crimes, Express busts, Weapon multipliers, Hide/Add links in side bar, crimes/ busts needed for next award, Express train, Ticking clock, Time for happy, nerve and energy to regenerate, and more!
Also has other scripts, and additions by various people!

An awesome tool by dotLeo [249379].
Calculates things such as your stat gains, best achievable job, next achievable merit and more.

This site will calculate what percent of the stat cap your employees will have for each position of a job. If you have any questions about it, please contact the author. Thanks to uniq[225661].

A handy table with all Weapon and Armour stats, sorted and unsorted by Krymm[753258].
Damage, Rate of Fire, and Accuracy are taken from the Item info bars, and are only guidelines.

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Calculators that can be located throughout

Bank Calculator
Tells you how much interest you would earn when banking x amount. Also takes into account the amount of merits you have used.
Made by Aurigus [37524]

Gym Calculator
Gives a good estimate on what you gain per 1 train, in all gyms- Very useful for working out what houses to buy or stat ratios.
Made by Sylar_[423569]

Job Calculator
Works out the top jobs you can acquire with your current job stats.
Made by BlackLoter [17252]

Works out how much of a gain you would receive if you used a parachute.
Exclusively for the extremely lazy/mathematically challenged.
Made by Cutie69 [32978]

What Drug? Calculator
You input the specific info, and this will tell you what drugs you should and shouldn’t take (much easier than trying to decipher the tut!).
Made by fonce[332277]

Award Calculator
Works out what your next Award will be and tells you what you need to do to get them. Works only for crimes. Interface made by Fozzi[102841], actual tool made by dotLeo[249379]

Regeneration Speeds
Select which Energy and Nerve bar you have, and this will tell you how long it will take for them to regenerate. Interface made by Fozzi[102841], actual tool made by dotLeo[249379]

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* Using these tools requires a spreadsheet viewing program.
Free downloadable programs: or

No longer Active:

This page will calculate your potential gains given your current stats, drug use, trains per day, faction steadfast upgrades and more. Easy to use and a great too to see where you can go. Thanks to Jamming [106403] and Lord3Infamous6 [215545].

A program that calculates the amount of stats gained per train at the gym. Still in development, but very cool! Made by XaeN [346332].

A great Stat Calculator by DonniePrince [130303]. If you need help navigating it, hover over the Red corners for help popups. The macro stops accidental scrolling and updates the last time the calculator was updated

v Being Fixed v

Firefox and MSN Plus! Search Plugins

If you’re using the Firefox browser, or MSN Plus!, these tools give you quick access to things such as Player and ID search. Made by Marky [251013] and Emperor886 [339502]

Weapon Multipliers
This allows you to work out how much damage you would make with any weapon, and the damage negated by armour. (Pre-Attack Update)

Roulette Odds Calculator
Calculates your average daily winning odds for the casino game, Roulette.
Made by Aurigus [37524]

Life/ Life Merits Table
A table that contains the default life for each level, as well as the benefits of life merit upgrades for each level. Author unknown- TCB will reformat this eventually, and try to find the author for credit.

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