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Casinos are a way to make money through betting. You can choose between Poker, Blackjack or Roulette. This article will briefly describe each game and its rewards/risks.


Roulette is quite simple: you bet on a number and if your number comes up, you win! The payout is 35:1 and the house edge is 2%, so if you place $500 on red and it lands red then you would pocket $700 ($1500 – $500 = $1000 + $100 = $1100 * 0.35) (minus taxes). If you placed an additional wager on 00 (to be sure to win) then your net profit would be lower- this depends on how much the casino charges for placing such a bet (usually around 5%).


There are three types of Blackjack: Basic, Vegas and Pairs. Basic is just that – basic. You must get as close to 21 without going over to win. The payout is 3:2 and the house edge is 0%, so if you placed a $500 wager on red and it landed red then your net profit would be $1000 ($1500 – 500 = 1000). If you choose to place an additional side-bet on 00 then your net profit will increase to $1150. In general, though, Blackjack has a high house edge up until about 200 hands played where it drops off quite quickly.

Vegas blackjack has the same rules as Basic, with the exception that you can double down on any two cards. The house edge in this game is 0.5% higher than in basic blackjack due to this rule change. If you were dealt a 10 and an 8 then in Basic Blackjack you would only be allowed to double down on 9, 10 or 11 while in Las Vegas blackjack you are able to double-down on anything including 3, 4, 5 or 6 – so long as your total sum does not exceed 21.

Pairs blackjack has the same rules as Vegas but requires players to get a pair of something before being able to split them into separate hands. Otherwise, it functions just like Vegas blackjack with 0% house edge.


There are a few poker games you can play in a casino. They are extremely simple to understand – which is why they’re so popular! The house edge on these games varies from game to game but for all of them it is around 6%.

Texas Holdem has no-limit betting, meaning that at any point in time players can bet as much money as they want. To win the game you must have the best 5 card hand (the second-highest hand also gets money). This version of Poker is played with 2 cards face up and 5 shared cards face down. At the end of every round, one player acts as a dealer by dealing 1 card face-up to each player (and themselves) then placing cards face-down in the main pot. When all face-up cards have been dealt, players are given the opportunity to bet. After this betting round has ended the remaining players place their remaining 2 hole-cards into their hands and share them with the table (they do not show anyone else at the table). From here on in it’s a showdown – if you have the best 5 card hand then you win! Pot-limit poker is where you can bet up to however much is in the pot when it’s your turn to act.

Limit Holdem is played under similar rules as Texas Holdem but instead of no limit, there is a fixed limit on how much one player can bet per round. The amount is determined by how many chips everyone starts out with within that game.

Stud Poker is another game where the object is to get the best 5 card hand. With stud, however, each player starts out with exactly 2 cards in their own hand and then 7 shared cards face-down that are dealt one at a time. The betting rounds work exactly like Texas Holdem (betting limits determined by a number of chips) but when it comes to showing down your cards – players choose 5 from the 7 facedown community cards to make their final hands. High poker has 4 rounds of dealing 1 card at a time to all players – these are called a fourth street, fifth street, sixth street and seventh street respectively after which there’s another round of betting then showdowns. Royal Flush This is about as simple as it gets when it comes to poker games! The object is to get a royal flush (ace, king, queen, jack and ten in the same suit: hearts or diamonds). A royal flush pays the highest in this game and has an incredibly low house edge at 0.36% – just above the average for all casino games.

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