Torn City Extended Downtime

Torn City Extended Downtime
Torn City went down in the early hours yesterday and has been down since then. First the site said it would be back up around 22:00GMT on 2/14, however as of this update the site is still down.


Update: The message has changed to the following:

Torn City is suffering from major technical difficulties.
All will be explained when we are back up.
We are doing everything we can at this time please stay tuned.
We will be down until approximately Monday 19th.
There is a small chance we will be back up this Saturday.
Good news: when we’re back up we will be on a new better system.
You have our word that a downtime this long will never happen again!

Terribly, very sorry for the inconvenience.
-The Torn City Development team

Update: We are currently waiting for the data on the TC harddrives to be recovered. There was a huge issue which our host, the harddrives failed and the daily backups only backed up the first 128 tables in the database. Worst case scenario (pretty unlikely): Some exp/levels/education courses are lost and some new users have to sign up again, everything else (like factions and items) should be perfectly fine. All stats and donator packs will be recoverable. Best case scenario (most likely): We get the data from the failed hardrives back, and everything goes back to normal. We are still waiting on the data to be recovered, we are hoping for today.


We will update this as more information becomes available.

You can discuss the outage here. (You must be registered to reply)

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