Torn Easter Egg Hunt 2013

Torn Easter Egg Hunt 2013

The egg hunt is on again!

For Egg LocationsEgg Specials and Hints & Tips, Click Read More.

Easter Egg Specials

Easter Egg Specials
Orange Egg+50 Tokens
Red Egg+10 Nerve
Green Egg+50 Energy
Pink Egg+Level Exp
Yellow Egg+$100,000
Black Egg+Crime Exp
White Egg+5 Points
Blue Egg+250 Happiness
Brown Egg+100 Endurance/or/manual/or/Intelligence


As you click yourself around the game, random mini egg icons will appear. You need to simply click them to claim the egg and the special Prize. Collect all 9 different colours to trade them in for an honor bar, and a Gold Egg item.

(Example of an Egg Item icon)

Hints and Tips

Hint: Turning off Faction Tags and Honor Images behind names (Settings > Settings > Honor names) can make it much easier to spot those colourful eggs. As well as hiding that distracting fake easter egg faction tag/image that starts popping up at this time of year!

Hint: You cannot find an egg anywhere where a player can edit. EG: Forum signatures, player profiles, Faction icons, Faction Descriptions, Bazaar descriptions, Newspaper ads etc.

Tip: Refreshing constantly will not increase your chance of an egg find.

Egg Locations

Torn citizen Kane has been collecting locations where the eggs have been found:

LinkSpecific Location
Citynext to any location link in the City
above referral information (bottom)
moving around
Crimesnext to “Don’t try the hard ones too quickly or you could find yourself in jail!”
Awardsnext to ‘Honours’
Sidebarnext to ‘Home’
next to ‘Gym’
Itemsnext to ‘Ammo lLocker’
next to ‘Trades’
Newspapernext to ’50 cents’ (top left)
next to ‘continues on page 33′
amongst random adverts
Homepageright at the bottom
next to ‘view more detailed stats’
Gymnext to words ‘Gym’ at top
Educationnext to Computer Science
Forumnext to end of topic titles
next to topic views
Faction Forum main page
Propertiesnear Private Island info
near lease information
Auction Housenext to ‘Add Listing’
Jailnext to ‘X people are in Jail’
Mailboxnext to senders name
Bookiesnext to a random bet
Eventsnext to ‘You have X Events’
next to [saved events]
Player Profilenext to online/offline status
Bazaarnext to random item name

Let us know if you have any hints or tips to finding the eggs!

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