Torn of the Dead (Event)

The Torn of The Dead is one of the annual competitions in Torn. It is basically an attack-based event.

2012 | 2010

Torn of the Dead (2012)

TOTD 2012 started on the 5th of November. Only the people who had logged in once around the start of the competition were allowed to participate.

In all, there were approximately 36,500 participants. All the low levels that were less than 15 days old had been made zombies.

A zombie would not be able to infect a citizen if the battle stats of the citizen were much higher compared to that of the zombie, a new change this year.

There are 3 obtainable merits with the criteria as follows:

Attack 50 Zombies

Infect 50 Civilians

Unknown Survive the entire month as a civilian

So, a person can only obtain two merits during this event thereby having to sacrifice one.

Torn of the Dead (2010)

Zombies are taking over the city, infecting us one by one.. Can you survive?

To Enter
– Stay alive.

Everyone between the levels of 1 and 5, are a zombie. The infection will now start to spread.

For further details, please click “Competition” on the sidebar.

Infection level as of 1st of May 2010: 58,555 / 186,939 citizens infected.

Don’t blame me if you die, you asked for it! I hope you’re happy with yourselves!


The Competition description from the sidebar:

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By defeating ‘civilians’, you can randomly get a new item, ‘Human Head’, while Zombies can drop the ‘Zombie Brains’ item:

To get Human Heads, you have to be a zombie, and ‘turn’ a civilian into a zombie using your special attack.
To get Zombie Brains, you have to be a civilian, and can Hosp, Mug or Leave the zombie.

Zombies and civilians now have special markers displayed under their Profile Pictures:

Once a civilian has been turned into a zombie by another zombie, he cannot return to civilian status.
When a zombie attacks, they get a special attack option (at random), along with the usual:

Attacking with this special option turns Civilians to Zombies (for instance, ‘Infect’ above, and the rest shown below).

This Competition Ended on June 01, 2010.

Here is Chedburns announcement:

Topic: Torn of the dead results

Out of the 199,386 people in Torn, there were only 827 active survivors. Everyone who survived over 5 days have been given a small number of points, which in total add up to over 50,000 points given out.

Rate up if you enjoyed this competition, down if you didn’t. If we get high votes, we’ll do it again next year.

The top zombies have been awarded the same amount of points as the number they infected.

Congratulations to all the winners!

BodyBagger [99177] : 1136 infected
BrainEater [995219] : 952 infected
DOUBLEOSEVEN [36944] : 852 infected
Alexythimia [1014346] : 846 infected
MyHeartBleeds4U [847034] : 820 infected
DEA7TH [90220] : 752 infected
-Knights- [237692] : 739 infected
Zombi_Samaritan [494895] : 733 infected
Cosmos [1044778] : 703 infected
IN-VOGUE [662063] : 678 infected

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