View our Item page for a list of Items, and what country you can buy them from.

Mexico | Canada | Cayman Islands | Hawaii | United Kingdom | Argentina
Switzerland | Japan | China | South Africa | Dubai

  • You can only access the Travel Agency when you are level 15 or higher
  • You can only buy 5 items per visit to each country, by default (see table below for more information).
  • When flying and in other cities, you don’t have access to the same things you have in Torn City, such as:
    Gym, Crimes, Items, City, Forums, Events, etc.
  • If you have the Laptop item in your inventory, you can check your mail while flying, as well as other things (see the Laptop Item Page for more information)
  • You cannot be attacked while travelling, but you can be attacked/ mugged/ revived by people at your destination.
Item Capacity
This is the amount of items you can carry back to Torn City/ purchase, per visit, when travelling.
Default: 5
Private Island + Pilot Staff: +10
Cumber Faction Special: +1 per upgrade (10 max)
Small/ Medium/ Large Suitcase: 1 +2/ +3/ +4
5 Star Cruise Agency Special: +2
Maximum: 31

Travel/ Destination Information
Destination Travel Time (each way) Travel Cost (return flight)
Airstrip 2
Default Airstrip 2
Mexico – El Cascado 00:26 00:18 $6,500 free

Cayman Islands 00:35 00:25 $10,000 free
Special: Off shore Banking – Deposit unlimited amount of cash for 3% charge.

Canada – Toronto 00:41 00:29 $9,000 free

Hawaii – Hilo 02:14 01:34 $11,000 free
Special: Chat box
A chat area, where you can perform actions such as buying people alcohol, and hugging and kissing them.

United Kingdom – London 02:39 01:51 $18,000 free

Argentina – Santa Rosa 02:47 01:57 $21,000 free

Switzerland – Geneva 02:55 02:03 $27,000 free
Special: Drug Rehab Centre
The Rehab Center checks if you have a drug addiction and if you do, you can Rehab for 250k, curing some addiction.

Japan – Tokyo 03:45 02:38 $32,000 free

China – Beijing 04:02 02:49 $35,000 free
Special: Fortune Teller
The Fortune teller tells you the percentage of how close you are to levelling, for 75k. She will not tell you anything over 100%, if you are a level holder.

Dubai – United Arab Emirates 04:31 03:10 $32,000 free

South Africa – Cape Town 04:57 03:28 $40,000 free
Special: Hunting
Hunting costs you 10 energy and $500 per hunt. You gain hunting skill from each hunt, allowing you to take part in other hunts, and improving the amount/ type of animals you can kill. You sell the animal carcasses for money.


1 Only one Suitcase bonus can be active at a time.
This means that if you have a Small and a Large suitcase in your inventory, only the + 4 bonus will be active. Buying more than one suitcase (eg two Large Suitcases), does not raise your capacity further.

2 For this bonus, you have to be living in the Private Island Property with the Airstrip and Plane upgrade, and also have a Pilot employed.