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 Thanks to jcgamo88 [102841] for this great tutorial!

Finding and Using Weapons Before you attack you’ll want to have some weapons equipped. Each weapon multiplies your strength by a certain amount, determining how much damage you deal. Each armour multiplies your defence, determining how much damage is removed from your opponents attack. The most important element of attacking is therefore your attack stats. Please read the Training/ Stat tutorial for more information. You can attack without weapons, using your fists, but they have the lowest multiplier. You can view information on each weapon by clicking on [info] or the weapon image. As shown in the image below, there are a number of elements that should influence your choice of weapon or armour. The most expensive weapon isn’t always the best weapon!
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The coloured bars are an indication of the weapons accuracy and damage (multiplier).If your having trouble beating people because you can’t hit them, as well as training speed, you might consider getting a weapon with better accuracy. The same applys to damage, if you’re not dealing enough to defeat your opponent. Rate of fire and clip size is related to Ammunition, explained in the next section. Take a look before you buy a weapon. Just because you can afford a weapon doesn’t mean you’ll be able to afford to use it! Defending doesn’t use any ammunition, and only randomly reloads, so if you’re not attacking you can take advantage of this factor. Weapons can be bought from Big Als in the City straight away, from overseas once your level 15, or from other players in the Markets or Trading Forum. You can only sell items back to the shop for less than you bought them for, so watch out for cheaper items from other players.

When you find the weapon(s) you want to use, click the [equip] or the ‘Not Equipped’ link next to it in your Items page to equip the weapon. If you are using a primary or secondary weapon you still need to buy ammo! Once they’re equipped their images will appear under your house in your Home page. Note: Go here for weapon locations and prices, and here for weapon multipliers. There is also a Weapon and Armour stat table that summarizes all weapons, their accuracy, damage, rate of fire, price and location. Find it in our Tools & Calculators page . Back to Top

Ammunition As mentioned above, ammunition is required for any Primary or Secondary weapon. Defending from an attack doesn’t require ammunition. To buy some ammunition, click on the link to ‘> Ammo Locker’ in your Items page. Click it, and you will be brought to a screen that displays all weapons you have equipped that use ammunition. Click on ‘Clips’ next to the gun that you wish to purchase ammo for to be given the options for that gun. Here you can buy clips, or unload and sell clips. You can’t sell clips once bought. Just click on ‘> Buy some clips of ammo for this gun’ to buy clips, and click on ‘Load’ to load the gun. If you want to unload it again, click ‘Unload’. If you have little ammo left for a gun after a fight, it might be better to just throw out what’s left, and reload, instead of having to reload in the next battle. If you’ve run out of clips you will automatically reload at the end of a battle. Rate of fire and clip size on your Weapon info page are an indication of how often you might have to reload. Reloading takes a turn, or you can reload your weapon in the item screen after a battle. Some weapons have only one shot, some may last over many battles. Under the clip image is the clip price. This, combined with clip size and rate of fire, will give you an indication of if you can afford ammunition for your chosen weapon. Back to Top
Finding someone to Attack There are a few ways to find someone to attack. The most common reason for attacking is through you Faction, once you join one. Take a look at who your peers are attacking or who is attacking them. Also if your faction is currently in a war go to your Faction page and click “[Faction War Base].” Another tactic to find people that you can attack is by searching the forums. In the forums you can see who is what level and what their ID is. This is valuable if your are attacking by levels. Also if you are a donator (You’ve used a Donator Pack) you may do an advanced search. – Click Search – Click Advanced Search – Enter some info. Remember all fields are optional so not all of them need to be filled out After you’ve found someone, make sure you can beat them, so you don’t have any nasty surprises. Remember that it’s possible to hold level! This means that someone has been able to [upgrade] level for some time, but has chosen not to to hide their strength. The most common indicators to determine if you will be able to win a fight are these: Current property If their House is better than yours, be wary. This is an indication of how much money they have. A rich player will most likely have good stats. Age If a person is older than you this means they’ve had time to build their stats up more than you have. Level This usually isn’t the best thing to base your judgement on. Many people could have a high level, but low battle stats, and vice versa. Rank Be careful when attacking anyone higher than your own rank. This could indicate things like better weapons, stats, etc. Crimes Crimes is the best indicator of someones activity. More Crimes means more activity, and better stats. Associates/ Factions  If they are in a very powerful faction, or have powerful friends, even if you beat them, you may face retaliation. Most people only take hospitalisation or mugging seriously enough to retaliate (see Post Battle options). Back to Top
Attacking Attacking costs you 50 energy, unless your under the influence of Vicodin (see the Drugs page), in which case it costs 25 energy. If you’re in a battle and someone else kills your opponent, which halves the energy cost. If your opponent boards a plane to another country, escaping your attack, you will lose 25 energy To attack someone, click [Attack] under their profile image in their profile page. If you wait too long between attacks, or deciding what to do after your attack, it may ‘time out’. If it times out you don’t lose any energy. After this stage make sure you don’t view any other TC pages during the battle, or refresh the page! If you do, you will be presented with the following screen, the fight will be ended, and you will lose your 50 spent energy:

This is the Combat screen:

Displayed is you and your opponents names and health, above an illustration of their skeleton, used to illustrate hit and miss locations. In the center is shown the results of the last round of battle (the coloured text in the center). At the bottom your equipped weapons and their ammunition is shown (if applicable), and at the bottom, the option to run away. If this is your first attack you will first have to load your primary and secondary weapons, if you want to use them. It will use 1 turn to reload a secondary weapon, but a primary weapon will reload by the following turn. After that, click on the item you would like to attack with. After this you will be shown the result of the round, in which your opponent will attack with a random weapon (or reload), and you will be shown the damage of both your attacks, unless you miss. Damage is based on your Weapon and Strength, minus their Armour and Defence, and hitting or missing is based on your Speed and Weapon vs their Dexterity. The same is true for their damage and accuracy against you. View the Attacking/ Stats tutorial for more information. Every now and again , around 5% of your hits, you will get a critical hit. These always hit, and deal about 3x normal damage. You can upgrade the chance by 1% by spending Merits . Hitting them in different locations deals different amounts of damage. This is random (?). The following images show all possible attack locations:

If you select ‘> Try to run away’ you’ll escape the battle.

Attacking in Groups If you’re having trouble defeating a difficult opponent, you and your friends can team up to fight them Everyone will lose 25 energy, but the person who lands the finishing blow will lose 50 energy. When multiple people are attacking, the defender defends against each attacker as usual. This message is displayed when others are also attacking:

The winner will get the same options as usual (see the below section), while the other attackers will get this message:

Back to Top

Post Battle Options Once you win you’ll be presented with this screen:

Here’s a quick breakdown of what each does: Note: You can leave this screen up for up to 8 minutes without making a decision! During this time they will have no health and wont be able to attack anyone. After this, the attack will time out. Leave Them – This gives the most  exp of any attack. – No cash is given for this and the amount of time your enemy spends in the hospital is typically around 20 – 25 minutes. – You can not chain by leaving someone on the ground – This attack typically does not drive people to strike back in retaliation Search their wallet – In addition to giving cash, this attack gives a little bit of exp. – Hospital time averages out around 25 – 30 mins. – It is possible to chain a faction by mugging their members. You will receive ~75% respect in comparison to hospitalizing. – People don’t like getting mugged, but if they don’t have much cash taken they usually don’t retaliate

Hospitalize them
– Attacking this way yields no cash and no exp – Hospital time is typically 10 times that of mugging. Using merits can extend this amount of time anywhere from an extra 5 minutes upto an extra 50 minutes. – This is the most common way to chain a faction. Attacks can yield anywhere from 3 – 6 respect each at present time. Your target’s level helps determine the amount of respect gained. – Most people retaliate to being hospitalized (hosped) if they can. If they are unable to often their friends might. Recap If you select ‘Recap’ you will be shown a screen showing you all of the battles turns and outcome. You can save this url and send it to other people to show and save battles.
If someone attacks you, you will also get the chance to review the battle. This is an example of a battle log (change the numbers at the end to view a random battle!):

Things to remember You need 50 energy to attack a person. This can be halved by using the drug Vicodin, however when you use any drug your str is lowered about 10 – 15% for the duration of the drug’s after effect. There are various drugs, a few of which have influence over combat. See their descriptions Here. Stats are the biggest part of attacking. Use the Training and Stat guide for all information related to stats. If you run out of ammo in a fight, fists only do about 2% of your total str damage! So use a melee weapon instead. When you lose a fight, you get hospitalized! The same thing happens if you try to run away from a fight and fail. This yields no respect for your enemy’s faction if you are in a war with them. Don’t blame Fozzi.
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written by sk8borddude, March 28, 2007
Now is there any way whatsoever to control whether it states hosped by someone or saying your name? Aerozol: From the training tutorial: ” Dexterity: Dexterity affects how well you dodge your opponents attacks. It also helps your stealth, if they see you attack them, or if you see them attack you.”
written by jcgamo88, March 31, 2007
Also merits. Improve stealth Makes it less likely for people to see you when you attack them
written by weed-king, May 03, 2007
if u keep attacking som1 over and over and every time u leave them will u go up a lvl or do u have to attack different ppl
written by Lawrence, May 26, 2007
Why i at TC always got attacked?Can u teach How to train my stats well and dogde their attack and gave them a high damage.
written by Passing Dream, June 16, 2007
Attacking the same person over and over does the same amount of good as different, but equally difficult, opponents. You get more experience for the higher level you attack, so you always want to find someone at a higher level than you to beat on. Unfortunately, if you do this to someone who is still playing the game and they have strong friends, you might be in for a beating yourself. The ideal repeated target is very high, weak, and inactive. Some players have lists of “good targets” like this that are found once in a while, but beware! Other players may also be pwning these guys often, which would leave you in the hosp if your luck runs out.
written by Passing Dream, June 16, 2007
Melee weapons might be more worthwhile than they first appear. First, they don’t use any ammo. Second, they are the most accurate (followed by secondary, followed by primary) …this equates to an improved “speed” multiplier, whereas a primary-weapon focused strategy bulks your strength and expects you to bring your own speed. Finally, compared to secondary and primary weapons, getting a great melee weapon (like the kodachi swords or even a Yas) is relatively cheap.
written by Yyz, July 13, 2007
Have you ever noticed that staff members have jacked up crazy stats? I tried ti mug a staff ember that was a level 26 and it said I got hit for over 300,000 damage on the first blow. So careful out there when you run across a staff member and you think they are easy prey.
written by klasse, September 19, 2007
If I got attacked n stalemate.. do i gain any exp? if i attack some1 and stalemate.. do i gain any exp? Please answer it. thanks
written by CrazyDiamond, September 20, 2007
I successfully committed the past five crimes. I then attacked someone two levels lower than me. I just noticed that my nerve went down from 38 to 33. The only explaination I can see is that attacking someone lower than you reduces your experience. Has anyone else had that happen?
written by Timoteo, September 28, 2007
I’m just curious what the group consensus was on mugging vs leaving them. How much money makes it worth the lower experience. Any idea how much lower the experience is for mugging than leaving them? I know these are hard questions to answer and up to personal preference but I’m just looking for feedback.
written by Timoteo, October 04, 2007
With mugging I’ve noticed weird results. Sometimes I’ll get nothing and others I’ll get anywhere from $5,000-$20,000. These are people that haven’t signed on in months so I know they didn’t spend their money or anyhing. Is that part of the algorythm or a glitch or something? Ideas?
written by HollowSnarl, October 10, 2007
To klasse, if your stalemated in any way, no exp is given i think. ——————————————————————————————– To Timoteo, you will gain 1%-10% of their money
written by samurai, November 03, 2007
i want to attack my freind but his ip is close to mine so i can’t attack him wath should i do TCB: If you have logged in on a friends computer you can no longer interact with them in any way, or you may be jailed for multis. This also counts if your regional internet gives you the same ip as someone else.
written by no-tay, November 06, 2007
How do people become unconcious and what does it mean someone just got out of the hosp like an hour before and when i tried to attack them it said they were unconcious… do u have to wait for a period of time when someone gets out of the hosp to attack them again?
written by abi, November 27, 2007
if i attack some one every time do i go up a level TCB: No, and you can’t see how much exp you get from each hit.
written by Hmmm, December 04, 2007
I notice when I’m attacking others that even though they have a melee weapon, sometimes they’ll defend themselves with their fists. Presumably this is because there is a random chance of a player defending themselves with primary, secondary or melee weapon (and they don’t have all 3). Can anyone confirm this?
written by knightmares55, December 10, 2007
Does attacking someone bring up your stats and by how much? TCB: Attacking doesn’t give you any stats, only leveling exp (Depending on if you leave, mug or hosp them, see the attacking tutorial for more detailed information)
written by Curio23, February 02, 2008
When you click the back button you still lose the 50 engery…I’ve did 3 attacks today to confirm this…:-| TCB: It’s just been changed. We’ve edited the page.
written by flamingswrd, February 10, 2008
FYI: When buying ammo, you will only be presented with the weapons that are currently equipped. Just because you have, say 6 guns, doesn’t mean they will all be there when purchasing ammo. Also, if you un-equip a loaded weapon, any clips you had/have will still count towards your 200 clip limit.
written by falon, February 20, 2008
If someone attacks me and i defeat them do i gain exp? TCB: Yes.
written by Mixelplix, April 04, 2008
I bought a smoke grenade to help with a stubborn fight I’m trying to beat, but I can’t figure out how to use it. When I try to equip it in the items screen, I get the message “This item is not able to be used yet.” I’m level 13. Am I too low? TCB: Temporary weapons haven’t been coded yet 🙁 It’s been a long time since they were released, so I wouldn’t hold my breath on them either…
written by wombat, April 15, 2008
are you allowed to extort people , as in give me a hundred$ a day or ill attack you, TCB: Yes.
written by Reggie (SR), April 25, 2008
Do you get equal experience for a mugging and a Leaving? Are they different or what? TCB: Read the page before asking questions. Thanks.
written by Luckian, April 25, 2008
How much damage I need to cause in the opponent for send him to hospital? TCB: It depends on how much life they have. Life is shown in a players profile.
written by Luckian, April 26, 2008
Sorry, I wanted to say how much percents I need. I forgot to write this. I’m sorry. If you can help me. I thank.
written by Society, May 13, 2008
Percents? You just need stats higher than the other person (usually) so that you can beat them before the turns are up.
written by dudenight, May 21, 2008
wat if sme1 attack me and lost i will gain experience or not TCB: You will gain exp.
written by Poon, May 31, 2008
like how the weapon multiplier link takes you to bank interest calculator…. TCB: Fixed
written by murtha, June 11, 2008
this guide is worthless now. they switched the system.
written by Khoo, July 22, 2008
Sometimes i attack someone, and another person joins in. The other person wins. Do i get anything out of the fight ? i know i lose 25 energy instead of 50 … TCB: You don’t get exp (or anything else) if they win the fight.
written by GraveDigger, August 16, 2008
i have a steyr aug but it keeps missing….wtf is with that its supposed to be accurate TCB: If they have more dexterity than you have speed, the weapon alone wont be enough to help you.
written by torncity sucks with this new organized crime thing, August 23, 2008
what actualy makes you hit the person more speed or dexterity TCB: Speed. Read the tutorials.
written by isfaaq7, September 11, 2008
i know that if i attack someone and lose to them, this will get them exp. My question is, will i lose experience if i attack someone and lose???? TCB: No.
written by EeyolkZzs, October 03, 2008
what should i do if i get bountied? i mean,, anything for me to do? TCB: Sorry, the bounty stays until it’s been claimed, or bought off. It costs 3x the amount payed to buy it off. We recommend using all of your energy/ nerve for the day, and then unequipping for a friend to claim the bounty- then you can profit off your own bounty (added to tips)
written by EeyolkZzs, October 03, 2008
gosh,, if i ignore the bounties nothing will happens? im lack of cash lol xD
written by i dont no, November 03, 2008
this an question dat needs 2 b answered. if i attack a higher lvl person do i get more xp
written by priss, November 05, 2008
if i am attacked and i lose, do i lose exp? TCB: No
written by ant-mi, November 17, 2008
hi i have a silly question if i have a flamethrower equipped may i lose a battle instantly cause it says “be careful though a well placed bullet could be the end of this powerful weapon and the person carrying it” thanks in advance TCB: No, it’s just the description.
written by TCB Please ANSWER!!!, November 17, 2008
TCB I got a question! Yesterday I got attacked by some guy and he did manage to hospitalize me. And he attacked me later that day, and he lost. After that I attacked him and I beat the shit out of him. So the score is 2-1 for me. Today I did it again, and I lost! I spayed on him and he has this stats: Speed: 3,122 Strength: N/A Defence: 1,119 Dexterity: 1,093 Total: 8,136 And my stats are: Speed: 6,313.9334 Strength: 4,689.2550 Defence: 4,587.1141 Dexterity: 4,679.6844 Total: 20,269.9869 How can I lose from a guy who has so bad stats?!?! I got a Minigun Beretta 2 guns Samurai Sword Outer Tactical Vest He was attacking me with Kodachi Swords! I can’t believe this… :S
written by ZaCKiC, November 21, 2008
He got 3,122 in Speed, and you got only 4,679 in Dexterity. Not a very big difference. By using his Kodachi Swords, he gets a better accuracy(Speed), that`s why he hits u better. And you use minigun? Minigun has a very VERY bad accuracy, so i would suggest to use the Samurai Sword or another Primary weapon, like the Steyr AUG ect. Hope it was helpful?^^
written by Dark__knight, November 23, 2008
I attacked some 1 with 6.8k stats and they are ALL lower than mine and all my stats are higher then his and i lost against him and we have the same wepons…
written by jimmmmu, November 23, 2008
man its amazing my name is arsenale
written by lovely_dodo, November 28, 2008
If I got attacked n stalemate.. do i gain any exp? if i attack some1 and stalemate.. do i gain any exp? Please answer it. and my nerve up ? thanks
written by LaoNiuChanXiao, November 29, 2008
If some1 attacked some1 and lost, will the defender gain exp.? Thx for the answer (if replied) and for the genius TCBasic.
written by starfox, December 13, 2008
if you have a tempary equpected and someone attacks you do you use the tempoary
written by ayen, December 16, 2008
I had attack someone and both of us had been hospitalized because the result shows both of us lost to each other. Is my exp becoming low??
written by 1994bradley, January 18, 2009
why hasnt any1 put a hit on the legend? it would be funny to see whords of people try fruitlessly to hosp him xD
written by Scratcha, January 23, 2009
is there anyway to retrieve your own “old” battle logs? or view all your battle logs from when you started playing TCB: No, you have to save the log url at the end of each battle. Also, logs are cleared periodically, so only the later ones are available.
written by Scratcha, January 24, 2009
ok, thanks TCB !
written by RAWR2, February 09, 2009
if someone has 100K total stats by using drugs and a guy with 60K total stats who has never used drugs and have the same weps, the one that doesnt use drugs will win, with the new attack system drug free stats better
written by ……………….., February 11, 2009
if someone told me if i send them something and they would double in a week and send it me back, and then ignored me so it look likes they robbed it are they allowed to do this TCB: Yes, scamming is legal in TC.
written by terrorist, February 23, 2009
who i can scaning if you talk portuguese this gonna help because i don´t undestende so much about engleis because i from brasil TCB: Only english sorry. Try using Firefox, and change its spell checker to English.
written by Foxx, April 07, 2009
If you get hosped by players who are in a higher level do you gain any experience? TCB: No.
written by pheebster, April 17, 2009
Can people attack me when i’m offline and can I attack people when they’re offline? If so is it easier to attack someone when they’re offline? Thank you TCB: You can attack people anytime (assuming they’re not overseas/ in jail etc), and it doesn’t make a difference to the fight if they are online.
written by maliciousmale, May 03, 2009
I want to share what I think about attacking.I am not an expert nor a very high level player.Just some 100 days old and somewhere around level 20.I don’t know whether it’s correct or not,but it’s just my assumption based on my experience.So feel free to correct me if you think I am wrong.I welcome constructive criticism.Someone with better experience please kindly confirm or correct me.Thanks in advance. 1.About Weapons. If you use a weapon like yasukuni or minigun or jackhammer or any such high profile weapons without enough experience or stats,I don’t think you can effectively use them up to their full potential. And weapon accuracy is very important if your enemy is highly trained in dexterity or speed or may be something else. 2.About Attacking. I am not very sure about this,but if you initiate an attack,some of your stats are increased like speed and strength but some might be reduced.I don’t know for sure.But this is just a thought.And I also think that the same stats go down if someone initiate an attack on you.But dexterity and defence might be raised.There might be some stats reduced in attacker and stats raised in the attacked who just come out of the hospital as well coz someone I usually would win cannot be beaten when I attacked them right after their hospital time. 3.Group Attack If me and my friend group attack someone with better stats,if I carried out the final blow,what about my friend?Is he going to gain any exp?Or what if he entered the fight,but didn’t actually press any attack,and I finished the attack,will he still gain exp? 4.Escaping to Another Country If I were attacked and if I successfully escaped to another country like Mexico,will my attacker still get exp from attacking me? 5.Being Attacked and Exp Gained The attacked can also gain exp from being attacked.I experience this several times,when someone attacked me,and afterwards like a few minutes later,my level went up,also true when I attacked someone and after the attack,when I checked their profiles,their level went up. 6.Critical Hit Rate Upgrade If you are attacking someone with higher stats probably dex,than you are,I think it really works.I can hit like twice the damage I can usually inflict. 7.Which Stats I tried to equalize all my stats by raising all 4 stats,but that’s too much.I think it’s better to raise only 2 stats,like speed and strength,then dexterity after you get the first two up to a satisfactory level.Only after you get up to very nice stats in those 3,you should try raising def. This whole comment is for levels 3 to 15.You don’t have to follow these.I am just sharing my thoughts and exp so far. Thanks.
written by Snowie, July 27, 2009
What about when someone attacks me and he runs away in the middle of the battle? Would I gain any experience? Thanks for your help!
written by sukalong123, August 09, 2009
@Snowie : yes you will gain a slice exp.
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