Companies Tutorial

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Companies Tutorial
Thanks to Biohazard [96865] for this great tutorial!

You gain access to companies at level 3 Introduction to Companies: Keep in mind that each company is different. Companies of Torn City work just like real life companies. So the goal is obviously to make money. Also, remember that changes you make will not be seen until the new day, as well as popularity changes and income gains. For Information on specific Companies, Their Specials, Advertising and Upgrade costs, and more, visit the Company Info page. You can also find the TC Company Summary spreadsheet with extra Company Stats, Graphs and Analysis in Tools & Calculators. For information on Employee Effectiveness, view the FAQ of the same name.

Buying a Company Opening a company is a risky move. If you aren’t really active… it’s a bad idea. When you open a business, you are the director. You have no working position. The director is ideal for those with extremely high work stats. You have full access to all of the pages, and if your company uses stock items to work, you’re going to have to manage the storage of your business. You can do this through the ‘Shipments’ page. Deliveries can take some time, so make sure you don’t run out. Some companies (eg pubs, restaurants, night club) don’t use shipments. You also have the power to hire/fire employees and change their position/salary for that day. The higher you pay, the happier your employees will be. But you have to be able to pay them for at least 7 days with what you have in the company bank. You can set the pricing of your services as well, higher prices meaning more money for you, but less popularity. Hiring Employees & Setting Positions Who you hire is key. The better their stats, the better they will work. Anything over the cap is only worth 50% of it’s normal value.. and anything above double the requirement no longer effects the company. See Below Example.
Code: Stat Cap: 1,000 & Primary Stat: Endurance/Secondary:Manual Player One – 500 Endurance & 1000 Manual (Manual will be cut in half, cuz it is secondary) They will work for 100% Player Two – 1000 Endurance & 1000 Manual (Manual again will be cut in half, cuz it is secondary) They will work for 125%, 1000 endurance being the cap and manual being 50% over the total… after being split in half.

HAVING DOUBLE THE REQUIRED STATS DOES NOT MEAN YOU DON’T CONTRIBUTE TO THE COMPANY. YOU WILL BE CONTRIBUTING 150%! Any further stats you gain, will not increase or decrease this amount.  One complicated thing is how the stats for the stat cap are determined. So: — >Primary Stat + 1/2 Secondary Stat = Job Stats Total <– If you’re still not clear on how much your stats are worth in your company, CHRISMCV has made this handy Excel sheet to calculate it for you: Advertising This raises your popularity. Your default (starting) popularity is as follows… “100*(1 / Number_Of_Clubs) %”, for example. 36 Strip Clubs, 100/36 = 2.7%… Please note that you may not see your popularity rise straight away, for instance if all of your competitors do the same advertising campaigns as you, it will not increase anyones popularity… Training You can train your employees for 10k per training session, through which they will gain some primary work stats. You can’t train anyone who has been in your company for less than three days. Training your employees raises your efficiency. Company Specials Each job has two company specials as well, which you gain access to as you increase in rank. Check the Company Info page for known specials. FAQ What does then Train Link do for employees? Train Link allows the director to boost employees stats a little bit. I did an advertising campaign; hired employees, but still have zero customers. Is there a way of earning money? You will have to wait until the daily report is issued to see your gains. Also, make sure you have shipments of the things you need to be able to run your business. Are company profits based on ‘real’ customers? All results are computer generated. How do I increase my popularity? Lower prices and more money spent on campaigns will increase your popularity, and vice versa. Why is my Efficiency dropping everyday? How do i stop it and make it go back up? You probably need t upgrade your staff room. The more employees the larger a staff room you need, or efficiency will drop. Note: If environment is at 100%, there will be another factor causing this.

Comments (66)
written by Chris McVicar, March 10, 2007
With the formula this might help people understand it abit better cause before you could take it as deviding your total job stats before checking to see if they are over double the stat cap. H = Primary Stat (0.5*Secondary Stat), IF H > (2 * Stat Cap) then, H = (Stat Cap * 150) / 100 ELSE, IF H > Stat Cap then, H = ((H – stat cap) / 2) stat cap. Also if you want I have Excel Spread sheets. My Job Stat Calculator – – Or if that one doesn’t open in your excel yours is probably out of date, try this exported version – – Click the “next page” link three times then download it. – Just input your Primary Stat, Secondary Stat and your Stat Cap and it will tell you how much your stats make up in the total stats column and to the left of that how much of these stats effect the company you’re in. – P.S. This requires Microsoft Excel. I’ll do up a html one sometime soon if too many people don’t have Excel. Other then that if you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to mail me. CHRISMCV[49550] _______________________________________________________ ________________________ @ Su, that all depends on how much cash you’re willing to spend and if you’re active enough to run one of the lesser ones, I found the higher the price, you don’t have to do as much e.g. ordering in new shipments. But I spent $300,000,000 to get my cruise line agency.
written by Master_Nemesis id 126796, March 15, 2007
everybody keeps saying that there efficency is dropping well me and my freind have discovered that if my company is pulling in 10 k profit a day and i pay 5 staff members 2k each that will equal 10k pay out a day which means slowly ur efficiency will go down but if i woz to pay my staff say 500 – 1000 a day then my efficiency will stay at roughly in the 90’s and everything would b fine……….. there are alot of people with companies who are paying more out on wages than the company is earning and thats why there failing
written by vearn, March 20, 2007
as director … do we get any job stats increment?
written by padokill, March 21, 2007
One of the company specials is revive altought i do not know if that only counts for directors I would love to hear the second soon
written by ptiger, March 24, 2007
I am afraid that is totally wrong. The company i am in, has 0 effiency and the wages are give out is about 60% of the profit. Other Companies I know of are in a similar situation and give out different amounts of money. It is as said in the tutorial; based on the staff room size versus number of employees. Money has nothing to do with it what so ever.
written by wasteland, March 25, 2007
I can also confirm that what Master Nemesis said above is wrong. We tried lowering the wages and efficiency has not increased.
written by raiderrob83, April 11, 2007
Well what is a good way to get your popularity up…..i have 100% everything but popularity its at 1% i have a advertisment going but i just cant seem to get it up……what should i do to get it up??
written by jake Cofield, June 28, 2007
If your employees are inactive, then your efficiency will drop rapidly
written by Gray, July 07, 2007
I can also vouch the the info from Nemisis is wrong. My company had 5 employees whose wages were 50% of the profit. We had the largest staff room possible and still the efficiency stayed at 0% for over a month. I tried adjusting wages, changing peoples positions, hiring a couple of better people with high stats and nothing worked.
written by Shikamaru, August 02, 2007
I’d like to echo raiderrob83’s question on how to raise Popularity
written by Chris McVicar, September 02, 2007
Due to alot of people E-Mailing/Mailing me I decided to slightly redo my excel spreadsheet and host it at fileplanet. The most up-to-date file is hosted here: If you have tried opening the above file and and Excel cannot perhaps try this download instead, it is a resave of my Job Stat Calculator for those with an older version of excel. Universal Job Stat Calculator?: Unless I re-educate myself again on trying to figure out how to do a html calculator I’ll just take the easy way out of it and make an executable Job Stat Calculator. Hopefully I will commence work over the next day or so and have it done shortly. I was going to just make a standalone calculator but it’s a pain have to flick back and forth and work out each employee’s efficiency. So I was going to add a webbrowser into it to, more then likely I won’t be adding a url bar cause I can’t be bothered adding any protection against html exploits in websites so basically the default loading page will be and as long as torncity stays a safe website without and html exploits (Why the hell would Ched wanna exploit in the first place?) then everything will be fine for that. I was also asked to add some more spaces so you can do all your employees at the one page, if I can remember my programming then I might even get the job stat calculator/browser to pull all your employee’s stats from the manage page and plop their details in for you. If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to contact me. CHRISMCV[49550]
written by SumZ, November 04, 2007
i just read all the comments about comanies but i have 2 questions. 1. Is it really true that inactive employees are not helpfull? 2. How do i get my car dealership to move up to reating 2/5 ? i have a car dealership for quite a long time, and i make about 100k-200k a day. (not profit but income) if anyone has an idea or interesting info, plz mail me or respond on the forum. thnx
written by Mike_Myers, November 26, 2007
HI my Efficiency is a 12% but my environment is at 100% im lost to what other factors r makein my Efficiency so low is it because their is 2 many other candle shops so their is a high competion for each of them or some thing if that is the case how do i get my Efficiency to rise again as day by day im loosein more and more money 🙂
written by emerald23, December 03, 2007
I have a floral shop. Yes, inactive employees hurt your company. As long as they log into torn city 1 time a day, it helps. Also, I always have 100% efficiency unless my advertising campaign has ended…and then it drops like a lead balloon. Hope this helps.
written by emerald23, December 03, 2007
Oh, in addition….If you are having a hard time getting sales/customers….check your prices. If you are marking your prices up say 600%, your going to have issues with only getting a few customers a day. If you only mark your prices up 2.5 times the price you pay for stock, you’ll see a significant increase in customers. I pay $4.00 per rose, and I charge $9.00. My company just recently went to 2/5, and it’s only around 42 days old. Also, make sure you train your employees. I keep a list of my employees in the order of them joining the company. I start with the first employee and work my way down to the newest, then start over. You have to have more salespeople/dancers/florists/etc (depends on what your company is, the main employee type) than any other type. I have 2 cleaners, and the rest are florists (I have 14 employees including myself). If anyone needs any help, feel free to message me…my username is the same on TC. 🙂
written by YuriOrlhov, December 12, 2007
Can i be director of my company and employee in another one? TCB: We haven’t tested this ourselves, but seeing as each position (director & Employee) counts as a ‘job’, you wont be able to have two.
written by Reaver, January 04, 2008
What does the director get, as far as working stats go? Also, can you own a company and leave it empty to go to another job without it being deleted?
written by the1wizard, January 17, 2008
Eficiency increases with training if it drops it’s because you are not training your staff
written by antman, February 07, 2008
My sports company is now for 331 day old (rating 3/5) and average 100% Efficiency when my staff log on daily.. i sack them if they have been off for more than a week. I get 3 trainings a days and i use that on the lower level players. The only thing is i cannot get my popularity above 3% unless i run a cheap campaine.. then it goes to 4%.. there are only about 40 other sports companies, so i am not sure what to try next to get this popularity level up higher.. any suggestions..
written by Darkthief, March 01, 2008
buy the expensive advertisement every week
written by SyndicateX, March 05, 2008
I been quiet for a long long time. and i will now help you out. As you can see i was one of the first companies to turn 5/5 and the secret is easy. – Dont spent cash on ad’s waste of cash. – Hire active players. the more they log on per day the better. What good is having a worker who doesnt come to work? This will keep your Eff % high. – Train your weakest link. You want as many players as you can over the stat cap. – Get the largest staff room you can afford. – Put most of your workers in teh positions that make cash. Who cares about bouncers? not like your gonna get sued!!! – Popularity so far in my eyes is a junk stat. it is 100 divided by all the same companies in that field. who cares? it has no effect on your daily profits. – Spend money on your company. i put in my strip club close to 110 million dollars. it is now 354 days old and been 5/5 for over 100 days. i make about 350k a day. paying my workers 150k and training is 50k. making me 150k a day. doing the math that would mean i need about 2 years to break even just from that. BUT. the 5/5 bonus is high heels, which i make a pair every 100 days and that earns me 15 mill each time selling em. so look at what your bonuses are and use those job points!!!!
written by Bjars, March 06, 2008
its says “The director is ideal for those with extremely high work stats” what would be considered extremely high work stats?
written by hi, March 19, 2008
How many times can a director give training to one person per day? TCB: Five times (I think)
written by BLACKDRAGOON, March 21, 2008
How do you make ur company level up(rating wise)
written by yukivideo, April 07, 2008
I have just strated a company, currently i only have 1 employee but how come theres only 2 trains instead of 5? Is it because i have only 1 employee?
written by Blue_Speedo, May 07, 2008
does director’s working stats affect the company in any way?
written by Bjars, May 13, 2008
@ yukivideo, you get 1 train each day (for a 1/5 rated company) and can hold up to 5.
written by kyle8048, May 31, 2008
Hey, my popularut is at 0 in my car comp, is there any way of increasng this without the add campaign because my comp is not selling anything
written by hmm, June 26, 2008
whats the best prices to put on a candle shop to start it off? thanks
written by Lambi, July 01, 2008
Is it possible for a company to go bankrupt or something, or can it be used as an unlimited safe of sorts for spare money?
written by Riceboy14, August 09, 2008
if you erase your company will you get your money back TCB: No.
written by tozik, August 09, 2008
i have a company, i earn around 20k a day and i pay out roughly 10k to my employees so 10k prof a day and i have a few people with 10k endurance and about 3-5k intell which means about 11.5-12.5k out of the 15k stat cap, but even still, my efficiency is 0% and has been for like 80 days . . . can someone tell me how i fucked up? lol i own a theater
written by sasa, August 18, 2008
@tozik u need to train one of your employee once every one or two days.
written by darkbladedoney, September 01, 2008
hey tcb. how do you get the rating of the company up??? i have 12 employee’s, and i just started an expensive adverstisement. they all are at 5 star effectivness, so when or how does the rating go up??????
written by theatercompanyowner, September 18, 2008
hey all, i was wondering, when in a theater, what is the best prices to charge for the tickets and the binoculers? thanks
written by jliscool, October 06, 2008
it seems like if You train in the gym than sometimes your efficiency goes down
written by gravespade, October 09, 2008
i belive you have to try to have a full happy bar for most the day or your efficiency will indeed drop a bit
written by joelere123, October 25, 2008
i have a company for sale or swap in the comnpany. i think there should me a place where we can sell all of our comapny or sell shares in out company in the city. good idea?
written by Nakata 671713, November 19, 2008
Can my company go in debt??
written by brenthebot, November 21, 2008
? if i have 10 people in my company ( a 1* theater) can i only train 5 people a day? this seem a little unfair i would think you should be able to train each staff member 1 time a day. thanks for any help.
written by Sky-Soul, November 23, 2008
i just buy a company from someone.. but my problem is, i have a staff, i did an advertising campain.. but my profit still 0.. my costumer also 0.. can someone help me.. plzzz help me… im still new…
written by pondering1, November 30, 2008
ok so im still a bit confused on what exactley changes the company from a 1 star to a 2 star then to a 3 then from 3 to 4 what makes it change to a higher rank ??
written by Nailher, December 08, 2008
You have to be patient. The companies gain the next star rating when it hits the experience trigger. The companies are like everything else, it’s got it’s triggers on getting to the next star.
written by Nailher, December 23, 2008
When you embark on owning a company make sure you are patient and hire good employees. Make sure employees are active and drug free. I made a rate 1 go to a rate 3 and its all about being active and having active employees.
written by Hero123, December 23, 2008
I just want to ask two question. 1. Now i want to train my employees but i can only train 1 employee per day(1/5) . I have enough moeny to train my employees. Is any idea about that, please answer me. 2. I bought Candle shop last week and i have 10 employees in my company. My company rank is 1 and i want to reach next rank. How to do for that? How long am i need to wait for next rank and what should i do?
written by robbo9, January 08, 2009
@nemisis the word used to say how much money was taken in is “profit” this is how much they have earned, – expenditure. if otherwise the word would be turn over
written by AnacondaSX, January 21, 2009
i am want to get a farm company i am a low lvl player ( just lvl 15) and i want to know what i need to do to get my company (when i will buy it ) to have more stars to get more money i will buy a 1 star company (i don’t have to much money ) and i want to get it at 3 star(minim) i read the tc company summary but i sill don’t know exactly what to do and does my working stats influence the company rate? i have 15k inteligence 6,7k endurance and 4k manual PLS PM me
written by JukeBox55, January 22, 2009
$166,667 is the amount required to start a Standard Advertising Campaign for the Flower Shop.
written by xho, January 27, 2009
Hi, i have a grocery store and an employ with stats(lets say…) manual:1200, endurance:2000, intelligence:4000. What is the best rank to employ him? Having him as purchasing agent he has a 5-star effectiveness and as a cleaner a 3-star effectiveness in tc, but in “TC Company Summary” i ve read that to have maximum employee efficiency an employee must have double the stat caps… Help me understand cause this is getting frustrating :/ TCB: Having double the stat cap will give your employee 1.5x effectiveness. It is described in more detail on this page.
written by Revenger, February 21, 2009
Just wondering, if you bought a company, and it had debts, would you become responsible for paying them off?
written by FastSarge, March 03, 2009
just wondering, if you have not all of the jobs beening done does it affect anything???
written by mr.bangbang, March 28, 2009
hi all, i have a 1 star bcompany it can store 50,000 merchandise has 5 members and has a standard size staff room and also i can have 8 members. i have done 2 expensive adversisements worth 1 mill each, over all costing me 4 and a half million yet it is still a 1 star company! can someone help please?
written by rachel_may7, March 30, 2009
hi! can someone sell a company? would it be a wise decision to buy a company from another player?
written by berny, April 03, 2009
i have a company but i have zero stock. how i can buy it? thanks
written by james2, April 05, 2009
@barny. What type of company you own? Go to the page Shipments, if the page states that no shipment is required, don’t do anything regarding stocks until new day. If the page shows the shipments, costs, and delivering time, just order it using your company fund, and they will come soon.
written by scott123456789, April 15, 2009
i have just started a new flower shop and i have no employees what is the easiest way to get employees???? and also i was just wondering if anyone is in need of a job and if you are mail me on my home email or my torn city account and i will tell you how much i will pay you, i pay daily not weekly, thankyou for your co-operation, from scott123456789
written by -Crunk, April 19, 2009
hey, i have a company that has efficiency 52%, i started it 3 days ago where it was 100% and has been dropping ever since. environment is full and my cleanliness is 97%, i just put in a cleaner yesterday so it should be 100% tomorrow. i have just started a standard advertising campaign today to see if that helps. does anyone know what im doing wrong? it is a theatre if that helps… Also, i just trained my employees so i am now at 57% efficiency. so anyone got any other tips?
written by Master_Yoda, June 01, 2009
@ -Crunk Are all staff active dailyand drug free? If staff are not active this affect efficieny. Also drug taking affects star rating too. If all staff are not performing to full 5 stars they are not working to maximum efficiency. Hope this helps you 🙂
written by omartimsah, August 01, 2009
i am the director of my company and my company is a 1 star flower shop how do i got that 1 star to be 2 stars and so on(basicly how do i get the company stars up)
written by Cr-9, August 03, 2009
how does ur company increase in star rating…like if its 1 star to 2 star
written by squarehead, August 04, 2009
hi I work at an adult novelties shop, and i used the romantiscism company special, which boosted my and my spouses happyness from 525 to 825 (we live in a beach house) but a few hours later it went back down to 525. What i am asking is how long does this company special last?
written by -DR-raymondo, August 07, 2009
hi i have a got a good way to get your effecency straight up to full in seconds all you have to do is give some one (preferbly a close friend) you company and then to give it back and then the effeciency bar is full well that is what i found anyway
written by toontoon, August 09, 2009
is anyone selling a company? please pm me anything considered.
written by khader, August 29, 2009
AM selling new Hair Salon 2.5M, its upgraded, toontoon if u still looking tell me
written by Nailher, August 31, 2009
I have a 3 star ZOO it holds 23 employees, I charge 2 mil to hunt if you’re a hunter, but in 3 months I will have 30 (cost 300 mil) employee upgrade and hunting in my company will be free. It would be best to get in while you can if you can afford it, it will be free in 3 months. Send me message, submit application and send the 2 mil, I will add you into the company when I see it in my events.
written by Nailher, August 31, 2009
When opening a company you have to: 1) Look at how many companies and how many employees they have (that is your competition) 2) Hire active drug free employees 3) Make sure you train them everyday 4) Do not advertise its a waste of money That is the formula I used. I took a 1 star farm to a 5 star farm in 3-4 months. I sold that and bought a ZOO made that a 1 star to a 3 star. I believe the ZOO was easier to get from 1 to 3 due to the small amount of ZOO owners. Good Luck.
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