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All year round Torn City celebrates many international holidays, where they usually reward you quite nicely if you participate. Please note: Lately not all holidays have had an event, and there has not been an NPC lately! We don’t guarantee any of these dates or events, and all info is based on previous years.

Holidays Celebrated:

Event: Date:
St Patricks Day 17th March
Easter 8th April
Halloween 31st October
Christmas 25th December

How To Participate: Usually there is an NPC (id 10) that you can attack, and often someone plays the part of the character it’s meant to be. eg, when the npc was a leprechaun for st patricks day it would send you money if you sent it a 6pack of beer and other occasions they’ve posted on the forums, to either threaten Torn City and/or to stir up players (to encourage them to play along)

If you attack the NPC, then when it’s been defeated you usually recieve 50 points. And if you’re the one(or one of the ones) that kill it, you’ll get sent a unique item that can’t be bought in any shops (e.g. Neutrilux 2000, Snow cannon, Bunny Fur).

NB: Even if you are a level 1 and have no chance of hitting the NPC it is still worth attacking, Cause you’ll still get the 50 points! Also, if you attack twice you will not get 100 points. 50 is the max you’ll get for participating.

Here’s a picture of the JackOLanterns profile, Note its HP. click the thumbnail for a full size picture

Suggestions: Adding id 10 to your black list to keep track of any name changes that would indicate a new event coming up.

Comments (5)
written by Ben123abc, March 20, 2007
is it just mine or was there no event for st patricks day
written by dangergirl, March 24, 2007
hey how does the easter event goes
written by hfj, April 05, 2007
so id 10 is the npc for all the events? (easter,halloween,christmas,and st. pattys day) Aerozol: Yeah, but lately there haven’t been any Event NPC’s…
written by DWL, September 03, 2007
what would happen if i was to attack Jacko when it wasnt halloween and what its average damage that it dose?? TCB: It’ll deal about as much damage as it’s strength, depending on what weapon it has equipped. If you win, nothing special will happen, and you can hospitalize, mug or leave for exp as you would with a normal player.
written by bfb926, September 16, 2007
You forgote valentines day, with the love bug
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