Federal Jail

You can race cars while in hospital! Click Here to see the URL’s for pages you can access while in Hospital and Jail.
Federal Jail

You get sent to federal jail when you’ve either cheated or done something really wrong (eg, abused a staff member). Times vary depending on your offence. There’s really nothing to do in federal jail, but here’s a quick overview of what your account will look like when you log in after being federal jailed.

Imprisoned in Federal Jail In federal jail, all you can see is:

  • How long you are in for
  • The reason you’ve been sent there
  • A special chat screen that only Staff can see. This is purely for you to plead your innocence,

NB: The staff have the ability to stop you from chatting with them.

Here is a screenshot of someone who is/was in Federal Jail:

Click the thumbnail to see a larger picture

Federal Jail List To see all the inmates in Fed jail, Why they’re in there and for how long, go City>Federal Jail. No longer available.

No, you can’t ever bust out of federal jail. The only way for you to get out is if an admin releases you, if your time has been served, or in the case of extremely long jailings (eg 50 days +), deletion.

Comments (122)
written by sk8borddude, March 30, 2007
man, I just got busted for multis because my twin sister plays torn city too! Now my account gets deleted! man im sooo sad, torn is like my life! what do you think I should say
written by aerool, March 30, 2007
Just tell them that it’s your sisters account… You didn’t send items to her, and she didn’t send you anything did she? Because then you’re pretty screwed… But if you’re nice to admins, then you might be able to gt off with a warning. Try th whole “take allof my money, and it wont happen again” thing. And be polite
written by lool, April 01, 2007
lol no offence dude torncity is ur life?? go skate or something rather than just play torncity all the time o.O do u play torncity 4 hours straight?? O.O
written by RobPlant, April 04, 2007
I got busted for multis too, in jail for 20 days. My cousin came over and started an account, next thing I know I have a gray screen and red letters. Total bullcrap. I play urbandead.com and have several characters. They dont care as long as the chars dont interact. They should make a similar rule here, dont see the point of busting someone f theyre not trying to cheat.
written by DUFFSTER, April 12, 2007
i got put in jail for a long time, that was both my accounts i admitted to the offense but what was the worst thing was that one account got the small sentence ( thats because it looked the best ) and the other ( the account im using now ) got 3oo hundred days. The worst thing about this offense was that the account that had the small sentence got deleted, so i waited for about 200 days until they let me talk. I managed to make one of them give me a reduced sentance, so the moral of this long winded story is DON’T DO MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS.
written by Bella, April 17, 2007
I got in trouble for multi accounts but it was really my ex’s account and my own account but since he didn’t play anymore i went on his account and took all his money and items, when i went to log on i had got put in fed jail so i talked with tc staff and they reduced my sentence to 5 days and deleted my exs account. They didn’t take any money or anything from me though.
written by bunso_22, April 27, 2007
i was in fed for 100 dayz when i got out i had to owe 11mill so my money was 11mill with a -negetive sign so if u dunt want to owe money like me make shore u dunt tell ur brother and sis bout this game cauze it one account per computer
written by bludd, May 13, 2007
Me and my lil bro first signed up on tc like over 2 yrs ago yeh, we were hacked along with some other friends and tc took all of us and deleted us. only my bro and i used the same comp haha i created an account through my gf and he did tru a friend.. i mind my own busines he does his.. TC great only admins well. It be cool if most of them werent power drunk. What do ya say?
written by CJ-Ryder, May 14, 2007
My school computers are crap and they don’t display the validation number you are supposed to click. So I had to guess it. Soon enough I was like -23 attempts to being jailed. So I get fedded in 34 minutes approximately. That really sucks. All because of crap computer software.
written by tcwoman_98, June 02, 2007
my brother and i were caught same ip adress and got in federal jail for 20 days the staff members did not beleive me and they blocked me from replying to them my brother kept on sending me stuff like items and money since he doesn’t care about money he just likes to level and he counts on strong , rich wifes to share high priced houses inorder to gym better and crime succsees work better. what you guys advice me to do?the staff member think i have a multiple account which the other account is my brother.
written by Losing-Grip, June 05, 2007
To be honset, how hard is it to say ‘Oh its my brothers/sisters’? If they let one person off they would have to let everyone else who has been in for multis. Just dont interact (you can marry though), dont send items, money etc and you’ll be fine.
written by Samrulez, June 12, 2007
i have another account but i never use it, will it get me into fed jail? i created another account because my account sometimes logs out by it self but it is not recorded in TC, so i have problem and it says i cant be in 2 places at one time so i created that account and found out that i was actually online even though i clicked logout and log out-ed TCB: You will only be jailed if your two accounts interact (in ANY way).
written by davie, June 12, 2007
i gt put in the fed 4 bein a middle man! got a year and to make it worse they blokd me from speakin to them! absolute nonsense! if u get sent money and told to send it to anutha account just send it back to the sender and say sory u cant cos u wil gan to jail!
written by Cin-Cin, June 25, 2007
My husband and my account both were put in fed jail all because sometimes we share a computer. Well that is what they say, we have been doing this for months and then I quit a mod’s wifes faction, Golden Horne Samari’s and the next day it happened. What would you say the reason was.
written by DKC, June 26, 2007
My husband and my account both were put in fed jail all because sometimes we share a computer. Well that is what they say, we have been doing this for months and then I quit a mod’s wifes faction, Golden Horne Samari’s and the next day it happened. What would you say the reason was. He was warned twice that messages were monitored by the Admins. In the following messages HE admitted to Account-sharing, even after he was warned. KC says: I hope you know that messages are monitored in TC, by the Admins! 2007-06-25 5:46:31 AM Ookla says: Another note, I noticed your some kind of Admin on this game. Congradulations on that. There is NO multi account here. Cindi began doing less and less, and I began doing more and more on her account. She was just not happy, but now she is happy again. Let’s just please let it be, and remember if Cindi becomes unhappy again. It won’t involve you
written by DKC, June 26, 2007
2007-06-25 6:08:02 AM -KC says: Just giving you the facts. I cannot do nothing more than issue warnings 2007-06-25 6:00:29 AM Ookla says: And I am not writing anything that isn’t legit on this end. Are you trying to not put blame on youself? Sounds like you have a pissed=off wife now that I had during a 3 month period…………Nobodys perfect bro 2007-06-25 5:58:29 AM -KC says: Thanks for the congrats…all of my messages ARE screened because I am on staff. 2007-06-25 5:52:41 AM -KC says: I hope you know that messages are monitored in TC, by the Admins! 2007-06-25 5:46:31 AM Ookla says: Another note, I noticed your some kind of Admin on this game. Congradulations on that. There is NO multi account here. Cindi began doing less and less, and I began doing more and more on her account. She was just not happy, but now she is happy again. Let’s just please let it be, and remember if Cindi becomes unhappy again. It won’t involve you
written by Irix, July 09, 2007
im in federal jail for multi and i and the another people not are the same person, share ip or similar, is a abuse of Dime there is one billion dollars on your account that has come from Accounts in SA that only go to africa to hunt then to return the cash to xxxxxwho sends it to you to bank if u would like to confess whats going on and give us the info you know we can talk about reduced time your not in jail for sharing ip’s with xxxxx your in jail because you and xxxxx are running a South AFrican Multi Ring your account and xxxxx dont share ips but the two of you are directley benefitting off the ring using proxies. If you dont want to admit to it thats fine u can sit here for 50 days but this is quite obviuos and in black or white. please feel free to send txt to whomever u want it wont make a difference u still cheated all msg is with this tone of god i never cheat (i take a % 2.1% for a month 5% for two months and 5% for 3 months) i have 9/10 on increase interest and i bank a people and later resend since a lot of time, a friend of lvl 17 is in jailed because she send me money (she send me 300k and i send before this 3M for mansion, samurai,kevlar, dualberreta, yasukuni and 700k for hunt in africa, but in terms of this admin she is fedding me) caution with gain money is prohibited!!
written by Stace, July 10, 2007
I’ve Been Put In Fed For 40 Day(s)….Reason Being… Multiple Offences. I’d Like To Know What These Multiple Offences Were, As I Have Had No Warnings Since I Started TC A Few Months Ago, Even Then That Was Only 2. Now Im In Fed And I Dont No Why?
written by ChickenSandwich, July 16, 2007
You have been put in the Torn City Federal Jail for 2 day(s). Reason: Staff See Notes. o.O What does that mean?
written by funny_stuff, July 26, 2007
i got banned for multis.i tld them its an error then i stop goin on on tc.after a week i went bak on and i had 1 mil and some points lol!!!but i still dont no wat had happend i had no events or mails or anythin
written by xbox live ID : nastynate51 mail me ownly if u play / love Gears Of War, August 03, 2007
every 1 should go play www.crook4life.com !~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ * They let u get up to 3 accounts at a time !
written by edgehead/HARDYZ, August 21, 2007
i was placed in federal jail for pure long with no reason wats up with that this is my story … i was sent alot of money and alot of items upon doing so i was immediately sent to federal jail i was like wat the fuck then i was told i hacked an account and sent money to myself total abuse of power!!!
written by badboyconnor, August 21, 2007
hi i am in fed for 60 days because my mates sign on my computer if you have any help plz mail back TCB: There’s nothing you can do.. If people log in on the same IP as you, you CAN’T send them money or items. There’s no way for staff to know if they’re your friends, or multis
written by 150790, August 22, 2007
Hello it is aceptible to delete inocent ppl like 150790 just becouse admin thinks what person is some1s multi but that person never had multi or was some1s multi and how it comes what admin can lock topic dint show evedence he have it is like nonsence from big letter i think and admins like Dime have to leave theyr duties and go to shcool more offen to lear to see diference not just blur from weed eys. ty
written by Mafia, September 03, 2007
i wish there was no such thing as federal jail! i fukin hate it sooo much
written by klasse, September 08, 2007
Any1 knows how the admin define multy acc? my wife n i sharing computer.. i dun exchange anything, suddenly got fed jail for 20 days.. no warning? n clear reason?
written by Tr9, September 13, 2007
Me and mf g/f use the same computer to play TC. We aint planning on swapping money between accounts but want to invest in things together…is this possible? TCB: Invest in things together? Sending ANYTHING (apart from maybe a 10$ piece of candy every now and again…) to each other would result in federal action.
written by justin, September 17, 2007
ok so i’m in fed jail for multis dint even know why lol i;m the only that playing this game in my home so i want to ask u somthing like i got education and invest money in bank so the days get off while i;m in fed jail or they get like freezed and stays on the same number…plz answer me thanks….:) TCb: We’re pretty sure it gets ‘freezed’
written by jkc, October 18, 2007
well, here in mauritius, we don’t have a fix ip address per house, as you get in other countries i think… so i’ve got a usb modem, sagem, and on its monitor on my pc screen, there is a rest button, when i click it, like 75% of the time, my ip address changes. i check for my ip address typing ‘cmd’ in the run box and then typing ‘ipconfig’ in the command prompt that pops up… so my question is, if i create multis and reset my ip address every time i use an account, can they find me or won’t they know about? my other question is, if i have a wifi router and have access on a psp and a pda, will i be able to create accounts 1 allocated for each device? will they trace me??? thanks! ps : note that for the moment i have only one account, LOL!
written by FastPeter, November 18, 2007
I’m in Federal Jail for 365 for a reason that I still don’t know what it is… How can I defend myself if I don’t know what I have done and the staff don’t give me facts of what I’ve done wrong….
written by ~Untouchable~, December 21, 2007
My mate on TornCity got a lowered ban by donating to their servers! I think he must of contacted the webmaster.. 😉
written by JtakG, December 24, 2007
Hey, I’m playing on the same pc with my brother and sister, though we never send eachother anything. We are in the same faction though, and like that we can share money, for like investments, but only to make the faction better. Could we get fedded for that? I hate having a big family, lol, every time I found a new game my siblings always wanna join too.
written by Society, December 25, 2007
I’m pretty sure you could be failed depending on the staffs mood that day and how much money you’re using to better the faction. Trust me, I have siblings, it’s best to just find another game just for them.
written by loverboy, January 12, 2008
my friend plays tc on my pc cz he doesent have 1 and i was put in fed jaoil 4 19days wat sall i say
written by 558255, February 09, 2008
im innocent i was fedded for nothing
written by R_M, February 15, 2008
if you get put into fed prison and your account gets deleted can you start a new one after on the same computer
written by playboi13, March 12, 2008
i am so sad i just got busted for multies wen i hardly ever go on most of them i am usally only on 1 i just leveld up to 15 and the found me out i am so sorry that i eva made the other ones now some of them were accounts that friends had given me but thats stil multi i suppose how do u think i should appoligise
written by Therese, April 08, 2008
I’ve played TC on every computer in the house. Does that mean that my twin sister can’t make an account on any of the computers? In that case I’d better warn her just in case. From what I see from these posts, only one from each household can play TC, am I correct? TCB: If you have played TC on the same internet connection as someone else, you can’t attack them or transfer items etc, or you may be accused of multis. As long as you don’t interact outside of mails, you should be fine.
written by matso99, April 10, 2008
whats the chance of them catcing it, my bros started one on my computer? thanks, matt TCB: If you don’t send money/ items etc to each other, or attack each other, 0.
written by TJ, April 17, 2008
written by Lulay, April 20, 2008
How did they know abt multies?
written by Society, May 13, 2008
TJ… is your caps lock broken by any chance? Are you in love with Torncity so much that you’d injure your own sister over a level 6 account? (lulz) Grow up, you’re probably younger than she is.
written by babakuuuul, June 09, 2008
What will happen if someone has multiple accounts and that he/she does not send nothing to the other account? does that result in jail too? TCB: If you get ‘caught’, yes. If you haven’t really cheated etc, you might just have your second account deleted.
written by uat2d, June 17, 2008
i was sent to fed jail but it was really unfair… reason multies i asked a mod if he could delete one account (the one in which i was messaging the mod) because it was my second account and i said him that i never used that for cheating or anything against the rules. i just wanted to have the double of the fun… instead he deletes my second account (less than 10 days old) and jails my primary account (which i asked him not to do anything with it) when i asked him why, he told me i should be happy because, “Standard sentence for Multiple Accounts is 20 days – and I reduced to 14” it is so damn boring!!! next time i won’t tell anything and still be a cheater and nothing will happen to me, because when i try to help, i go to jail !!!
written by yep_thats_me, July 08, 2008
the tip that sed you wont have any reprecussions on torn city for wat you do in here that is the biggest lie ever i told some lies my self but that is not true anf i have proof
written by fed, July 11, 2008
me in fed jail for 365 daiz n is gonna delete
written by maz, July 11, 2008
im in fed jail for 365daiz
written by anonymusssssss, July 14, 2008
i got sentenced for 2 yrs
written by Deathmax, July 22, 2008
Will logging in on the same IP address and interacting with each other result in a ban? For example : Me and my friends are using the school computer. The school runs a server so it has a fix IP. Once in a while we log in and send items/cash across. We go back home and log in. Will we find ourselves banned/federal jailed? TCB: Same ip sending items/ cash = Federal Jail. The safest thing to do is not to send stuff at all. The other option is to be in the same faction and filter money/ items through that- but if you give staff a reason to check closely they’ll still be able to detect it. We advise caution.
written by seattle1777, August 04, 2008
im in jail for 30 days for multis, when i was a puny level 5 my account got hacked and i didnt know wat to do…. so i made another account and mailed people askin wat i should do… i finally got my account back and i didnt use the account anymore, my brother did to piss me off! but at least his account is marked for deletion! i wanted to know if my education course will keep going and i get job points and crap?
written by In fed, August 17, 2008
So I got put in jail for multis for 45 days, except it was my brother. There was never any connection between my account and his. They said 30 days for multis and 15 for the hassle my brother caused The staff locked the report and gave me this message: You were caught with more than one account, 30 day sentence plus 15 days for all the hassle you caused with it. Could someone please help me. TCB: We have no influence over TC staff matters sorry.
written by Berk, August 18, 2008
I have a twin who plays TC and as soon as she made an account i contacted staff to tell them and everything was fine. The only time i was fedded was trading with the same IP address, because my BF gave me his account and he allowed me to have some money so he was done as well as me. So no matter what DONT do it. I have 3 warnings now =[ Oh and when you are a younger level dont ask for busts in jail because a higher level will use it to their advantage.
written by seattle1777, August 18, 2008
it has just been confirmed! i just got out of federal jail and figured out that everything keeps moving… there are ups and there are downs to this… ^ u still get job points, money, stats… education course, but the downs are u keep timing ur donator status
written by Je, August 18, 2008
Do we get job points, money from job, days taken off education while in fed. Also do we have to pay upkeep.
written by hlr-lsd, August 27, 2008
in response to Je; Yes Yes Yes Yes but your boss might kick you for being in the fed as you wont be active which will make you less effective in your company
written by 73k4, September 06, 2008
hi my account was put in fed today and am so sad the reason was that my 2 brothers had made account on my computer as we share a computer in the familly so they made theres and started to do thingz i dun no. they might have been swaping thingz and da etc… but torncity was like me life i rached level 15 and was so happy yo travel to SA and hunt but as i reached level 15 i woz searching fr a dobnator pack after 6-7 days i have bin put in fed and i think its not fair please can u solve it out
written by shwauty, September 09, 2008
my account has been banned for 365 days and it has already been about 38 days and the days still haven’t decreased also what does this reason mean staff see notes TCB: If your days aren’t going down, your account is going to be deleted. Staff see Notes means they aren’t publicly displaying why you’re in fed, but staff can see notes on it.
written by seeeeeeeel, September 09, 2008
Hi if i make multi and my multis don’t interact, it can make problem for me?? please reply back! TCB: It’s not legal, but it they don’t interact you wont be jailed for cheating. You can claim it’s a member of your family. BUT if you do interact and get caught, you’ll be fedded.
written by 20TenaciousD08, September 26, 2008
i just got put in for racist comments on the shoutbox O.o i said the colour of ur skin dont matter then next minute im in federal >:( TCB: Get an admin to check the logs.
written by hitmanaka47, October 22, 2008
im in fed jail 364 days and i didnt do anything
written by hitmanaka47, October 22, 2008
i had to start a new game all that work
written by Krug, October 25, 2008
My little brother and I go on TC using the same account. We don’t send each other items, bet we mail each other sometimes. Can we get in Fed. for that? TCB: Not just for mails.
written by Krug, October 26, 2008
Okay, good. Thanks! TCB: Be careful though, for instance joining the same faction etc. And perhaps talk to a staff member, mentioning that you two are sharing an IP, so it’s clear you’re not hiding anything.
written by Badabing, November 04, 2008
So when ure in federal jail, there is noway of contacting any1?
written by KenMatsushiro, November 07, 2008
I have 2 lil brothers and they have an account for each, and we’re playing tc in 2 computers with similar IP. Will we go to fed? TCB: Only if you send things/ attack each other, or are in the same faction, or anything that could cause staff to think you might be using multis to gain advantage.
written by KawachiKyousuke, November 07, 2008
I just don’t get it. One of my classmate was cheating for having THREE MULTIS and had hacked his other friends’ accountand change their password. I reported that to admin before the halloween event 2008 and he’s still “alive”. I wasn’t thrown in fed, too? Generally, how long did it take for admin to read the reports? He, alongside with his damned account, had started to bring terror to the TC players in my school. TCB: It varies depending on how busy the admins are. Maybe try mailing a community helper and asking them nicely to take a look for you.
written by nobodee, November 16, 2008
looks like they removed the link to the fed jail….
written by -BC-MrsEvil666, December 03, 2008
im in fed right now for swearing in forums and jail shout box and i got 10 days for that. but yet greeny2008 and numnuts were using each other’s accounts and they only got 7 days. staff really need to sort out a sentence for each crime. for e.g 25 days for accoutn sharing, 365 days for multies, 2-3 days for swearing. and everyone should get the same sentence
written by hx239, December 08, 2008
i got jailed for the biggest bullshit ever. I had my account, no multis, no nuthin against the rules. then one day I get fed jailed, told I have 4 multis with brand new ids, all with the same stats as mine. I’m accused of hacking and creating multis, and they told me they had “Proof” it was me. I never saw the proof and I sure as hell never did any of the stuff they talked about, so its literally IMPOSSIBLE for them to have proof. I tried to explain this to them but theyre just a bunch of power thirsty jackholes.
written by 2pacwannab, December 15, 2008
well one min i was playing on my account then next i got put into fed 4 no reason mean wat the hell? i have done nuffing wrong 🙁
written by GirlyPunker98, December 17, 2008
I was put in federal jail today: the reason is for “middlemanning through the items market”. When I asked staff what this meant they said “Middlemaning is helping 2 people to bypass the ip block”, I guess because I am new to the game I am still confused, especially since I have only purchased a car through the items market and a weapon. If someone could explain in better detail because I am positive I did not do what they are accusing me of! I’m really pissed because I just bought another donor pack 2 days ago! TCB: IP shows what internet connection you’re using. Every household/ connection has its own (usually) IP address. To combat multis TC assumes that accounts made on the same IP are made by the same person, and jails any interaction between them that could be seen as cheating, for instance trading items etc. People try to get around this by sending someone else the items first, and then getting them to send it to the other account. This is known as being a ‘middleman’. Good luck.
written by D_Tha_Killa, December 28, 2008
i got put in fed for multiple accounts but it weren’t me
written by Mcfly9, December 31, 2008
Im in Fed Jail for 999 days is there any way out,It said that in cases of extremley long sentences. so does this apply to me?
written by GeneralScar, January 06, 2009
WOW! me, my wife(real-life), my 11yr old and 6yr old play TC everyday.. All donators… all active multiple times per day and unfortanately all on the same computer (unless at work- me and my wife….the boys are at school during the day… USA-CST time)… we all do our own thing… compete against each other for the highest stats, most busts, most crimes, most money, highest level and rank…. its an activity that all of us as a family enjoy doing together and talking about…. we have some of the same friends… i have more enemies…. lol… but we compete against each other….. and yet we’re put in fed with NO explanation…. i’m the papa, husband and head of household…. i need an explanation to give to my family… because what has happened is not right…. it is something that i feared would happen since we all used the same computer and were on TC all the time… wow.. that’s all i can say…… To my, and my families, friends out there… please be patient… from GeneralScar, confettigirl, Eman1104 and our little 1st grader spartens (who wants to rule the world) .. we hope to be out soon.. you all know, by talking to us we are not the same person.. you all know that no-one can be so caring, loving, nice and generous as confettigirl…. or sweet and kind (like his momma) as spartens- i always tell him to stop giving so many gifts…..
written by Naoshi, January 08, 2009
hey… can’t i send items to my boyfriend? like mansion, castle, skateboard? like a presents/gifts whatever huh…? can’t i? TCB: If you and your boyfriend have logged in on the same computer, TC staff will/might assume you are using two accounts to cheat and gain an unfair advantage.
written by bwfc_ben, January 13, 2009
do days still get taken off education courses and do you gain job stats in fed jail?
written by .., January 19, 2009
how much you get jailed for robbing a faction
written by cammy, February 06, 2009
Me (BeHeMoTH) and my brother (GreasedScotsman) have been put in federal jail. Apparently these accounts both belong to one person. I asked at the start if it was ok if my brother made an account on the same ip. Several members of staff said YES aslong as there was NO interaction. There has been NO interaction and now we are both in fed which is absolutely ridiculous concidering i have spent alot of time on tc and together we have donated $30 which we cannot get the good out of. NOBODY is replying to me with my report so we want our money back.
written by roddy, February 07, 2009
i was having so much fun and i had over 100,000,000 £ but i got them to save it and delete the others
written by Charlie123456789087654321, February 08, 2009
Hey this is for everyone with “brother/sister/ex’s accounts” on the same IPS. As long as you don’t interact with the person, meaning sending money, items and stuff you won’t get busted. ME and my girlfriend have accounts both started on my computer, been married for over 700 days but we haven’t sent each other stuff and have not been busted. Just make sure you talk to the admins, and explain your situation. Chedburn is really cool with these kinda things as long as your honest.
written by o.O, February 15, 2009
do they take cash if ur caught usin multis? and lets say u were in there for a month and u activated ur dp the day before u got jailed.. it would have been a waste dp status right? (excluding points and frnds list and those kindsa things)
written by Rooster, February 20, 2009
I was put in fed today because they said I was a middleman for the same ip addy. well since Im still new to this game. I didnt know the two people i was talking was the same person.SO how can that be my fault, if i didnt know it was the same person? also the really messed up part is I was reporting a scammer to the tc staff which cause all of this to begin with. The only reason why I took money from one person and gave it toanother was because,when u join a faction u have to wait 3 days to donate money to it,well I thought a company was the same way for investers. Well neddless to say I didnt know i was doing anything wrong but i still got screwed for it. I pretty much look like im a multi account person when im not. and for this being my first offence they put me in fed jail for 7 days? wow sounds like someone is having a bad day and taking it out on me. I honestly and whole heartedly feel that I wasnt doing anything wrong,but know that I know Idid something wrong they should atleast give me a reduced sentence.
written by grandtheftauto, February 20, 2009
i waz caught wiv multis. Its coz evry1 in my family plays it & suddenly, we waz all in 4 no reason!!!
written by Iwanttoknow, February 22, 2009
Can I get back all the money that i have after getting out from federal jail? Can we delete our account? TCB: You will still have all of the money you had before you went into Fed, unless it was removed by staff, as a punishment, or because it was gained through cheating. You can’t delete your account.
written by aun, February 22, 2009
hey id created an account last time that i get a point, sell it, and tried to send my main 50k . They sent me a warning. ive done it twice with 2warnings. that was like when i was lvl4. now im lvl 12 and never use that new account. do you think i will get banned? if yes i should quit tc. Please Reply. Please please please TCB: No, request that the account be deleted, or just don’t log into it again. You will only be federal jailed if you cheat again.
written by shaarey, February 25, 2009
I have multiple accounts, that i don’t want to reject. But my two brothers went away, and im playing their account for a while. All I got was got jailed for 13 days. 🙁 I didn’t interact with any of my accounts. I didn’t send money, i didn’t sent items. That’s too bad. But why i got jailed ? And i can’t plead the admin to return my account
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