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Depending on your budget, and the amount of risk you will take, there are a number of different options available when gambling. An important aspect of gambling is that it also gains you exp. WARNING: The gambling system and odds have been changed to a more realistic system. You are now far more likely to lose money when gambling! Every day you get 75 tokens to gamble with. eg. 1 go at the roulette or at the slots costs 1 token. When you have 0 tokens, you can no longer gamble. More tokens can be gained by though the Casino job special, or by voting at TOPRPG daily. Be warned refreshing the page, and sometimes using multiple pages while gambling will cause this message to display- ‘No Refreshing the Casino. Click here to go back’. Some games also cause you to restart after a certain time of inactivity. The highest winner from each game throughout the day gets a 10k bonus at new day! Every 5 levels you gain another betting option:*

 Level  Betting Amount
 1  $ 5, $ 10, $ 50
 5  $ 250
 10  $ 1,000
 15  $ 2,500
 20  $ 5,000
 25  $ 10,000
 30  $ 25,000
 35  $ 50,000
 40  $ 75,000

* Not including Craps, Poker and RR

 Poker  Roulette  Blackjack  Slots  High-Low  Keno  Lottery  Craps  Russian Roulette

Poker Visit this page for two in depth Poker tutorials.

Roulette Visit this page for a very in depth look at Roulette. NOTE: The Roulette page has not been updated since the gambling update. The page is no longer correct.

Blackjack Visit this page for a tutorial on Blackjack.  

Slots In slots if you get 2/3 numbers the same you double your money. If you get all 3 numbers the same, you get 50x your money. This is a very good option for low levels who don’t want to lose much money, as it is relatively safe.

High-Low In High-Low you also have the oportunity to make a lot of cash, with a low original bet. It is much easier for high levels to make large amounts of money, because of the amount they can bet. Stated by many to have better odds than Roulette and to make more money, it does however take a long period of time to play ( And is dangerously addictive…). It is simple to play- When the dealer draws Ace – 6 pick higher, and for 8 – King pick lower. 7 is a 50/50 percent chance of winning/ losing so it’s up to you. Pulling out early can make money over time, while playing until you’ve won the maximum once every few days can be worth it also. You are kicked out of your High/ Low game once you win 22 hands., Poker and RR

Keno Keno is a fun Casino game, but people have not been known to earn large sums from playing it. More of an extra, rather than a truly invaluable addition.

Lottery $10,000 per ticket, and you can buy as many as you want as long as you have enough casino tokens (costs one per ticket). The winner is drawn on new day Sunday and wins it all! The winner is announced in the newspaper. Once thing to note, however, is that while still giving better odds than real ‘jackpot’, or lotto etc, because no money is sidetracked by the sellers, the odds are not in your favour, as with other casino games.

Craps Note: The bet amount on craps is always 25x your level, unlike the other games. Craps doesn’t earn you a lot of money. For a low level player the extra 50$ earned per dice attempt (if you win) may make the difference, but fora high level it isn’t enough money. The losses are also quite hefty, in view of the winnings. However, by winning off the first roll you can make a nice sum of money. If you want to make some fast money with no danger of losing any yourself, there is a foolproof strategy. Roll the dice. If you get a 7 or 11 on the first roll click ‘Roll Again for a new Point’. If you don’t win off the first roll, click ‘casino’ and then go back to craps. Following these instructions you should never lose any money. Exploitation of bugs is not allowed within TC. Torn City Basic takes no responsibility for the consequences of using this strategy. If you are concerned if this is legal, mail a member of TC staff. (no longer possible) Remember, you need to have 10 casino tokens left over to play Craps.

Russian Roulette In order to challenge people to play ‘RR’ you need to have completed the mission ‘Operation Prospect’ (level 7 and up), and have gained the S&W Revolver. You can be challenged if you haven’t got the revolver and/ or haven’t passed the mission, however you must be above level 7 in order to play. The odds are NOT the same for both the challenger and the challengee… The challengee has a much better chance of winning. Update: Heavily debated. Possible 50/50 chance for both players. PLEASE NOTE; There have been a number of RR scams. TC has just fixed two known ones, but more may still exist. Please try not to play for items, as people often don’t send them. Also try to play people you know you can trust. If you think you have been scammed, issue a player report.

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Comments (52)
written by jensern, February 08, 2007
“The odds are NOT the same for both the challenger and the challengee… The challengee has a much better chance of winning.” No way this is correct! I have played tons of games, and never notice any significant difference.
written by phethpwar2, February 24, 2007
Has anyone OFFICALLY confirmed that gambling contributes to xp? I haven’t seen anything, personally. Aerozol: That info has been taken from staff comments on the forums. It’s legit, assuming helpers know what they’re on about
written by TPS-slayer1, April 27, 2007
ThNx for the info !
written by Yid, May 30, 2007
Who is the challengee? is that the person who received the challenge? or the person who offered the game? TCb: The Challenger is the person who offered the game, the challengee is the person who recieved it.
written by predator101, June 06, 2007
hey i think that your nerve might be a factor in rr now but i am not for sure of this.
written by Passing Dream, June 09, 2007
When I did the math, I found that you had a 48-52 chance of winning as challenger-challengee in RR.
written by Passing Dream, June 09, 2007
Roulette numbers slightly off. Yes, the game pays you 50xBet when you win, but it also does not charge you for that spin, making your payout 51/38, not 50/38. It’d be good to reflect that here and on the Roulette calculator.
written by Passing Dream, June 09, 2007
Hi-Low, when done “correctly”, has an odds of 10/13 per hand (excluding ties). That’s .77 chance of advancing. If you are going for 22 consecutive hands, you should win, statistically, one round in 321. When you do, you should be winning about $12469/lvl . (2.5 x (1.5^21)) … That makes your per-token value $33.8xLvl (Compare to 33.5 for roulette.)
written by Passing Dream, June 09, 2007
Hey, sorry, quick update on game returns. I wrote that the token value for roulette was 33.5 (i.e. 51/38 x 25) . That is in error. 51/38 is your return, but does not account for the cash paid in to achieve it. Hence, the return for roulette is (51-38)/38, which is a humble .34 not 1.34 Thus, hi-low pays roughly 4x more back than roulette.
written by grim, June 20, 2007
I’ve noticed a pattern for RR of what I’ve played. What I’ve seen is every other game the challengee wins. I played the RR game in ‘Operation Prospect’ and lost, then someone else challenged me and I won, and finally played the RR game in ‘Operation Prospect’ again and lost. Of course tho I’ve only played three games.
written by if anybody knows answer me please!, July 23, 2007
hey there! i got some questions to ask about this game. today somebody hospitalised me the time i was playing rr. i got in the hospital so, my opponrnt backed off and the money was refunded. that means that if somebody backs off during the game don’t lose his money? also, what about if someone just stop pulling the trigger when it is his turn to do it? the game will froze there, how is it going to end?
written by Shikamaru, August 02, 2007
As far as I know you don’t get exp for gambling. I’ve never seen anywhere with concrete proof. even here you say “if the helpers know what they’re on about”.
written by Reuben, August 12, 2007
will RR count as a networth. TCB: No.
written by Reuben, August 14, 2007
k wat about poker TCB:
written by bfb926, August 30, 2007
what happens if a person goes to long without doing anything? TCB: Assuming you mean being inactive on TC entirely, without logging in, TC staff sometimes does inactive user purges, in which users who’ve been inactive for 30 days or more are deleted.
written by dertyjerzian, September 14, 2007
Thats Spam up there. Is spam ok here? That’s straight advertising, gordman. First post, new member. Thanks for the tips TCB! TCB: Sorry, we’ve removed it. Some harmless advertising is allowed, for things within TC, but we don’t think that an online gambling site is the best place for us to send people who possibly already gamble to much on TC 😉
written by KissMyAsthma, October 28, 2007
Congratulations! You won this weeks Jackpot Draw! You won $18417150. The jackpot draw does indeed happen, and you do win money if your lucky. Also, it DOES count towards Networth. I was Rank #11, won the Jackpot, and BOOM I am Rank #12 So, gave ya some info there. 😉 I will try and donate more info soon.
written by brucey, October 29, 2007
why isn’t blackjack included i made a fortune outta that!
written by fbk, December 01, 2007
Russian Roulette should always be exactly 50/50 One bullet in six numbered barrels, 1 to 6. Yours are barrels 1, 3 or 5. Your opponents are barrels 2, 4 or 6. Provided the chance of the bullet coming up in each barrel is evenly distributed, you each have a 3 in 6 chance of shooting yourself in the foot.
written by icantthink4155, February 05, 2008
how do you come about your roulette lucky number? do you just have to try every number several times?
written by chasejjj, March 24, 2008
miss spelled newspaper in lottery
written by Sex_Raptor, April 16, 2008
For the exp gains from gambling, is it a significant amount of exp gain, and do you get more from winning a larger amount of money?
written by Buzzar123, April 19, 2008
is there a limit to how much you can gamble in blackjack ??
written by THE-RULER, April 22, 2008
i have reported someone once and now i can’t report someone again
written by Society, May 13, 2008
“written by Buzzar123, April 19, 2008 is there a limit to how much you can gamble in blackjack ?? ” If you mean at one time I don’t think so, if you mean in a day, no. That’s why blackjack is so powerful in bankrupting people.
written by alima, May 22, 2008
the max amount you can bet on blackjack at a time is 10 mil.
written by Rhyno782, May 27, 2008
What happens if someone doesn’t shoot back in RR, do they time out eventually or are you screwed and have to back out? TCB: Not sure if they time out, but you can definitely report people to staff for not taking the shot.
written by Corkie, June 04, 2008
For Pete’s sake people. Here are the ACTUAL CALCULATED STATISTICS on Russian Roulette. Turn 1: The probability of getting the bullet is obviously 1/6 Turn 2: The probability of getting the bullet is two sixths X THE PROBABILITY OF THE GAME STILL BEING PLAYED – I.E. THE BULLET WASN’T ALREADY SHOT. This comes to 10/36 Turn 3: The same applies: The probability of getting the bullet turns out to be 60/216 Turn 4: Same again: The probability of getting the bullet is 240/1296 Turn 5: And again: The probability of getting the bullet is 600/7776 Turn 6: The probability of getting the bullet is the same as the probability of having got that far, and is 720/46656 To conclude, if you add up turns 1, 3, and 5, the total probability of the person who goes first getting the bullet comes to 169/324, which is slightly more than half. So the peron who goes first is more likely to lose.
written by aerozol, June 05, 2008
@Corkie: In my opinion: In the end it comes down to how it’s been coded: Either TC has already decided which chamber the bullet is at the get go, meaning the probability is 50% for both players (already decided upon the start of the game), or it calculates it on each shot, in which case you’re right. I’m not a maths person (god I hate stats 😉 so feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.
written by Roxas, June 11, 2008
ive played RR before but im level 4 and i was challanged but the guide says u have to be level 7 to play how is that possible
written by Franksloss, June 20, 2008
Roulette is a waste of money. These guides are very misleading. Craps is obviously the best way to make money. I make anywhere from 30 to 80k per day playing craps. I wasted 75 tokens on the roulette and lost 60k ( my normal winning, a net loss of 120k or more). TCB: Our statistics are accurate. TCB takes no responsibility for your bad luck.
written by yoni0505, July 02, 2008
wow roulette is awesome, my lucky number is 10, i won $73250 and im only level 10, i won like 10 times, and it was my first time! beginners luck 😀
written by S4juti, August 06, 2008
do i gain exp when i lost $1,000,000 in the casino? TCB: No.
written by suckerhead, August 08, 2008
i began the Operation Prospect mission and lost six times in a row 🙁
written by Mr. Bean, August 12, 2008
I wrote a rapid RR simulator using Visual Basic. The result (after 5000 bullets were shot) was: — Bet: $1000 — Diaz’ streak: $2405000. Evelyn’s streak: $2595000. — %Challenger = 48.1% %Challangee = 51.9%
written by reyrey2564, October 07, 2008
i went into the casino with 500k and walked out with 10mil i was so happy i bought a jackhammer and a yasakuni sword(sorry if its misspelt).
written by Xodus, November 11, 2008
a lil tip on slots, if you click the “spin again” link the instant it appears it seems you have a better chance of coming out with good winnings i’ve made as much as 5k-8k per day, good option for beginners or for a quick sum of cash
written by King_Sandman, January 07, 2009
They’ve changed the betting and payouts on the casino, just lost $4m on Roulette betting max ($75k for a level 40) and only winning ($2m ish) once near the end of my tokens 🙁
written by King Sandman, January 07, 2009
More in depth detail: I just played Roulette for the 1st (and last) time since they changed the way it works. As a level 40 I could bet up to $75,000 each time (I’ll try to post the increments later). I went 80 tokens before winning and it only paid out $2,700,000 (36 times the bet) which is way down from what it used to be. I ended up with -$4,050,000 and will not be playing again at those odds as on average I you will lose. I’ve re-written your in-depth look at roulette: “The roulette used to be often considered the fastest way of making money in TC. It is not recommended to bid any amount of money and to stick a number where the sun doesn’t shine. When you win you gain 36x what you bet, making for not at all profitable gambling. The odds for Roulette are 1:38 and payout is 36:1. Many people have different ‘lucky numbers’. Feel free to mail one of the admins of TCB for their ‘winning’ numbers. Yes, they are all different (mine is 13). The main feature of roulette is that you can win, or lose, a large amount of money in a short amount of time. Assuming the roulette table is straight: Odds of winning are 1:38, or 1/38 = .0263 Payout is 36 * betting amount. X = Max bet spent on each roll (75,000 for level 40) Max winning is therefore X*36 on a winning roll. Lets say you do 75 spins. Chances are you will win (1/38)*75 = 1.97 times That means you will lose 73.02 Times. You would spend X*75 You would win 1.97*X*36 = X*71.05 Your winning on 75 rolls are: W = (X*71.05) – (X*75) = -X*3.95 At level 40 that means you average losing 75000*3.95 = -296053 per day (or more if you waste your 15 free tokens and/or your Casino job points.” feel free to take out the sarcasm and rudeness, I’m a little hot right now!
written by DCLXVI, January 08, 2009
Level Betting Amount 30 $ 25,000 35 $ 50,000 40 $ 75,000
written by Az_Critter, January 11, 2009
I am currently level 23, and my betting cap in Blackjack is $10M. That’s $10,000,000 maximum bet in Blackjack.
written by Az_Critter, January 12, 2009
Chedburn really f@cked up the casino. I do NOT advise anyone to play it. Chedburn has rigged the casino! The odds are not right! I’m losing hands in Blackjack, which I should clearly be winning! Then when I drop down to a $1 bet, just to see what happens, I win hands I clearly should NOT be winning! He has rigged it to STEAL ALL, OR ALMOST ALL of our money! DO NOT PLAY THE CASINO ANYMORE!!!!!
written by Flint, February 01, 2009
Bet amount for Level 45 and up is 100k per bet. I will let you know the bet amount for level 50 in a few days when I reach 50 :-p
written by DiYd, February 23, 2009
What A streak bonus means….??? I won 7 times High-Low game… but my streak bonus is minus…. Why…?? I’m a newbie… and I didn’t gamble before… So I don’t understand about it… haha… Silly question…
written by The_HypercanS, April 11, 2009
for Lottery, how many tickets do you need to buy to have your luck? and i noticed most jackpot winners are those with higher levels, does low levels also get the chance to win it? just curious.
written by kakir, April 13, 2009
roulette works better if u use all 90 tokens or more and not the 75 and overall u will be in profit u usually win three times in 90 tokens so u win 18x betted amount normally and over all u will make 15x betted amount over a long period of time
written by MoNiEs, June 25, 2009
your fool proff strategy will not work anymore, son of b1tch Ch3d had made changes on the crap casino..
written by atze bimbo, June 30, 2009
are you kicked out of high-low when you have 22 wins? or what exactly happens?
written by DCLXVI, July 17, 2009
Level 45 Betting Amount $100,000
written by klasjdf, July 22, 2009
I do NOT advise anyone to play it. Chedburn has rigged the casino! The odds are not right! I’m losing hands in Blackjack, which I should clearly be winning! Then when I drop down to a $1 bet, just to see what happens, I win hands I clearly should NOT be winning! SURE IT IS. BEWARE IT.
written by harvester, August 25, 2009
yeah I do have to agree with klasjdf……
written by harvester, August 25, 2009
it just seems the blackjack game is always against you…..
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