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At level 15, when you can travel, you have the option of going to Africa. As well as being able to buy items here, you have the option of going hunting. Hunting with a guide costs 500$ a time, and takes 10 energy. Hunting does give a little levelling experience This is the screen you are greeted with when you select ‘hunting’ in Africa: South Africa Hunting with a guide uses 10 energy and costs $500. You have $60,125 and 75 energy. Your hunting skill is 18.66 / 100 > Beginners hunting session > Standard hunting session > Advanced hunting session Your hunting skill starts at 0, at which you wont be getting much money from each hunt. Later on you get more money (see ‘Max hunting skill’ at the bottom). The hunting skill you gain decreases with each hunt. This makes it very hard to get your skill up later on, although the rate at which it decreases slows down. For instance; With hunting skill 14 we gained 0.066 per hunt, this decreased to to 0.065 per hunt in 4 hunts. Later on, at 18 hunting skill we gained 0.053 per hunt, which decreased to 0.052 in 7 hunts. e when doing Standard or Advanced sessions. You wont be earning much to begin with, the aim is to increase your hunting skill for later. You should move up to Standard hunting session at about 30 Hunting Skill. Hunting with Max Hunting Skill The maximum your hunting skill can currently go up to is 100. Once you’ve spent the time and energy getting your skill up to the max, you can gain a lot of cash over a short period of time. Please remember that while you have the possibility of gaining a lot of money while hunting, you sacrifice a lot of stats, crime money and exp while hunting.

Hunting gains were greatly decreased in the March 07 update. Also, before this update, hunting skill was maxed at 89.01. The update did not effect the hunting skill gain rate.   Here’s what [56869] got before the update: Times Hunted: 30; Energy used: 300 Money gained (- $500 per hunt): $1,576,000

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written by Spadge, February 06, 2007
For those of you wondering which type of hunting to do. Of course begin with the beginners session. When you get to about 20-25 hunting skill or you’re getting 7-10k per hunt, move up to standard session. When you get to about 55-60 hunting skill or you’re getting 15-20k per hunt, move up to advanced session. Don’t be concerned if your not killing all the animals in the session you’re doing before moving on, you should be able to get others from a higher session. Spadge
written by Spadge, March 03, 2007
Disregard the above information, it no longer applies because of the update.
written by Soccer13, March 11, 2007
Now when i hunt i have around 90 hunting skill and i am only gaining around 10 it 17k a hunt…
written by Zer0, March 16, 2007
Do you have to be back in torn city for your energy to regen, or does it regen as normal while in africa?
written by stiener, March 16, 2007
Well it seems that the nerfed hunting. Now when a lower level player wants to gain some decent money and sacrifice their stats they can’t. Just another way Ched and the admins have decided to keep the balence of power in the hands of the uber high lvls. Thanks Admins!!!
written by Zer0, March 16, 2007
forget tht last message it does regen in africa
written by -eol-bigbear, April 28, 2007
sad i was nearly at level 15 before the crash and was hoping to earn lots of money then it crash i went from level 14 to 8 and now ive reached level 15 and am trying hunting so far i have hunted 13 times and lost about 5k from using a guide just to ask if i hunt for a day doing Beginners hunting session how much can i earn? and how much from Standard hunting session using all my energy in a day? and finale how much can i earn a day fromd doing Advanced hunting session?
written by chopclown, April 30, 2007
I’m at: Your hunting skill is 78.4555 / 100 And I get a lot more doing standard than advanced still….
written by arki, May 25, 2007
i’have 90.10 hunting skill and make 1mill per day in SA.
written by BlueKnight, June 02, 2007
I’m at 79.0167/100 and make about $900,000 a day. I tried Advance for one day and made $728,000. If anyone knows at what point one should move on to advance,I’d appreciate the information. Does anyone know if one uses drugs before hunting will it affect how much you earn?
written by curian85, June 03, 2007
I’m currently having: Your hunting skill is 63.2924 / 100 My best prey was cheetah and i had never killed a hippo to any higher before. So what i want to ask is does Battle stats have influence over hunting results???
written by Hogfather, June 04, 2007
If anyone reading this is doing hunting, could they please post their current hunting level and gains in this topic that way we can get an idea as to how profitable hunting really is.
written by BlueKnight, June 06, 2007
South Africa Hunting with a guide uses 10 energy and costs $500. You have $1,969,290 and 0 energy. Your hunting skill is 80.3246 / 100
written by JunkYardDog, June 06, 2007
I have 79.69 hunting skill, my average hunt is $10,000 per hunt or $150,000 per 150 energy you do need a donater pack to gain faster stats and more money per hunt. a total of 45 hunts per day is getting me $450,000 per day, all of this is on standard hunting
written by BlueKnight, June 23, 2007
I’m hunting and on an average I’m getting about $12,000 per hunt doing a standard hunt. I’m still averaging less hunting in advance. It’s a little frustrating. Can anyone tell me if your regular battle stats have anything to do with how your hunting stats improve. $2,106,199 and 5 energy. Your hunting skill is 84.2438 / 100
written by ReMbA, June 23, 2007
do my stats decrese when im hunting? TCB: no
written by ankw, July 14, 2007
how long do i need to at least reach 50 hunting skill currently now i have Hunting with a guide uses 10 energy and costs $500. You have $2,064,769 and 5 energy. Your hunting skill is 9.6651 / 100
written by JunkYardDog, July 23, 2007
this is at 89.3403 skill some hunts are 19 k and some are 10k this is the average hunt .Some times I go back to Standard and the money seems the same I am hoping that once I reach 90 hunting skill the money will go up . You set off with your guide on the advanced hunting session to hunt yourself some wildlife! Buffalo killed: 45 Zebra killed: 32 Baboon killed: 39 Warthog killed: 44 Giraffe killed: 42 Cheetah killed: 17 Hippo killed: 3 Leopard killed: 2 Lion killed: 0 Rhino killed: 0 Elephant killed: 4 Hyena killed: 17 Gorilla killed: 0 You sell the carcases to the guide for $15,965! You also gain 0.0028 hunting skill.
written by JunkYardDog, July 23, 2007
In Reply to the above you will reach 50 if you hunt three times a day and have a donater pack after 60 days of hunting three full energy a will start making enough money to buy a dp and some spare cash ,if you look at my post earlier you will start making nice money at about 60 skill.
written by hmmms, August 16, 2007
actually… the update DID affect hunting exp gain…. before the update… when it was stuck at 89.1 hunting skill, it gave 0.0056 exp per hunt… after the update, any rise after 89.1 gave 0.0028 and so on.. there was a sudden drop in exp rate gained ONLY after the skills reaches 89.1
written by JunkYardDog, August 23, 2007
This is where I am at as far as hunting skill. Your hunting skill is 92.4171 / 100 Really seeing no differance in what lvl you hunt Standard orAdvanced,I can get between $9000. to $28000. Per hunt whether it is in the Standard or Avanced hunting it seems the amounts very all over but it is the Total of a 150 E hunt.They both seem to hit an average after 150 E of $250,000. So can’t realy say it’s really worth all the time it takes to get here but I am so far in that I am gonna try to go to 100 exp hunting and I will keep updating my post for anyone interested.Also my gain for hunting is at 0.0027 exp per hunt so it will take a lot longer to get to 100 Hunting exp.
written by Carbon, September 01, 2007
I have problem on the Hunting Skill, when my hunting skill is 99.0007 / 100, I doing hunting again but the I can’t gain any hunting skill….can anyone let me know how to reach 100 / 100 hunting skill..bcuz every time I doing hunting, I gain 0 skill but my hunting skill still 99.0007 / 100..
written by justin14, September 15, 2007
couple of questions, does your battle stats effect how much you get when you are hunting? and carbon, how much do you earn daily with 99/100 hunting skill!?
written by museo, September 23, 2007
heres mine at the mo,Hunting with a guide uses 10 energy and costs $500. You have $98,830 and 0 energy. Your hunting skill is 50.3349 / 100
written by carbon, October 12, 2007
hi justin14, if ur hunting skill is 99/100 u will get max $38000-$30000 per hunt & min $11000..its doesn’t effect ur battle stats, but the problem is u can’t train ur battle stats but if u doing hunt, u will hv to scarifice ur battle stats..the only thing u get is money & hunting skills… Note: must have (99/100 hunting skills)…u will get more than $1 – 1.5 mil or $2 mil per day..u hv to play every 5 hrs..then u will reach this amount..
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