You can protect yourself by not using your real username/ ID on TCB, MSN, or anywhere else.


If you hover your mouse over any of these pictures (in TC), you can get more specific information on what they represent (or right click>properties). All images are (c) Torn City. We also have a table of ASCII Symbols Here .

The following icons are only shown when you have them toggled (which you can do from Preferences > Toggle Icons). The icons can be displayed above your name, below your nerve or not at all.

These icons show that:
 You are Female
 You are Male
 You are a Donator
 Your current line of work is Army
 Your current line of work is Casino
 Your current line of work is Education
 Your current line of work is Grocer
 Your current line of work is Law
 Your current line of work is Medical
 You are Married
 You are in a Faction
 You are doing an Education Course
 You have low Health
 You have an Investment
 You have a Loan
 You are a Staff Member
 You are Drugged (Cannot use another drug until this wears off, see Drug Information)
 Clicking this icon brings you to TC Radio

The following two icons are shown in player Profiles and the User List.

 Player is a staff member
 Player is a donator
 Player is in hospital
 Player is in jail
 Player is Male
 Player is Female
 Player is currently online
 Player is currently offline
 (The following were replaced by the above icons in May 08)
 Shows this player is a staff member
 Shows that this player is a donator

The following icons are displayed in the TC forums. The correct ones aren’t always displayed.

 Post is a sticky (Always at the top)
 Sticky has been Locked
 Locked (Cannot be posted in)
 New posts since last view (Highlighted blue)
 No new posts since last visit
 Donator forum
 New posts since last visit
 No new posts since last visit
 Faction forum
 Staff forum

The following are Forum Review symbols. They influence the thread starters Forum Score.

  Cu 5770235  Rate thread up
  Cug 1783941  Rate thread up (rollover)
  Cd 6267634  Rate thread down
  Cdr 5178111  Rate thread down (rollover)

Forum Scores: + 5 For making a new thread + 1 For making a reply + 1 When someone gives your thread a thumbs up – 1 When someone gives your thread a thumbs down – 10 When a staff member deletes your reply – 10 When a staff member moves your thread – 50 When a staff member deletes your thread – 20 When a staff member locks your thread

These icons are Award icons. They are displayed at the bottom of your profile if you’ve earned them. The number on them corresponds to the number of awards in that category that you have achieved. We’ve displayed the icons with the highest possible number here.
107 2500899 155 4705023 96 7030821 96 7030821 165 6125589 151 7562101 151 7562101 172 7343093 147 8772962 147 8772962 132 2707823 53 6848964 53 6848964 162 8900852 141 7320822 141 7320822 25 9256485 178 6763953 178 6763953 183 8603716 186 7360648 186 7360648 189 5738684 194 4254816 194 4254816 197 1363954 203 9637586 203 9637586 200 4160143 206 2122142 206 2122142 209 3357289 214 7312226 214 7312226

You can view what awards each icon is for, by viewing our Awards info page.

Comments (9)
written by starcadet2000, May 19, 2007
what do the symbols represent next to names on irc??
written by Floydian, May 19, 2007
They tell you if the person has op, half op, voice, or no privileges on IRC. The symbols you see are dependent upon which IRC client you are using. If you have something that looks like light bulbs, then a full light bulb is op, a half light bulb is half op. You should see a tooltip if you mouse over any persons nick which will tell you what privileges, if any the person has.
written by Emilda, June 03, 2007
how to get a loan?
written by Elemant, August 09, 2007
Go to the loan shark, it is right underneath the race track in the city.
written by lazylauren, October 13, 2007
my icons won’t stay in my page even when i toggle them on
written by hippolee, June 11, 2008
if you have a look at the hospital and the jail icons in the you have named the icons the wrong way around, just thought u might like to know =}
written by Selwyn, October 13, 2008
It may be a bit redundant to say/ask, but shouldn’t the awards symbols also be here, they are symbols after all…
written by daqn, March 10, 2009
I saw an anti social award how do you ge that?
written by -Ac1D-, March 12, 2009
@daqn Do 50 kills and you should get an Anti Social Award. @staff You should put the new award symbols in this page too.
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