Lots of new updates have been released!
We will be testing these updates for another 24 hours or so, and then TCB will be edited accordingly.
Have fun with your new features!

** Please post information you find (happiness changes, costs) for your upgrades in this forum post **

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Wo0t customizable houses!! Hmm rent should be higher than what you’d get for that money in the bank on a given period
jovis , October 28, 2007
So far I can see the following “Properties” When you click on it you’re taken to what houses you own, you can then customise them to include features such as…

* Maid service.
* Guard service.
* Butler service

And improvements such as

* Swimming pool.
* Shooting range.
* Interior design.
* (something else but I’ve forgotten.)

Not spotted any new crimes yet.

I’ll report back when the site is a bit more stable and I can access more stuff… heres hoping that racing has been made fairer.

King Ubu , October 28, 2007
just looking around the estate agents now…

No new houses.

To new ways to get a house. * Rental Market & * Selling market.

The selling market is currently closed, however the rental market appears to be open, and like with racing you appear to list your house up with a daily rental prince, if you are looking you can arange each listing by price type etc.

I don’t however see any new items/catergories in the item market

I do not see any new changes to racing…

Blackjack has been added to the casino.

* New company specials have been added. I can confirm that the new special for Mechanic shop is Discount Parts (25% Discount on car parts). (first they need to fix racing to make that any use.)

King Ubu , October 28, 2007
I’m adding any more new finds to the forum as it’ll make it easier to look at… I think some people maybe slightly disapointed with some of the upgrades…
King Ubu , October 28, 2007
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Saw the new updates…they look pretty interesting. I’ll be waiting for TCB to update their info before I buy any of those expensive upgrades…^^
Serpentaire , October 28, 2007
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I own a palace and here are the upgrades and benefits I have documented thus far:

Staff services
[ 100 happiness] 1 x security guard @ $15,000/day
[ 75 happiness] 1 x butler service @ $7,500/day
[ 50 happiness] 1 x maid service @ $5,000/day

Property modifications
[ 150 happiness] 1 x large pool @ $500,000
[ 50 happiness] 1 x open bar @ $9,000
[ 25 happiness] 1 x hot tub @ $17,000
[ 25 happiness] 1 x sauna @ $12,000

[ 475 happiness] for $538,000 and $27,500/day

Jane Doe , October 29, 2007
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Shooting Range gives 25 happy !!!
bugzarni , October 30, 2007

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