Often you can’t access pages when you’re in Hospital or Jail,
but some URL’s still allow you to access these areas

Just copy and paste the required URL into your browser.

 URL Location Description Access Via
Torn City Hospital/ Jail
https://www.torncity.com/city.php City  Yes  No
  City: Residential District
https://www.torncity.com/messages.php Mailbox  Yes  Yes
https://www.torncity.com/gym.php Gym  Yes  No
https://www.torncity.com/preferences.php Preferences  Yes  Yes
https://www.torncity.com/bot.php Darwin  Yes  Yes
https://www.torncity.com/manual.php Help Tutorial  Yes  Yes
  City: North Side
https://www.torncity.com/donator.php Donator House  Yes  Yes
https://www.torncity.com/points.php Point Building  Yes  No
https://www.torncity.com/pmarket.php Point Market  Yes  No
https://www.torncity.com/imarket.php Item Market  Yes  No
https://www.torncity.com/amarket.php Auction House  Yes  No
https://www.torncity.com/smarket.php Stock Market  Yes  No
  City: Red-Light District
https://www.torncity.com/casino.php Casino  Yes  No
https://www.torncity.com/fans.php Fans  Yes  Yes
https://www.torncity.com/loan.php Loan Shark  Yes  No
https://www.torncity.com/missions.php Missions  Yes  Yes
https://www.torncity.com/race.php Race Track  Yes  Yes
  City: West Side
https://www.torncity.com/education.php Education  Yes  No
https://www.torncity.com/vote.php Voting Booth  Yes  Yes
https://www.torncity.com/newspaper.php Newspaper  Yes  Yes
https://www.torncity.com/estateagents.php Estate Agents  Yes  No
https://www.torncity.com/bank.php Bank  Yes  No
  City: City Center
https://www.torncity.com/citystats.php City Stats  Yes  No
https://www.torncity.com/staff.php Staff  Yes  Yes
https://www.torncity.com/userlist.php User List  Yes  Yes
https://www.torncity.com/forums.php Forums  Yes  Yes
https://www.torncity.com/travelagency.php Travel Agency  Yes  No
  City: East Side
https://www.torncity.com/bigalgunshop.php Big Al’s Gun Shop  Yes  No
https://www.torncity.com/shops.php?step=candy Sally’s Sweet Shop  Yes  No
https://www.torncity.com/shops.php?step=clothes TC Clothes  Yes  No
https://www.torncity.com/shops.php?step=bitsnbobs Bits ‘n’ Bobs  Yes  No
https://www.torncity.com/shops.php?step=jewelry Jewellery Shop  Yes  No
https://www.torncity.com/shops.php?step=super Torn Super Store  Yes  No
https://www.torncity.com/shops.php?step=cyberforce Cyber Force  Yes  No
https://www.torncity.com/shops.php?step=docks Torn City Docks  Yes  No
TC Pet Shop
 Yes  No
  City: Factions
https://www.torncity.com/factions.php?step=your Your Faction  Yes  Yes
https://www.torncity.com/factions.php?step=listing View Factions   Yes  Yes
https://www.torncity.com/fsearch.php?action=start Search Factions  Yes  Yes
https://www.torncity.com/factions.php?step=warview View Wars  Yes  Yes
https://www.torncity.com/factions.php?step=create Create A Faction  Yes  Yes
  City: South Side
https://www.torncity.com/jailview.php Jail  Yes  No
Federal Jail
 Yes  No
https://www.torncity.com/divorce.php Divorce Agency  Yes  Yes
https://www.torncity.com/admin.php Admin Offices  Yes  Yes
  User Menu
   – Areas
https://www.torncity.com/item.php Items  Yes  Yes
https://www.torncity.com/city.php City  Yes  No
https://www.torncity.com/events.php Events  Yes  Yes
https://www.torncity.com/awards.php Awards  Yes  Yes
https://www.torncity.com/jobs.php Job  Yes  No
https://www.torncity.com/gym.php Gym  Yes  No
https://www.torncity.com/education.php Education  Yes  No
https://www.torncity.com/crimes.php Crimes  Yes  No
https://www.torncity.com/search.php Search (Users)  Yes  Yes
https://www.torncity.com/friendlist.php Friends list  Yes  Yes
https://www.torncity.com/blacklist.php Black list  Yes  Yes
https://www.torncity.com/newspaper.php Newspaper  Yes  Yes
https://www.torncity.com/jailview.php Jail  Yes  No
https://www.torncity.com/hospitalview.php Hospital  Yes  Yes
https://www.torncity.com/casino.php Casino  No  No
https://www.torncity.com/usersonline.php Users Online  Yes  Yes
https://www.torncity.com/forums.php Forums  Yes  Yes
https://www.torncity.com/chat2.php Chat  Yes  Yes
https://www.torncity.com/competition.php Competition  Yes  Yes
https://www.torncity.com/factions.php?step=your My Faction  Yes  Yes
https://www.torncity.com/preferences.php Preferences  Yes  Yes
https://www.torncity.com/manual.php Help Tutorial  Yes  Yes
https://www.torncity.com/playerpolicies.php Player Policies  Yes  Yes
https://www.torncity.com/rewards.php Rewards  Yes  Yes
https://www.torncity.com/criminalrecords.php Criminal Record  Yes  Yes
  Your Faction
https://www.torncity.com/factions.php?step=your&action=info Information  Yes  Yes
https://www.torncity.com/factions.php?step=your&action=members Members List  Yes  Yes
https://www.torncity.com/factionforums.php?forumID=FactionID Faction Forums  Yes  Yes
https://www.torncity.com/facstaff.php Staff Room  Yes  Yes
https://www.torncity.com/factions.php?step=your&action=armoury Armoury  Yes  Yes
https://www.torncity.com/factions.php?step=your&action=donate Donate  Yes  Yes
https://www.torncity.com/factions.php?step=your&action=statement Mission Statement  Yes  Yes
https://www.torncity.com/factions.php?step=your&action=crime Organised Crimes  Yes  Yes
https://www.torncity.com/factions.php?step=your&action=leave Quite The Faction  Yes  Yes
https://www.torncity.com/joblist.php Job List  Yes  No
https://www.torncity.com/gyms.php Local Gyms  Yes  No
https://www.torncity.com/halloffame.php Hall of Fame  Yes  Yes
https://www.torncity.com/estateagents.php Estate Agents  Yes  No
https://www.torncity.com/gossip.php Gossip  Yes  Yes
https://www.torncity.com/freebies.php Freebies  Yes  Yes
https://www.torncity.com/dogfights.php Dog Fights  Yes  No
https://www.torncity.com/news.php News  Yes  Yes
https://www.torncity.com/officialevents.php Official Events  Yes  Yes
https://www.torncity.com/hardfacts.php Hard Facts  Yes  Yes
https://www.torncity.com/newspaper_class.php Classified Ads  Yes  Yes
https://www.torncity.com/adminrooms.php Admin Rooms  Yes  Yes
https://www.torncity.com/index.php?action=posth Hospital Shoutbox Post  No  Yes
https://www.torncity.com/tcbb.php Torn City Big Brother House    
https://www.torncity.com/halloffame.php?step=dogs Dogs Hall of Fame  Yes  

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Do people find this usefull?
Anonymouse , June 07, 2007
Why is there nothing under jail? sorry if youve said this somewhere
Matt , June 07, 2007
I’m waiting to be jailed for something 😉

– update: Looks like they’re the same for both…

Anonymouse , June 07, 2007
hey! i noticed one difference though… there is a jail gym, and according to tcbasic its actually even better than the normal one, since defence is trained faster there! so there is a difference…

oh yeah and i DO think a page like this is useful!

Max Hossfeld , June 08, 2007
The jail gym isnt better on your stats except for def. It also kills your happy bar.
Matt , June 08, 2007
so can i access jail gym normally?
johnny , June 28, 2007
If normally you’re in jail, yes.
Cutie69 , July 02, 2007
Gravatar Id8dca5fc237c13131e23ce79533137ca0defaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 9113722
to find the Criminal Records page, go to this link:
Jorgy , August 09, 2007
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