User Titles

NEW! User titles! Based on hidden/viewable stats you will be given a rank name in accordance to what you excel in most in the game. Your rank is determined by which of the 34 new rank sections your stats from that category are highest in. (NOT YOUR HIGHEST STAT)

User Titles
A user title is a collection of hidden/visible stats that once compared will show you what your best at.
Title Name
Antagonist  A player having lots of defends won.
Bondsman Total amount of players a user has bailed out of jail.
Booster  Someone who uses a lot of boosters.
Buster Total amount of users a player has busted out of jail.
Citizen A user who is active but not new, without any play.
Coward  A player who has done a lot of runaways.
Damage Dealer  A player who has a large amount of total damage made.
Deserter A player who has been inactive for 30+ days.
Druggy Total amount of drugs a player has taken.
Egotist  A player who has placed a lot of bounites.
Felon  A player who has been jailed a lot of times.
Healer Total amount of revives a player has given out.
Hitman Total amount of bounties a player has collected.
Horder  Someone who has a lot of items (?)
Importer  A player who has bought a lot of items from abroad.
Intimidator Total amount of enemy runaways from a user.
Investor  Someone who has invested a lot in the stock market
Jobsworth Total amount of times a player has been trained by a director.
Killer  A player who has done a lot of attacks.
Loser Total amount of losses a player has acquired in attacks.
Marksman  A player who has a lot of critical hits.
Merchant  A player who has bought a lot of items from market.
Newcomer A player who is under 7 days old (or 7-30 days old without any play).
One Hit Killer  A player with a lot of one hit kills.
Outcast  A player who has received a lot of bounites.
Punchbag  A player who has lost a lot whilst defending attacks.
Samaritan  A player who has sent lots of items.
Sage  A player with a high number of logins.
Scavenger  A player who has searched the dump a lot of times.
Silent Killer Total amount of times a player stealths an attack.
Soldier  A player who has earned a lot of respect.
Socialite  A player who has sent a lot of mails.
Tank  A player who has stalemated a lot.
Theif  A player who is active in mugging.
Tourist Total amounts of times travelled abroad.
Trader Total amounts of trades a user has completed.
Tycoon  A player having lots of bazaar customers.