Weapon Multiplier Research

Weapon Multiplier Research

Hey everyone, we need your help again!
Because of the new attacking system Weapon Multipliers have been changed, or at least how they’re used.
What we’d like is for you to comment here with all of your attack results, so we can re-write the information and tutorial pages for you!
Click > Read More for more information.
Please post in this format:

Using your Fists you hit Fozzi in the left thigh for 892 damage
Divide damage by your strength to give us a multiplier: 892 / 25100 = 0.03553784861

If you can give us their defence and armour, that would make the information even more valuable!
Also, if they send you their strength as well, you can collect data from the damage they deal you!

Posts without the Weapon, Area Hit, and your Strength are useless.

Thanks for helping us help you!
If you don’t want to reveal your strength to other players, feel free to comment anonymously.
See below for an example comment.

UPDATE: Please mention if you are a drug user!

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