What Drugs should I be using for maximum stat gain?

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What Drugs should I be using for maximum stat gain?
If you are using drugs to train your stats, the main question is ‘What drug should I use in order to maximise my stat gain?’. The obvious answer is Xanax, but that can be expensive and hard to get hold of, especially after they put the price up to around 900k in all locations.

Thanks to killerbub [272070] for these great tutorials! Thanks to jcgamo88 [102841] for the Xtc/refill or Xanax tutorial!

This study covers some of the alternatives, wether you should be training LSD or Ecstasy, or PCP or ecstasy, as well as Mush

LSD or Ecstasy?
PCP or Ecstasy?
Xtc/Refill or Xanax?

Please view the Drugs page for more information on the effects, length of effect and overdoses on all drugs.

LSD or Ecstasy?

Actually it depends, because there are a lot of variables such as the house you have, your stats, wether you are a donator or not and the effect of LSD (remember, LSD gives you varying amounts of happy) (For strength , dexterity or speed) When you have the following precise amount of stats both LSD and Ecstasy will give you the same stat gain but when you have less, Ecstasy would be better and if you have more, LSD will be better;

Important notes; 1. N/A means that LSD would be better 2. LSD gives a range of happy from 20 to 50 3. Max assumes that LSD will give you 50 happy 4. average assumes that LSD will give you 35 happy 5. min assumes that LSD will give you 20 happy 6. This study was made when training as a whole meaning you have a total energy and happy bars and you train with all your energy 7. This study was tested from shack to a mansion as a non donator and the values deducted were true but the rest are baised on the equation (0.002 stat) + (0.00212 happy) + 0.55   —

PCP or Ecstasy?

Fairly simple, this all depends on what house you live in;


This part covers the worst Drug in the game… It’s the magic mushroom! While it really isn’t a great drug , on the other hand it is very cheap, at about 16k, and a lot of people can afford to take it, compared to, say, Xanax. But actually sometimes when you take Shrooms you gain less stats then you would without it! What the hell? Yes it’s true, and that’s because its effect is very strange. You lose 25 energy but on the other hand you gain 250 happiness. But unfortunately sometimes the loss in energy is not compensated by the gain in happiness, so you end up losing both stats and cash… Being a donator definately helps, as you’ll see.

Follow these guidelines to avoid losing stats and cash;

Non Donator
Don’t take shrooms if you are living in these houses;
Private Island
Do take shrooms if your stats are lower than this, in these houses;
Beach house 253
Detached house 1,313
Semi-detached house 1,843
Apartment 2,108
Trailer 2,267
Shack 2,373
note; This is for training Speed, Dex, and Strength
Don’t take shrooms if you are living in these houses;
Private Island
Do take shrooms if your stats are lower than this, in these houses;
Ranch 1,490
Mansion 2,550
Penthouse 3,080
Villa 3,610
Chalet 4,140
Beach house 4,670
Semi-Detached house 6,260
Detached house 5,730
Apartment 6,525
Trailer 6,684
Shack 6,790
note; This is for training Speed, Dex, and Strength
Note; The italic numbers are the amount of stats you need to have less than in order to get a gain. eg If you are training speed, your speed should not exceed the number in italics displayed next to your house.

—  Ecstasy + refill or Xanax? Here’s a calculator that will decide whether you should train using ecstasy+refill or xanax for each of your stats.

-Your Stats- -Take-

Actual Formula: (((Happy*2)*.00212)+.55+(x*.0002))*30 = (((happy+70)*.00212)+.55+(x*.0002))*40

Simplified Formula: (((((Happy*2)*0.00212)+0.55)*30)-(((Happy+70)*0.00212)+0.55)*40)/0.002 Fill in the variable happy (put your happy (dependant on your house) into the formula where it says ‘happy’)and calculate. The outcome will produce a number. If the stat you want to train is higher than that number, Xanax will yield more gain. If lower Ecstasy and a refill will give more gains.

Example (With a Ranch) ((1200*.00212)+.55+(x*.0002))*30 = ((670*.00212)+.55+(x*.0002))*40 (2.544+.55+(x*.0002))*30 = (1.3992+.55+(x*.0002))*40 (3.094+(x*.0002))*30 = (1.9492+x*.0002))*40 (3.094+.0002x)*30 = (1.9492+.0002x)*40 92.82+.006x = 77.968+.008x 14.852 = .002x 14.852/.002 = x x = 7002

Example (With a Palace) (((((1000*2)*0.00212)+0.55)*30)-(((1000+70)*0.00212)+0.55)*40)/0.002 ((((2000*.00212)+.55)*30)-((1070*.00212)+.55)*40)/.002 (((4.24+.55)*30)-(2.2684+.55)*40)/.002 (4.79*30-2.8184*40)/.002 (143.7-112.736)/.002 30.964/.002 x = 15482 So if you are training your dex, and you already have 6k in dex you should use XTC+refill to get higher gains. But if you are training speed and have 7426 or higher, then Xanax alone will yield more gains. This only works for Spd, Str, and Dex. For Def change .55 to .25 on both sides.

If you have any more ideas for tutorials, or want a tutorial on another drug, mail . Also if you find these tutorials helpful, please send him some drugs or some money, so that he can keep up his research/ addiction/ habit 😉

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written by Cutie69, February 05, 2007
This is pretty complicated. But good work!
written by aurigus, February 07, 2007
I need to show you guys how to make a calculator 😛
written by Cutie69, February 07, 2007
hehe, hurry up and teach me javascript then 😉
written by xtremeprv, February 11, 2007
i’ve made on with the simplified formula. https://xtremeprv.googlepages.com/calc.htm but there are diferences between simplied and normal formulas, you guys need to check out if theres any problem. with more time i’ll add the defence calc if you want it.
written by Cutie69, February 12, 2007
xtremeprv, what’s your TC name/ID?
written by pie, May 30, 2007
on shrooms for shack it has no , its just 2373 no 2,373 same for shack
written by pie, May 30, 2007
i mean trailer TCB: Done 😉
written by Guiseppe, July 10, 2007
What are refill?
written by fbk, November 02, 2007
This formula doesn’t take into account either the length of time the after effects last (i.e. how quickly you can take another drug and so which gives you the best gain over time) or the relative price of xanax/ecstacy points (i.e. which gives you the best bang for your buck) Anyway, if you actually went ahead and simplified the formula here you get the following x = Happy*22.6-5720 Not so complicated really, and alot easier to use now happy is more variable. A better tool would be one where you enter your happy level and it shows the point at which you should switch.
written by born2lose, February 03, 2008
Nobody has answered the question “What are refills?” I’m still wondering what it is, so I can use it with the Ecstasy. TCB: Sorry: Refills are when you spend 25 points to refill your energy. This can be done by going to City > Points Building > Refill energy bar. Can be done once a day!
written by cloak, July 30, 2008
im sorry im such a noob but what ls LSD? TCB: Check the ‘Drugs’ page.
written by win, August 04, 2008
how does it work taking xtc and refill together? i want to know that when should we take this combination if the energy is full or empty?
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