Xmas Town

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Xmas Town is an annual event where you explore a town for items, special items and rewards.
The current system was implemented in 2010, and ran from the 22nd of December until (forecasted) the 29th of December.

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To move along the grid you have to use a turn, of which you get 250 per day.
At certain locations you can get objectives, which you can complete for rewards, and you can discover random items/ chests.

To crack chests, you have to guess their lock combination. Chests have either 1, 2 or 3 number combination locks. You have 5 guesses. Combinations are different for different people.
If the number guess is correct, it will be green. If the number is not used in any columns, it is displayed as red. If the number is in the wrong column, but correct for another column it will be displayed as yellow. It is basically a mini-version of the code-breaking game (which you can practice/ play ).

Opening a chest gives you a random three candy or drink items, and one set collectible.

How to unlock Chests:
1 Number:
These are a guess. Good luck.
2 or 3 Numbers: Put in as many numbers as possible for the first turns, until you have gotten enough greens and/or yellows to figure out what numbers are in the combination are. It helps to write down what numbers, in which columns, get yellow or green.
For instance, for a three combination lock always put in 1,2,3 then 4,5,6 and 7,8,9 (even if one of them come up green),or until you have gotten three different numbers display as either yellow or green.
Then you can hopefully figure out which numbers go where, by process of elimination. Greens you’ve already got, yellows are in a different column. If you’re doing a two number chest, which has two of the same number, there is a chance the above system will get it wrong (in your first four turns you can only check numbers up to 8, if there’s still one missing, it’s either 9, or two of the same), but it’s a small chance.

Chest Contents:
Each Chest gives you 3 random Candies and/or drinks, and a fixed collectible.

You’ve opened a chest!
You crack the chest open and empty the contents in to a bag.

Bag of Candy Kisses has been added to your items list
Can of Santa Shooters has been added to your items list
Bag of Candy Kisses has been added to your items list
Sweater Vest has been added to your items list

Chest Collectible Contents (by Coordinates):

(16,25) [1], (18,3) [1] – Sweater Vest
(8,21) [2], (22,1) [2] – Polar Bear Plushie
(20,22) – Fruitcake
(3,14) [1], (16,15) [1] – ?


Explore the map to find objectives. We also have all these coordinates on our map, further down.
Objective have arrows next to them, leading you to them, although when you get with 3 squares of your goal, they will be replaced by a question mark.

(1,5) Candi Cane.
Scavenger Hunt’s can be notoriously long and tiring, is the reward worth the effort though? That’s up to you!

Candi Cane: Hello x! Interested in attempting the Scavenger Hunt? You will be handed a list of what you will need to complete it up the path a ways if so. Good luck on your journey!

Objective: Find the Scavenger Hunt List (5,5)
Result: You notice a small wooden box with a papers inside. Pulling one out you realize it’s the list for the scavenger hunt. You will need to find the following items to complete the hunt.
2.Plate of Cookies
3.Glass of Milk
4.Reindeer droppings
5.Santa’s Mug
This list is in order. You should keep it that way!
Objective: Find the Snowball (5,23)
Result: Trying to see through this blizzard is insanely intense, you struggle through and notice a pile of snowballs on the ground near you. Grabbing one you try to find your way through the sheets of cascading snow to carry on your quest.
Objective: Find the Plate of Cookies (1,9)
Result: After wandering through the market you notice a booth you had missed previously. Walking to the booth you see a little old lady standing behind a pile of cookies. Ah ha! Those must be the cookies on the list. You approach her, she hands you a plate of cookies and you continue looking around the market.

Etta: Be sure to check that list twice x! You don’t want to miss any items.

Objective: Find a Glass of Milk (18,23)
Result: Strolling through Santa’s Workshop you are amazed at your surroundings. Thinking to yourself “So this is where all the magic happens” you walk slowly taking it all in. Passing a large desk you notice a Glass of Milk. You pick it up and take a drink before adding it to your stash and heading out to finish your hunt.
Objective: Find some Reindeer droppings (13,22)
Result: Trudging through the Reindeer Pen, watching where you step very carefully, the smell lingers on with each step. You find a small shovel leaned up against the fence. Grudgingly you scoop a few droppings into your bag. *phew* glad that is over! You can’t seem to get out of here quick enough, heading out to find the next item on your list.
Objective: Find Santa’s Mug (25,16)
Result: Noticing a small cottage tucked away, you wonder if someone would be kind enough to offer you a warm drink. It’s so cold out here. You approach slowly and knock on the door. It opens slowly, and a woman appears from behind it.

Mrs.Clause: Brrr it’s cold out here x. Have a mug of hot chocolate to warm you up while you walk. You are almost there don’t give up now!

Objective: Find a Icicle (25,6)
Result: Entering the cave you stop just to take in the sheer amount of Ice and it’s beauty. Careful as to wear you put your feet you move along slowly. In a bunch near the wall icicles all huddled together. You hear cave explorer’s coming in the distance. You break an icicle off and start to head back to the entrance. A large man with a light on his hat appears before you, light shining in your eyes, you stop and stand still before him.

John: Ah! Another Scavenger hunter finished! Don’t forget x, you need to return those items to Candi Cane so that your task is complete and you can receive your reward. Congratulations on finding all the items.

Objective: Return items on list to Candi Cane (1,5)
Result: Seeing a large pile of items you realize you were not the first to finish, you walk towards the pile and lay your items down.

Candi Cane: Great job x! You have completed our task and we know it was not easy. Thank you for bringing all your items back to me! You can pick up your prize on the way out.

Reward: Advent Calendar has been added to your items list.

(1,16) Victoria.
You see a little girl sitting behind a booth in the Market. She appears to be quite upset. You decide to approach her and see what’s wrong it is Christmas time after all.

Victoria: I have lost my plushie x. It’s my favourite. Could you please help me find it?

Objective: Search in the Market (4,13)

The market is so full of toys and patrons if it’s in here you fear you will never find it. Looking high and low you can’t seem to locate it. Maybe it’s best to just move along. She might have dropped it on her way to the market.

Objective: Search in the Forest (7,20)
Result: Walking through the thick forest you think to yourself “Surely a missing plushie would stand out in here” You carry on all through the forest and come out empty handed. Gah!
Objective: Caught in a Blizzard (3,25)
Result: Can’t see anything in all this snow! You just want to find your way back to the market. Struggling to carry on, you notice something that looks out of place. Could it be? It is! Victoria must have dropped it on her way to the market in all the snow. Picking the plushie up you tuck it in your jacket for safe keeping and head back to the market.
Objective: Return the Plushie to Victoria (1,16)
Result: Walking back through the market to where you left Victoria. Taking the plushie out of your jacket you see her eyes light up.

Victoria: Thank you so much x! I thought it was gone for good. Please take this Polar Bear Plushie for all your trouble.

Polar Bear Plushie has been added to your items list

(23,19) Edward.
Entering the Toy Workshop, you sense the feeling of doom all around you.

Edward : Hello, x. We have real problems and I sure hope you can help. Santa is sick with a cold, if he don’t get better I’m not sure Christmas is going to happen this year. You should head over to Santa’s Workshop and talk to the Elves.

Objective: Talk to the Elves (19,25)

Slowly walking in Santa’s Workshop it’s silent. This place should be anything but silent this time of year?

Ernie the Elf: x! Are we ever glad to see you! We need you to pick up tissues from the Christmas Market and deliver them to Santa. You must hurry! We are running out of time quickly.

Objective: Get the tissues (1,12)
Result: Knowing you must hurry the sheer amount of people in the market seems to be working against you. Bumping into patrons on your way through you make it to a booth just off in the corner. You ask the gentleman working if he has tissues you can purchase.

Sam: Why yes and I believe I have just the tissues you are after. Taking these to Santa are you? You better hurry along to his cottage there is not much time left!

Objective: Take the tissues to Santa (23,17)
Result: Mrs.Clause opens the door to Santas Cottage as you start up the walk. They must be waiting on your arrival.

Santa: AACHOO! Oh pardon me x. Sorry about that mess. Thank you ever so much for the tissues. This cold is murder this time of year when I need to be so busy! Wish I had something more to offer you than that….

Santa’s Snot has been added to your items list

(24,15) Mrs. Clause.
Mrs. Clause: Hello x. I hope you can be a dear and help me out. All these fruitcakes need to be delivered and I just seem to be running out of time. Think you could help?

Objective: Get the delivery list (23,15)

Mrs. Clause: Here’s a list of all the places you need to deliver. They need to be done in this order, everyone is very busy so don’t miss one!

1. Toy Workshop
2. John
3. Joe
4. Candi Cane

You are a star! Thank You for the help. Off you go.

Objective: Toy Workshop Delivery (24,24)
Result: You have walked all over this workshop looking for someone to take this fruitcake. You notice a desk sitting right in the back , setting it down, you leave a note so they know who it was from and carry on with your task.
Objective: Deliver to John at the Ice Cave (21,2)
Result: Why would anyone hang out in this cave! Brrrr! You find John deep in the cave.

John: Thank you x! I sure love my yearly fruitcake from Mrs. Clause. Better get back to work, knowing her you have quite a few more of those to deliver.

Objective: Deliver to Joe near the Frozen Lake (14,7)
Result: Wondering to yourself why Joe would he hanging out near the Frozen Lake you spot him fishing through a small hole cut in it.

Joe: Hello x! I see Mrs.Clause has you doing some delivering for her. Be sure to give her my best and a big Thank You when you see her again and Thank You for all your trouble bringing me the fruitcake.

Objective: Deliver to Candi near the Entrance (1,5)
Result: Making your way through all the people you spot Candi Cane meeting and greeting as they come through the gates. The last delivery! Yes!

Candi Cane: Awww Hi x! Thank you so much for bringing me the fruitcake. You know between us, I never eat these things. They are hard enough to knock someone out with! I do appreciate you bringing it to me though. Be sure to thank Mrs. Clause when you go back.

Objective: Return to Mrs. Clause (24,15)
Result: Having Christmas spirit is an understatement as you tiredly make your way back in to Santa’s Cottage to Mrs. Clause, so very glad to be done with that. She’s there to greet you.

Mrs. Clause: Thank you so much for your help x. I have 1 fruitcake left which is for you. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

Fruitcake has been added to your items list

Objectives released later:


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Field Types Icons


Quest Giver
Wall (Impassable) Player
River (Impassable) Item
Path Chest
Dark Forest
Reindeer Pen
Santa’s Workshop
Toy Workshop
Santa’s Cottage
Frozen Lake
Ice Cave


These items were all released as part of Xmas Town.

Item Type Sell Value Effect Location

Bottle of Kandy Kane Special $ 35 Gives 2 Nerve Find
Bottle of Minty Mayhem Special $ 35 Gives ? Nerve Find
Bottle of Mistletoe Madness Special $ 35 Gives ? Nerve Find
Can of Santa Shooters Special $ 0 Gives 6 – 13 Energy Find
Can of Rockstar Rudolph Special $ 0 Gives 13 – 17 Energy Find
Can of X-MASS Special $ 0 Gives 17 – 25 Energy Find
Bag of Reindeer Droppings Special $ 0 Gives ? Happiness Find
Advent Calendar Collectible $ 15 Quest
Santas Snot Collectible $ 0 Quest
Polar Bear Plushie Other $ 100 Chest
Fruitcake Melee Weapon $ 4 Equip Quest, Chest
Book of Christmas Carols Collectible $ 10 Lowers current Education time by 2 Hours Random Find
Sweater Vest Defensive Armour $ 25 Equip Chest
Gift Card Special $ 0 Lowers current Bank Investment time by 2 Hours Random Find

Some Random Research/ Events:

Going off track isn’t always a bad decision!
Bottle of Minty Mayhem has been added to your items list

Buried just beneath the snow, something catches your eye. You stop for a closer look to find a bag of candy someone must have dropped. Cold chocolate mmm.
Bag of Candy Kisses has been added to your items list

Candy in a bottle. It must be Christmas!
Bottle of Kandy Kane has been added to your items list

Trying to find your way through the snow you suddenly feel something under your foot.
Bottle of Mistletoe Madness has been added to your items list

Leaned up against a tree, you spot a can, unopened. You walk over and pick it up.
Can of Rockstar Rudolph has been added to your items list

It’s almost like the elves left you a trail, you begin to see candy along the path. Stopping to pick them up, you pocket them for later use.
Bag of Tootsie Rolls has been added to your items list

While walking through the snow you notice a small hole in the ground. You reach into it to find a fresh can of Shooters!
Can of Santa Shooters has been added to your items list

While walking around you notice a nasty smell. You look around and notice a bag of reindeer droppings.
Why anyone would bag reindeer droppings is beyond you but you take it anyway.
Bag of Reindeer droppings has been added to your items list

Noticing something tucked away near the path you stop to see what it is. A full bottle! You pick it up and carry on.
Bottle of Mistletoe Madness has been added to your items list

Noticing a round barrel standing just off the path you move in for a closer look. It’s full of bottles. Tis the season after all! You pick one up and carry on your way.
Bottle of Minty Mayhem has been added to your items list

You see an old man throwing things and shouting “I’m not that old, i don’t need to have morphine to play out in the snow”.
You grab one and run off. I bet you will need one before this journey is over.
Morphine has been added to your items list

A bag, partially hidden under a pile of snow grabs your attention. You pull it free and look inside. It’s full of meds.
You take one, and shove it in your pocket. You put the bag back down, in-case the owner comes back for it.
First aid kit has been added to your items list

You spot a small item on the floor. Looks like someone has dropped something from their first aid kit. You pick it up. It may come in handy with all this ice around.
Small first aid kit has been added to your items list

(25,25) While walking around you trip over something. You look down and pick it up. Cheers !
Can of X-MASS has been added to your items list

(22,25) Driving home for Christmas might not be such a good idea with all these drinks!
Can of X-MASS has been added to your items list

Walking along the path you notice a glistening coming from the side, you make your way over and see that it’s a Bag of Chocolate Truffles. You tuck them in your pocket and carry on.
Bag of Chocolate Truffles has been added to your items list

Christmas Market:
While walking around the Christmas market you trip over something. You pick up a bottle of Minthy Mayhem and save it for later.
Bottle of Minty Mayhem has been added to your items list

While struggling through the blizzard, you notice something glistening in the snow.
Can of Santa Shooters has been added to your items list

Looking up in the forest you see a huge mistletoe above your head Taking a closer look you see there are some bottles attached to it. You decide to take one with you.
Bottle of Mistletoe Madness has been added to your items list

Reindeer Pen:
Not looking where you going you step into some reindeer droppings. You decide to make the best of it and bag it up.
Bag of Reindeer droppings has been added to your items list

Toy Workshop:
You notice a reindeer plushie holding a can. You look around to see if no-one is watching while you take the can with you.
Can of Rockstar Rudolph has been added to your items list

Santa’s Cottage:
Santa doesn’t mind you taking one of his Shooters. Cheers !
Can of Santa Shooters has been added to your items list

Frozen Lake:
The frozen lake is so slippery you fall down. While hitting the ground you notice a can in the ice. Bottoms up !
Bottle of Mistletoe Madness has been added to your items list

Ice Cave:
While finding your way through the cave you notice a bottle. No kissing but drinking under the mistletoe!
Bottle of Mistletoe Madness has been added to your items list

Random Events:
Taking a tour through Santas Workshop, you decide they won’t notice one item missing and slip it into your coat. As you finish the tour, you notice two police men waiting for you at the exit. Bah Humbug!
You’ve been taken to jail (8 minutes)

Sledging sounds like such a good idea when you’re a kid. As an adult, not so good, as your newly broken leg proves.
You’ve been taken to hospital (6 minutes)

Wondering what makes Ruldophs nose red, you walk up to him to get a close look. Getting a kick clean in the face from another reindeer tells you maybe you just found out.
You’ve been taken to hospital (10 minutes)

You see a huge bag of Gifts, just sitting there on a sleigh. You have a good look around, and see no one looking. You think to yourself, if you take just one, no one will miss it. You lean in to pick one up when you feel a huge fist on your face. See Santa isn’t always a nice guy.
You’ve been taken to hospital (9 minutes)

You see a group of kids having a snowball fight. Picking up a handful of snow, you decide to join in. All of them turn on you and throw snowballs at you, at the same time. Damn, them things hurt.
You’ve been taken to hospital (6 minutes)

Random Finds:

Walking north, you hear carollers in the distance. It sounds so nice, you can’t help but go and have a listen. You are invited to join in for awhile. You check your watch, and see you have plenty of time, so decide to give it a go. You do so well, you are given the gift of a Book of Christmas Carols as a special thank you.
Book of Christmas Carols has been added to your items list

To see the old (archived) Christmas Town Items, click Here.
The old Event ran from 2005-09, with the current event system implemented in 2010.

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